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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-27 10:00:45
Now that the legal issues between WWE and Jimmy Papa have been resolved and "Badstreet USA" is available to download, are there any plans to do the same for WCW Slam Jam? I sure hope so, because I wore that tape out when I was a kid!

I haven't heard of any official plans, but my guess is that at some point, they will release it, because if there's one thing WWE likes to do, it's make money and obviously fans like you will want to purchase it.

Where the hell are the Wyatt family? Bray beats Jericho on September 8, then the next thing we know they're in some random feud with the Big Show, then the NEXT thing we know they're missing from Night of Champions and completely off TV the week after. Has somebody gone insane? When almost every rising star the company has is injured, how does it make sense to complete derail Bray Wyatt's push to the point where he's not even part of the show? Recent booking has been so bad that I haven't wanted to watch wrestling anymore. If Bray Wyatt is gone, that seals the deal for me. I'm out.

Wyatt and The Family are still with the company. They just haven't been utilized in a major storyline of late. They are supposed to be feuding with Big Show but for some reason, that's only really happening on the house shows. Hopefully, they will get Wyatt and his brethren back on the right track soon.

Has WWE forgotten what the first W stands for? On numerous occasions the announce team has not only interrupted another countries national anthem (Russia via Rusev and Lana) but then proceeded to show disrespect to that nation. If someone were to cut off the American national anthem there would be hell to pay, so why allow this?

They are trying to create heroes. I wonder if segments like that are edited when they air in Russia, however...

Any truth to the rumor that the WWE Network debut in the UK has been delayed?

We've not heard anything of that sort. WWE did not respond, as of this writing, to a request for comment.

I've really enjoyed all the new stuff being added to This Day in History but it made me wonder why no one runs the Sportatorium in Dallas anymore?

Sadly, the venue was torn down and no longer exists.

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