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November 19, 2000

Location: Tampa, Florida

Arena: Ice Palace

Attendance: 18, 610


â–º Steve Blackman, Crash Holly, & Molly Holly defeated T & A (Test & Albert) & Trish Stratus in a tag team match when Molly pinned Trish with a sunset flip.

â–º The Radicalz: Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, & Dean Malenko defeated Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, K-Kwik, & Chyna in a team elimination match. Terri accompanied Perry Saturn to ringside.

Eliminations: Eddie Guerrero hit Chyna with the Intercontinental Championship belt, and Perry Saturn covered her for the pin. Billy Gunn pinned Eddie Guerrero. Benoit pinned K-Kwik following a German suplex. Perry Saturn suplexed Road Dogg and made the pin. Billy Gunn pinned Dean Malenko following a Fameasser. Chris Benoit pinned Billy Gunn to win the match for his team.

Survivors: Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn

â–º Kane pinned Chris Jericho following a chokeslam.

â–º William Regal defeated Hardcore Holly via disqualification to retain the WWF European Championship. Hardcore Holly was disqualified for hitting Regal with the championship belt.

â–º The Rock pinned Rikishi following the People’s Elbow. Rikishi had revealed he was the one that ran down "Stone Cold" Steve Austin last year at Survivor Series, but he did it to help The Rock. The Rock, of course, took exception to this, and the feud was born. Following the match, Rikishi attacked The Rock and destroyed him with four Banzai Drops.

â–º WWF Women’s Champion Ivory pinned Lita to retain the championship.

â–º WWF Champion Kurt Angle pinned The Undertaker to retain the championship. It appeared that the Undertaker had the match well in hand, hitting Kurt Angle with the Last Ride and making the cover, but the referee stopped counting at two. The Undertaker had actually power bombed Eric Angle, Kurt’s brother, who had entered the ring dressed like Kurt. Kurt took advantage of the distraction and rolled the Undertaker up for the win.

â–º The Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley) & The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy) defeated Edge, Christian, & Right To Censor (Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather) in a team elimination match.

Val Venis accompanied Right To Censor to ringside.

Eliminations: Edge pinned Matt Hardy following the Edge-O-Matic. Christian pinned D-Von Dudley. Bubba Ray Dudley pinned Bull Buchanan after Edge accidentally hit Buchanan with a spear. Bubba Ray then pinned Edge. The Goodfather pinned Bubba Ray Dudley following a Death Valley Driver. Jeff Hardy pinned Christian following a swanton bomb, then pinned The Goodfather to win the match for his team.

Survivor: Jeff Hardy

â–º "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Triple H wrestled to a no contest in a no disqualification match.

The Radicalz interfered and attacked Steve Austin, and the match spilled out of the arena and into the parking lot. Triple H planned to give us a repeat of Survivor Series 1999 and run Austin down with a car, but Austin had another idea. He commandeered a fork lift and picked up the car (with Triple H trapped inside), lifted it high in the air, and dropped it upside down onto the hard ground below. It’s pretty cheap to have a non-finish in a no disqualification match, but there it is. Triple H would return eight days later on RAW looking remarkably unscathed, all things considered.

NOTES: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler did commentary for the event. Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savinovich did Spanish commentary. Michael Cole, Jonathan Coachman, & Lillian Garcia handled backstage interviews. Howard Finkel was the ring announcer. Raven hosted the show from WWF New York....Edge & Christian defeated Essa Rios & Funaki, Billy Gunn defeated Al Snow, Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman defeated the Big Boss Man, and Val Venis defeated Jeff Hardy in matches featured on Sunday Night Heat prior to the pay-per-view....Promotional materials for the event featured "Stone Cold" Steve Austin....The theme for the pay-per-view was "The Rules Have Changed."

Buck Woodward: The team elimination matches really became an afterthought on shows at this point, and Survivor Series was more like "another PPV". ... One of the great "intelligence insulting" moments here, as Triple H would later appear on Raw without a scratch, despite being "dropped" in the car. ... I actually liked the Eric Angle bit, as I don't think anyone saw it coming.

Mike Johnson: The addition of the Radicals to the WWF roster really helped kick things into high gear for the company....I had forgotten how dumb the Right to Censor bit was....How horrible was that Triple H in the exploding car bit? UGH.


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