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By PWInsider Staff on 2014-11-23 12:00:00

by Buck Woodward

WWE Survior Series opened with a video feature on the main events of the show.

Joey Styles welcomed everyone to Detroit, Michigan noting that fans from both the United States and Canada were in attendance. 

Booker T vs. Chris Benoit - First in Best of 7 Series for WWE United States championship
Sharmell introduced Booker T, who then came out.  Michael Cole noted that Booker had enlisted his wife in pulling the wool over everyone's eyes.  Cole said that Benoit was screwed out of the U.S. title in October and believed that Benoit had the victory on Smackdown.  Tazz disagreed, saying Booker won.  They both agreed that Teddy Long made a good judgment call in holding up the title.  Benoit gave an evil glare to Sharmell.
Benoit and Booker tied up with Booker backing up Benoit into the corner.  Booker tried to slam Benoit, who blocked.  Booker tried again and powerslammed him over.  Booker backed up Benoit into the corner.  Benoit circled out and nailed Booker with a series of knees.  Booker was knocked out of the ring, bumping off the apron. 

Booker regrouped on the outside, got back in and took Benoit down with a waistlock, but Benoit reversed it on the mat, and Booker went to the floor again. Back in the ring, they engaged in a test of strength.  Benoit went down to the mat, but bridged back up, and Booker floored him with a back kick after letting go of one hand.  Booker hit a back elbow, then went for a suplex, but Benoit reversed it with a back suplex. Benoit stayed on the offense, hitting knees and punches in a corner, but Booker came back with a side slam for a two count, then applied an armbar. 

Booker put Benoit in an abdominal stretch, but Benoit hiptossed out and then hit an armdrag and a knee to the head.  Benoit went for a backdrop, but Booker blocked it with a kneelift, then hit a spinkick. Booker rolled up Benoit for a two count, then hit a neckbreaker for another two. Booker put Benoit into a rear chinlock, but Benoit elbowed out, then floated over a Booker vertical suplex.  Benoit hit a German suplex, then the two traded elbows and Booker fired off a jumping side kick. Booker covered Benoit for two.  Benoit slid under Booker's legs, grabbed a dragon screw leg whip, then went for a Sharpshooter, but Booker turned it into a small package for a two count. 

Benoit hit some chops and a pair of running forearms, then covered Booker for a two count. Benoit hit a snap suplex for another two count, then delivered three German suplexes in a row. Benoit went to the top rope, but Sharmell got on the apron, distracting him.  Booker slugged Benoit on the top, and set up for a superplex.  Benoit gave Booker a series of headbutts, sending Booker back to the mat.  Benoit went for the top rope headbutt, but Booker rolled out of the way.  Booker grabbed Benoit in a rolling cradle, and put his feet on the ropes for leverage (with Sharmell holding them as well) for the three count. 

Winner: Booker T.  

Booker goes up 1-0 in the series, with Match #2 this Tuesday night on UPN. 

Backstage, Vince McMahon visited Eric Bischoff, who was warming up for his match with Theodore R. Long.  Bischoff promised to destroy Long tonight.  Bischoff talked about Vince McMahon screwing Bret Hart at Survivor Series, making history.  Bischoff promised to screw John Cena tonight.  Bischoff said fans would be chanting "You Screw Cena".  John Cena entered, and commented that Bischoff likes to "screw guys".  Bischoff walked off, and Vince McMahon began "talking jive" to Cena, including calling Cena "my nigga".  McMahon strutted off, and Booker T, standing next to Sharmell, said "Tell me he didn't just say that". 

WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus vs. Melina. 

Joey Styles and Tazz handled the announcing for this interpromotional match.  They showed footage of Trish's "abduction" on Raw last week.  MNM accompanied Melina to the ring, while Mickie James accompanied Trish to the ring. 

Trish jumped onto Melina as she entered the ring, hitting a Thesz press and pounding her.  Melina went to the floor to regroup with Mercury & Nitro.  Trish went to the top rope and dove onto all three of them on the floor.  Back in the ring, Trish threw Melina to the mat by the hair, then gave her the whirlybird headscissors.  Melina bounced back with a mule kick from the corner and began hitting forearms to the back. Melina pulled Trish against the ropes by the air, then kicked her in the gut. Melina choked Trish in the corner with her boot, but Trish then reversed positions.  Melina poked Trish in the eyes, then hit a running kick. Melina jumped to the floor to brawl with Mickie James, and as the referee watched, MNM ran in and set up Trish for the Snapshot.  However, the referee turned and caught them before they could do it.  The referee ordered MNM back to the locker room, and Mercury & Nitro left. 

Melina speared Trish, stomped her, and put her in a surfboard variation. Trish escaped and battled back with forearms, but as she went for a bulldog, Melina shoved her into the ropes and took her down with a facebuster.  Melina covered, and screamed with Trish kicked out.  Melina went for a clothesline, but Trish matrixed under it.  Melina hit a double sledge to the gut of Trish for another two count. They exchanged blows, and Melina went to the second rope, but Trish took her down with a headscissors, then hit a spinebuster. 

Trish missed a Chick Kick, but hit a front kick instead.  Trish went for Stratusfaction, but Melina lifted her over the ropes and put her on the apron.  Melina went for a shoulderblock, but Mickie pulled Trish out of the way.  Trish kicked Melina in the head from the apron, then hit a sloppy top rope bulldog for the win. 

Winner: Trish Stratus. 

Mike Johnson sent the following sidenote: In May 1995, Joey Styles and Tazz called a Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero match on ECW's Enter the Sandman event, which not only was Tazz's first ever announcing gig but the first time he publicly discarded his "Tasmaniac" persona.

The events leading to Triple H vs. Ric Flair were recapped. 

Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair vs. Triple H - Last Man Standing

Triple H attacked Flair in the aisle as he was making his entrance and rammed him into the guardrails, then pounded him with right hands.  Triple H threw Flair into the ring, then pounded him with right hands.  Triple H pulled the Intercontinental Title belt off of Flair and threw it to the side. Triple H continued his assault, and Flair rolled to the floor, where he was finally able to take off his robe. Triple H went for a chair, but when he walked around the ring to get to Flair, the Nature Boy surprised him with a kendo stick to the gut.  Flair hit him with the stick again, and Triple H went into the crowd.  Flair followed him, and the two traded punches and chops in the middle of the crowd.  Flair charged Triple H, and Triple H backdropped him over the security wall to ringside. Triple H gave Flair a vertical suplex on the floor. 

Triple H suplexed Flair back into the ring with a delayed vertical suplex, then delivered an elbow drop to the back. Triple H dropped a second elbow, then punched Flair in the corner.  Flair battled back with punches and chops, but Triple H threw him to the floor after a knee to the gut. Flair hit Triple H with a chop on the floor, but Triple H blocked an attempt to throw him into the ringpost, and instead rammed Flair face first into the ringpost. Flair was busted open.  Triple H went under the ring, got a screwdriver, and drove it into Flair's head twice.  Flair was a bloody mess, and Triple H rolled him into the ring. Triple H drove the screwdriver into Flair's head again.  Flair rolled to the floor, and collapsed at ringside.  Flair got back to his feet, and crawled back into the ring. 

Triple H decked Flair with a right hand, then delivered a kneedrop. Triple H delivered another kneedrop, but Flair battled back with some chops, only for Triple H to throw Flair to the outside again. Triple H started to clear off the announce tables, but Flair grabbed him and whipped him into the ringsteps. Both men were down on the floor, and got to their feet.  Flair threw a chop, but Triple H poked him in the eyes and gave him a spinebuster on the outside. Triple H got on the mic, daring Flair to get up, calling him an "old bastard".  Triple H told Flair to stay down, if he "knew what's good" for him.  Flair responded by grabbing Triple H with a testicular claw.  Triple H screamed, then broke it by hitting Flair in the head with the microphone. 

Triple H rammed Flair into the Raw announce table, then set him up on it for a Pedigree.  Flair backdropped Triple H, who went right through the Spanish announce table. Triple H was laid out, and Flair crawled into the ring.  The referee reached a nine count before Triple H was up.  Triple H went for a chair, which he put on the apron, but Flair pulled Triple H into the ring and hit right hands and chops.  Flair went for a backdrop, but Triple H grabbed him with a facebuster on his knee. Both men were slow to get up, and Triple H decked Flair with a right hand.  Triple H picked up a chair, but stopped short of using it, placing it on the mat instead.  Triple H instead pounded Flair with right hands on the mat.  Flair got up to his feet, but Triple H punched him down again.  Triple H set up for a Pedigree on the chair, but Flair hit him with a low blow. Flair then blasted Triple H with a chairshot to the head. Flair then bit into the head of Triple H, then hit him with some right hands. 

Flair chopped Triple H in the corner, then elbowed him after Triple H reversed a whip into the corner.  Flair slid out of the ring, grabbed Triple H by the legs, and pulled him groin first into the ringpost.  Flair then yanked Triple H's legs into the ringposts over and over, then yanked him groin first into it three more times. Triple H struggled to his feet in the ring, and Flair clipped him from behind with a chop block.  Flair then bit Triple H in the leg, then stomped it. Flair did a half-revolution of the Garvin Stomp, then hit a kneedrop to the head.  Flair pulled Triple H to his feet, then clipped his knee again.  Flair went for a figure four, but Triple H kicked it away.  Flair went for it again, but Triple H kicked him away again, and Flair fell through the ropes to the floor. Flair grabbed Triple H's foot, tripping him, and rammed Triple H's leg into the ringpost.  Flair then smashed Triple H's leg against the ringpost with a steel chair.  

Back in the ring, Ric Flair applied the figure four leglock, using the ropes for leverage (which is legal in this match).  Triple H tapped, but in this match, tapping out doesn't end the bout.  Flair finally released the hold, and the referee began to count Triple H down. Triple H got to his feet at eight, but then fell back down again.  Triple H got to his feet again, and threw a desperation clothesline at Flair, sending both to the mat.   Triple H rolled to the floor, then tossed a section of the ringsteps into the ring.  Flair was back to his feet in the ring, and Triple H ran into him with the ringsteps, connecting with Flair's head. Flair got back to his feet, and Triple H charged again, but Flair gave Triple H a drop toe hold, and Triple H fell face first into the ringsteps he was holding.  Both men were down, but Flair got to his feet at seven, and Triple H was up at eight. 

Flair and Triple H exchanged chops and punches.  Flair hit a series of rights, then went for a backdrop, but Triple H grabbed him with a Pedigree.  Triple H pulled himself up with the ropes.  Flair got up at nine.  Triple H grabbed Flair and hit a second Pedigree. Flair gave Triple H a middle finger at seven, and got to his feet at eight.  Triple H attacked, hitting a series of right hands, then drove Flair to the mat with a third Pedigree. Flair sat up at seven, and was getting to his feet as Triple H went under the ring and got a sledgehammer.  Triple H hit Flair across the back with the sledgehammer (hitting him more across the back with the wooden part of the hammer, than with the mallet).  This time, Flair was out, and stayed down for the ten count, ending the match at the 27 minute mark. 

Winner: Triple H. 

Triple H stood over Flair, and gestured as if he was shooting Flair, ala "putting a horse out of it's misery".  Triple H limped off, grinning, while Flair was put on a stretcher. Jonathan Coachman was singing Triple H's praises, and Jerry Lawler called him a "son of a bitch" for taking joy in Flair's injury. 

They showed that Trish Stratus and Mickie James were in the room with Todd Grisham. 

Backstage, Randy Orton, JBL, Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley were talking.  Well, mostly JBL and Orton were talking about Batista being the weak link in their team.  Orton was saying he should be the leader of the team, when Batista, all taped up, walked in behind him.  Batista said there could only be one leader of their team. Mysterio agreed with Batista.  JBL protested slightly, then agreed Batista would be the leader. Lashley agreed that Batista would be leader.  This left Orton, who grudgingly agreed, but glared at Batista as he left. 

Edge and Lita came to the ring, in street clothes.  Edge said he and Lita would be debuting their own show soon, "The Cutting Edge".  Edge talked about how it would just be a "live mic" and him, and that it would scare people, because he knew what questions to ask, and would always "cut straight to the bone".  Edge then noted that Dimitri Young of the Detroit Tigers was in the front row.  Edge ripped on the Tigers, saying they wouldn't make it to the World Series, and wondered if it was a "lack of talent or a lack of steroids".  Edge then said the only think Young was injecting was "cheeseburgers".  Edge said baseball was filled with people hooked on amphetamines that didn't care about the fans.  Edge then said they shouldn't care about the fans anyway, because they don't have a winning attitude.  Edge talked about Pistons choking in the NBA Finals, then ripped on the Detroit Lions.  Edge said he was thankful Detroit played on Thanksgiving, because it allowed him to go to sleep half way through the game.  Lita said the "bass player" (then corrected herself and said "baseball player") had something to say.  Edge called Young "Mark Henry", then sent Lita down to interview him.  Dimitri said he hits balls, while Edge had "no balls" then talked about Detroit's successes in sports (in other words, the Red Wings).  Dimitri then asked Edge where his World Title was.  Edge got flustered, then said he was leaving Detroit, "just like GM and Ford". Edge and Lita then left.

The events leading to John Cena vs. Kurt Angle were shown. 

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Kurt Angle, with Daivari as referee. 

Daivari came to the ring first, then Angle (with the "You Suck" chant censored).  Daivari and Angle shook hands when Angle entered, and Daivari applauded him. Daivari then rubbed Angle's shoulders while waiting for Cena to come out.  Cena made his entrance, and Daivari raised Angle's hand before even starting the match.  The bell rang, and the bout began with the two locking up. 

Cena backed Angle into the corner and broke clean.  Angle grabbed a single leg takedown, dropped a pair of elbows, then a knee, to the leg, and twisted it.  Cena tried to kick Angle away, but he held on to Cena's foot, until a second kick got him off.  Cena grabbed an armdrag, then hit a pair of shoulderblocks.  Angle rolled to the floor to regroup, and Daivari kept Cena from going out after him.  There were chants of "Let's Go Angle" and "Let's Go Cena".  Angle kicked Cena in the gut as he got back in, then delivered a forearm.  Angle pounded Cena with right hands, but ran into a Cena boot.  Cena hit a back elbow and a hiptoss, then delivered a cradle suplex.  Cena covered Angle, but Daivari didn't count. Cena argued with Daivari, and Angle tripped Cena and applied the ankle lock.  Angle dragged Cena to the center of the ring, and Cena crawled for the ropes, but Angle dragged him back again.  Cena finally made the ropes, but Daivari kicked his hand off.  Cena eventually turned the ankle lock and kicked Angle off.  Cena slapped Daivari twice, and Daivari was about to disqualify him, but Angle stopped him.  Cena then shoulderblocked Angle from behind, knocking him into Daivari and both fell to the floor.  Daivari was down on the floor, and Cena came outside, but Angle grabbed him and rammed him into the steps, then gave him a belly to belly suplex on the floor.  

Angle rolled Cena into the ring and covered him.  A second referee, Chad Patton, came down and counted two.  Daivari was still out on the floor.  Angle gave Cena a suplex for another two, then applied a waistlock. Cena battled up and out of it with elbows, then hit a cross bodyblock for a two count. Angle reversed a whip and gave Cena a belly to belly suplex.  Angle hit a kneelift, then stomped Cena on the mat. Angle dropped Cena with a back suplex for a two count. Angle put Cena in a bow and arrow variation, hooking a leg with one arm, and applying a rear naked choke with the other. Cena elbowed to break the hold, but Angle maintained the choke. Cena broke out with a jawbreaker.  Angle missed a clothesline, and Cena nailed Angle with a DDT. 

Both men were slow to get up, then they traded punches.  Cena hit a clothesline and a shoulderblock, then a back suplex into a powerbomb.  Cena did the "You can't see me" and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop.  Cena pumped up his sneakers, and Angle clotheslined the referee.  Angle then hit Cena with a low blow.  Angle gave Cena the Angle Slam, and referee Mickey Henson ran down and counted two.  Angle got frustrated over not getting the pin, then set up Cena on the top rope and delivered a superplex for a two count. Angle went to the top for a moonsault, but Cena rolled out of the way, and Angle crashed to the mat. Cena went for the FU, but Angle grabbed the referee to block it and knock down Cena.  The referee yelled at Angle, and Angle gave him a forearm, knocking him out.  Angle rolled Daivari back into the ring, as Smackdown referee Charles Robinson came down.  While Angle was intercepting him, Cena knocked out Daivari with a DDT.  Angle got back into the ring, and Cena grabbed him with an FU and Smackdown referee Charles Robinson counted the pin at the 24 minute mark. 

Winner: John Cena. 

Angle complained as he walked to the back and Cena celebrated in the ring. 

Eric Bischoff vs. Theodore R. Long.

Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman handled commentary for this match.  Bischoff and Long were introduced by their respective brand's ring announcer, and there were two referees in the ring, one from Raw and one from Smackdown.  Palmer Canon escorted Long to the ring. 

Long and Bischoff trash talked in the ring, while Cole and Coach argued on commentary.  Long ducked a Bischoff charge, then strutted in the ring. Bischoff threw a kick, but Long side stepped it and danced. Bischoff charged again, and Long side stepped it and Bischoff ran into the corner.  Long struck the crane kick "Karate Kid" pose.  Palmer Canon got on the apron, cheering on Teddy, but it distracted BOTH referees and Long, and allowed Bischoff to choke Long with his black belt.  Bischoff shoved Canon off the apron, and choked Long, breaking on the four count.  The fans chanted "boring".  Long missed a punch, and Bischoff applied a sleeper.  Canon got on the apron, and both referees were distracted again. Long took off his sneaker and hit Bischoff in the head with it to break the sleeper.  Long went to hit Bischoff with the sneaker again, but Bischoff blocked it and hit Long with a karate thrust to the throat.  

Suddenly, red lights went on, and the Boogeyman's entrance music began.  Bischoff sent both referees down the aisle to stop him from coming out. As the referees went down the aisle, the Boogeyman entered the ring from the crowd.  Boogeyman choked Bischoff, said "I'm coming to get you" and gave him a pumphandle slam.  Boogeyman exited the ring, and Long crawled onto Bischoff.  A referee returned to the ring and counted the pin at the six minute mark as Boogeyman exited through the crowd.  

Winner: Theodore R. Long.

Long, still clutching his throat, danced with Palmer Canon in celebration. 

The Smackdown and Raw teams for Survivor Series were shown heading out of their locker rooms.  The other members of the brands were there, cheering their team on.  The events leading to the Survivor Series Elimination match were shown. 

Team Raw (Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Kane, Chris Masters & Carlito) vs. Team Smackdown (Batista, Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley, JBL & Randy Orton, with Jillian Hall & Cowboy Bob Orton). 

Each wrestler had their own entrance, with Tazz and Cole talking during the Smackdown wrestlers entrances, and the Raw announce team talking over their team's entrance, so I guess we will have dueling announcers for this. The announcers were sniping at each other and arguing as the final members of the Raw team came out. A Smackdown referee is in the ring, and a Raw referee was placed outside the ring. 

Orton and Michaels started out, after Batista was convinced not to start the match.  Orton backed Michaels in a corner and slapped him.  Michaels remarked that it hurt, and slapped him back, sending Orton off his feet.  Michaels and Orton traded headlocks and headscissors', then Michaels slapped Orton again, then chopped him in the corner.  Orton reversed a whip, but ran into a boot by Michaels.  Michaels hit Orton with a chop, then went for a backdrop, but Orton kicked it away and hit an uppercut for a two count. Orton missed a kneedrop, and Michaels tagged in Chris Masters.  Masters hit some shoulderblocks, but Orton raked his eyes and hit a kneelift. Masters came back with another shoulderblock, but JBL broke up the cover. 

Orton grabbed an armbar, but Masters punched him away.  Lashley tagged in, and Masters went for a shoulderblock, but Lashley didn't move.  Masters went for another, but Lashley grabbed him with a powerslam.  Lashley missed a charge in the corner, and Masters decked him with a punch.  Masters went for the Masterlock, but never locked the fingers, as Lashley powered out and hit a belly to belly suplex.  Carlito was tagged, but didn't want to get in with Lashley.  Lashley hiptossed him in, and Carlito begged off.  Carlito threw a punch, but Lashley absorbed it, hit two clotheslines and a powerslam for a two count. Lashley missed a charge, and Michaels tagged in.  Michaels went to the top rope, but Lashley slammed him off.  Lashley hit a shoulderblock and a slam, then gave him a belly to belly suplex.  Carlito ran in, but Lashley gave him a Dominator.  Lashley then went for one on Michaels, but Kane grabbed Lashley from the apron and chokeslammed him.  Michaels crawled onto Lashley for the pin. 

Bobby Lashley is eliminated. 

Rey Mysterio came in and went to work on Michaels, but Kane kneed him from the apron.  Masters tagged in and pounded Mysterio, then gave him a press slam, dropping Mysterio to the mat. Kane tagged in, but missed an elbowdrop.  Rey hit a dropkick to the face, a legdrop, and a standing moonsault for a two count.  Rey avoided a slam, but ran into a boot by Kane. Kane rammed Mysterio into the corner, then turned him around and gave him a shoulderblock, punch, and kick to the back. Kane gave Mysterio a backbreaker, then covered for a two count. Kane put Mysterio in a bear hug.  The announcers have been ripping into each other the whole match, getting pretty nasty at points. 

Mysterio bit Kane to break the bear hug, slid between his legs, and tagged Batista.  Batista went to work on Kane, but got caught with an elbow.  Kane knocked the other members of Team Smackdown off the apron, but that allowed Batista to recover.  Batista cleaned house on Team Raw, even knocking back the Big Show.  Mysterio gave Kane the 619, and Batista gave Kane a spinebuster to get the pin on him. 

Kane is eliminated. 

Big Show chokeslammed Batista for a two count. Big Show then knocked the rest of the Smackdown team off the apron again, and he and Kane gave Batista a double chokeslam.  Big Show then pinned Batista. 

Batista is eliminated. 

JBL fought Big Show, and Orton and Mysterio tried to help, but Big Show kept swatting him away, until Orton yanked Show throat first across the top rope. JBL hit the Clothesline From Hell, but Big Show started to get up.  JBL tagged Mysterio, and Mysterio hit him with the 619.  Orton tagged in and gave Show the RKO.  JBL tagged in and gave Show the Clothesline From Hell.  Mysterio tagged in and gave Show the West Coast Pop.  Mysterio then pinned the Big Show. 

The Big Show is eliminated. 

The remaining six wrestlers began brawling, in and out of the ring.  JBL rammed Michaels into the ringpost on the floor, back first. Masters and Mysterio ended up alone in the ring, with Masters hitting Mysterio with a backbreaker for a two count.  Carlito tagged in, and gave Mysterio a suplex for a two count. Carlito stayed on Mysterio, applying a rear chinlock. Masters checked on Michaels on the floor. Mysterio battled out of the chinlock, booted Carlito, then went for a moonsault, blind tagging JBL along the way.  Carlito caught the moonsault, but JBL hit Carlito with the Clothesline From Hell, pinning him. 

Carlito is eliminated. 

JBL went at it with Masters, and Masters reversed a suplex for a two count. HBK was still down on the floor. Mysterio tagged in and went for a bodypress.  Masters caught him, but JBL booted him to the mat.  Masters backed Rey into a corner and hit a shoulderblock, but missed a second.  Mysterio gave Masters a 619, then hit a springboard legdrop to the back of the head and pinned Masters. 

Chris Masters is eliminated. 

JBL picked Shawn Michaels up off the floor, rammed him into the announce table, then tossed him into the ring.  Rey slid under Michaels' legs, but Michaels caught him with a shot.  Rey tripped Michaels and hit a 619, then went for a springboard, but Michaels caught him with a superkick and pinned him. 

Rey Mysterio is eliminated. 

JBL ran in and went for the Clothesline From Hell, but Michaels ducked it and hit a superkick for the pin. 

JBL is eliminated. 

Randy Orton came in, measured for the RKO, but Michaels shoved him off and went for a superkick.  Michaels put on the breaks and bailed out of the ring, but Michaels dove onto him with a pescado.  A "We Want Taker" chant started. Back in the ring, Michaels chopped Orton and hit a flying forearm.  Michaels kipped up, hit a reverse atomic drop, and a pair of clotheslines. Michaels slammed Orton, then went to the top rope.  Michaels hit the flying elbowdrop, then measured for a superkick.  JBL ran in with a chair, and Michaels superkicked him.  This distraction allowed Orton to hit Michaels with the RKO to get the pin. 

Shawn Michaels is eliminated. 

Sole Survivor: Randy Orton. 

The Smackdown undercard performers came to the ring and lifted Randy Orton on their shoulders.  A gong sounded, and a group of druids brought out a coffin and propped it up the in the aisle.  Randy and Bob Orton stared at the coffin, while the Smackdown undercard performers acted like nothing was wrong.  A lightning bolt hit the coffin, which burst into flames. Undertaker then emerged from the burning coffin, and walked towards the ring.  The Smackdown undercard performers were now paying attention. Undertaker got into the ring and started cleaning house, including chokeslamming Brian Kendrick and giving William Regal a tombstone.  The Ortons had already escaped to the aisle. Undertaker made a throat-slashing gesture, and his eyes rolled back into his head.  A concerned Randy Orton in the aisle stared at Undertaker in the ring as the show ended.

by Dave Scherer  

Survivor Series 2005 is in the books and WWE pulled off a good, solid effort with the PPV, one that was worth the money that I paid for it.  Other than the GMs match, there was nothing bad on the show and there were a few very good matches.  

The highlight of the night for me, however, was the interplay between the Raw and Smackdown announcers.  Tazz and Michael Cole were hilarious and, quite literally, seized the night by grabbing the mic and not letting it go during the times when they were paired up with their Raw counterparts.  The brand vs. brand banter during the main event was must-hear television and had me in stitches.  

I also loved the Ric Flair vs. HHH match.  It was just great stuff and it was nice to see HHH sell so much for Flair.  Flair came out of the loss looking strong, which is a credit to HHH.

On the other side of the coin, I just shook my head at Vince McMahon's calling John Cena "my nigga" in a backstage vignette.  I don't think McMahon meant anything hateful, racially, by doing it.  I think he was just going for laughs, and some people found it funny.  I just think that there are certain topics that should be off limits where wrestling humor is concerned, and usage of that word is one of them.  It just solidifies wrestling's well-earned reputation for being low brow, which is a shame because the genre has a lot more to offer than playing to the lowest common denominator.  

Let's get to the matches.


Juvi and Simon Dean had a decent match to start the show.  I would have loved to see them work when Juvi was in WCW and Dean was in ECW, but those ships have long since sailed.  I doubt we will ever get to see either man show what they are truly capable of doing again in a WWE ring.

Survivor Series:

Booker T and Chris Benoit had a nice match to start the show.  I can't believe however that WWE Creative is so devoid of ideas that they have to copy an old WCW idea, but hell, at least it was a good idea that they "borrowed".  Their best of seven should be good stuff.

During Eric Bischoff's promo, I'd be lying if I said I didn't expect to hear my first Bret Hart reference of the night.  I wasn't disappointed because the Bisch dropped it on us right away.  Hey, it's the Survivor Series and it just wouldn't be the same if we didn't hear about Bret being screwed would it?

Did I really hear 60 year-old Vince McMahon call John Cena "my nigga"?  In front of Booker T no less?  I couldn't believe he actually said it so I rewound the DVR and checked the Closed Captioning (they wrote "my nigger" in quoting Vince).  I just don't get Vince, I really don't.  Oh wait, it was to set up the hilariously funny line from Booker where he said, "Tell me he didn't say that".  That was a hardy har har moment if I ever saw one.  Well, in fairness, Booker did play it as well as he could have and did what he could to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse, but still, it left me surprised that Vince would play such a low card.  Then again, maybe the surprise here is that I was surprised Vince would do it. I should expect it from him by now, especially after Dr. Heinie and they way that he crapped all over Jim Ross and his legacy.  Class isn't a required attribute in Vince's world.  In fact, it is probably a detriment if you possess it.

Trish and Melina had a better match than I expected.  It was a solid women's bout, especially given the way WWE usually books the females. ... I loved when Trish went to do the Matrix move and Melina axed her in the gut.  That is exactly what someone should do to that spot since Trish leaves herself exposed.  Logic, I love it when it happens. ... Boy, did Tazz eat up Joey Styles during this match or what?  He was stiff!

Ric Flair vs. HHH was a great match.  Flair took a trip down memory lane and HHH sold for him like it was 20 years ago. ... It was surreal to see HHH come out for his bout before 9 o'clock.  You can say what you want about the guy but you can't deny that he has definitely taken time out of the top of the card over the last few months.  You can wonder about his motives, and maybe rightfully so, but you can't deny that he has done right by the business and given other guys opportunities of late. ... How can you not pop for a screwdriver to the head?  I mean really, if you are a wrestling fan, you had to love that spot by Triple H! ... On the other hand, I never have gotten the ball grab move.  I can see why a guy would do it from a "it hurts the other guy" perspective, but a guy's balls are not something I want in my hands! ... Did anyone else notice how soft the chairshot Flair gave H was?  And, did anyone else hope that was the beginning of a trend, since chairshots to the head are just brutal and not worth the risks that come with them? ... Coach is a dimwit.  I know, most of you agree because his announcing is lame, but I am talking about when Styles talked about HHH's torn quad injury and Coach "corrected" him by saying it was a quadriceps.  What a dope. ... Them selling Flair like it was the last time we would ever see him again, after all he has taken over his career, was way over the top to me.  The business has changed to the point where no one buys the "dire" angles any more so they should stop doing them.

When Edge said he was going to debut his new talk show, it screamed "Edge needs more time off for his chest injury" to me.  It's a good way to keep him in the public eye while he rehabs his injury.  His segment was a lot of fun and he did a good job on the stick. ... On the flip side, I can't believe that after Eddie Guerrero's death, Eugene being sent home and WWE instituting a drug policy last week, they would talk about baseball players using steroids and being hooked on amphetamines.  Do they even think sometimes?

John Cena and Kurt Angle had a strong match, mainly due to the work of Kurt.  Angle carried Cena very well. ... The crowd was great during the match. They were totally into it, and really into Angle.  Of course, WWE couldn't have liked hearing the "Cena Sucks" or "Let's go Angle" chants though.  It's time for them to realize that a lot of it is their own fault, with how they are booking Cena.  He's not the Rock and booking him like that is not doing him any favors, and is starting a backlash of resentment.

Boy, Teddy Long made Eric Bischoff look like he belonged in the ring with the lame offense he showed.  That says a lot.  As for the match, it was terrible, as expected.  But, at least my boy The Boogeyman made an appearance.  He also showed that he appears to be better suited to be a character than a worker at this point in time. ... Michael Cole was great during this match, crapping all over Coach.  It made for hilarious TV.  Coach couldn't even come close to retorting Cole. ... I hate when they do things like play the Boogeyman's music and then have the announcers wonder who it is.  It's just so stupid. ... One other thing, three's a crowd in the booth.  During the main event, Cole made a crack about how the Raw team steps all over each other, and it's a shoot.  They have to cut it back to two.  Make Coach a TV character again.  Have him do the Charleston or whatever, just cut the booth back to two already.

I enjoyed the main event.  I probably didn't pay as much attention to the early part of the match as I usually would due to popping at all of the remarks that the announcers made.  Man, the Smackdown guys just ate the Raw talent up.  The best part of the match was Tazz's hostility.  He was shooting all over the Raw announcers and it made for great TV.  He seemed to just rip Joey Styles like he owned him.  I lost it when he said, "Go write something on the internet".  That was hilarious.  Overall, I liked the match.  It was nice after all of Smackdown's "second class citizenry" to see them win in the end. ... Jeez, even though Batista was hurt, it was really lame booking to have Big Show and Kane take out the champ.  He is supposed to be the top guy and he gets beaten relatively easy by two midcarders?  Bad booking. ... The Undertaker's entrance was really cool and well done.  The lightning bolt and the fire made for a great visual and his return gave the fans the happy go-home moment they all wanted.


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