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By Doug Nunnally on 2014-10-27 15:40:34
CHIKARA Moonraker in Richmond, VA coverage at

Crowd size was 200. Good crowd that was pretty into it and seemed to enjoy it all. I think CHIKARA raked in some serious merchandise money though as I saw a lot of people walking away with DVDs, shirts, and more.

1. Shynron beat Missile Assault Ant - Solid opener. Shynron won with a 720.

2. Archibald Peck, Ice Cream Junior, Shane Matthews, and Mr. Touchdown beat Ashley Remington, El Hijo del Ice Cream, Scott Parker, and Dasher Hatfield - Complete comedy with typical tag teams being on opposite sides. Too funny for words. Biggest thing involved Ashley's signature point being treated as a real gun and acting like he "shot" people. Ref Bryce Remsburg pinned El Hijo del Ice Cream to win the match?

3. Die BDK (Jacob Hammermeier, Nokken, & Delirious) beat Spectral Envoy (Frightmare, Hallowicked, & UltraMantis Black) - Delirious was a surprise entrant. Hammermeier pinned Frightmare with a forearm shot.

4. Eddie Kingston beat Volgar - Volgar's part of Jimmy Jacob's group The Flood. Eddie beat him with the spinning backfist.

After the match, mass brawl between good guys and bad guys. Jimmy Jacob's henchman Deucalion came out and laid out some people before destroying Archibald Peck. They acted like Peck was completely annihalated and the babyfaces carried him out like a martyr.


5. Devastation Corporation & Oleg The Usurper beat The Osirian Portal & N_R_G - Comedy and power/high flyer stuff. Max Smashmaster pinned Hype Rockwell.

6. The Colony (Fire Ant, Worker Ant II, & Silver Ant) beat The Bloc Party (Mr. Azerbaijan, Prakash Sabar and Proletariat Boar of Moldov) - Comedy, but good stuff too. Fire Ant pinned Sabar with the Ant Hill team move.

7. Grand Championship Of CHIKARA: Icarus (c) beat Jimmy Jacobs - Solid main event. They sold the intensity very well and had some cool spots. Near falls at the end were good and Icarus won clean with the Wings Of Icarus.

After the match, Deucalion came back out and threatened to turn on Jacobs, but Icarus attacked Decaulion. He bailed and had a stare down with all of the good guys. He promised to destroy them like he has the Estonian Thunderfrog and now Archibald Peck.

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