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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-05 22:58:59

Campeanato de Minus del Mundo champion Mini Mariachi vs. Pequeño Pierroth

Pierroth held out a Puerto Rico flag and sang about it, so Mariachi started a Mexico chant. They did some bullfighter comedy spots where Mariachi tricked Pierroth to charge him.

They did some back and forth wrestling with Mariachi capturing several near falls early. Pierroth went to the floor to break his momentum. Mariachi avoided his charges and Pierroth went through the ropes to the floor. Mariachi went for a dive but was caught and slammed on a chair. Ouch!

On the floor, Pierroth bullied and beat Mariachi. He brought him back into the ring and controlled him for a series of two counts. Pierroth slammed Mariachi and splashed him for a two count. He missed a leaping splash in the corner. Mariachi came off the ropes but slipped and came up short. He was sent into the ropes and nailed a Lucha takedown. He came back sending Pierroth to the floor and nailed a suicide dive, sending him crashing into the guard rails.

Pierroth pulled Mariachi off the apron as he returned to the ring. Mariachi nailed a bodypress off the top. Pierroth grabbed an over the shoulder backbreaker and slammed Mariachi down RUDELY backfirst, almost powerbomb style and scored the pin out of nowhere.

Your winner and new champion, Mini Pierroth!

The announcers noted that Mariachi's 1600-plus day reign as champion had just ended.

Someone came to the ringside area and said it wasn't going to happen like that and ordered five more minutes. The match restarted, which made no sense since Pierroth scored the pin clean.

Pierroth nailed a Perfectplex for a two count. Mariachi charged but was flapjacked down for a two count. Pierroth picked up and slammed Mariachi for another two count. Pierroth went for a forward roll but Mariachi used the momentum to score the pin.

Your winner and new champion, Mini Mariachi!

Solid stuff but a little too short. It felt like it was just starting to build and then it was over. It was obvious that Mariachi forgot to kick out and they had to cover, which hurt the momentum of the match. Until that point, it was pretty entertaining.

Matt Cross vs. Cassandro

They did lots of spots early based on Cross locking up with Cassandro and being spooked by his exotic nature. Cassandro kissed him and Cross freaks out. Cross nailed him and it a standing moonsault for a two count.  The announcers did a great job talking up Cassandro's unique place in the business as an open gay man playing this role.

Cross sent Cassandro into the corner and nailed a leaping clothesline for a two count. Cross was sent to the floor and nailed an awesome dive to the outside. Cassandro nailed Cross with a kick in the corner and nailed a series of chops. He whipped Cross in the corner but missed a charge, hitting his shoulder and taking a sick bump to the outside.

Cross teased a dive but bounced off the ropes when he saw Cassandro leapt into the crowd, sitting on a male fan's lap.  That was pretty damn funny.  Cross went to the floor and whipped Cassandro into the ringpost. He climbed the post, hung off it sideways and dropped an elbow. That spot never ceases to amaze me.  Cross came off the ropes but missed a move and was bodypressed for a two count.   Cross missed a dive off the ropes to the floor but was hit with a double stomp for a two count.

Cross cut off Cassandro, grabbed him by the hair and flung him across the ring for a two count. Cassandro made a comeback but only garnered a two count. He argued with the referee, which the crowd loved. Cross nailed an enziguiri for a two count. Cross played to the crowd on the ropes and nailed a moonsault but Cassandro got his knees up and rolled up Cross for a two count.

Cassandro snapped an awesome rana and then nailed another. He walked the ropes and then nailed another for a two count. Cassandro was kicked off by Cross from the ropes and covered for a two count.

Cross worked over Cassandro and went to the top. Cassandro met him on the top and nailed a series of rights. He went for a top rope rana but was shoved off, landing rudely on the back of his head. Cross went for a shooting star press but missed. Cassandro came off the top with a nice missile dropkick and a top rope rana for the pin. The place EXPLODED for the pin.

Your winner, Cassandro!

This was just awesome. All the work was spot on with some insane bumps and nice dives plus they did a tremendous job playing up their characters. Cassandro is a money gimmick. Just awesome.


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