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By Jose Perez on 2014-08-30 22:20:00
World Wrestling Council (WWC)

WWC’s house show/TV taping scheduled for tonight at the “Cosme Beitía Sálamo Arena” in Cataño, PR has apparently been canceled, according to a post on the company’s Facebook fan page. They will return to action next Saturday September 6th with their event ‘Septiembre Negro’, which will be taking place at the ‘Pepín Cestero Arena’ in Bayamón, PR and Sunday September 7th in at the ‘Cancha Bajo Techo de Rincón’ in Rincón, PR.

They did announce some of the matches that will be taking place in the Bayamon leg of the weekend tour, this being Saturday night:

WWC Universal Heavyweight Title Match
Ex-WWE Mason Ryan vs Mighty Ursus (c) w/ ‘El Magnate’ José Manuel Ortega

Grudge Match
‘El Chico Ilegal’ Chicano vs ‘El Boricua Mayor’ Savio Vega

WWC World Tag Team Title – Last Chance Rematch
‘Los Boricuas’ Miguel Pérez & Huracán Castillo vs ‘Los Templarios’ ASH & William De La Vega (c) w/ ‘El Magnate’ José Manuel Ortega

WWC Jr. Heavyweight Title Match – Loser becomes a referee going forward
Tommy Diablo (c) vs. Angel "Fashion" Pérez

Scheduled for this event is the first ever “WWE Hall of Famer-Carlos Colón Cup”.

The two surprises that they were alluding during the week that will be announced at today’s TV were: 1) ‘The Precious One’ Gilbert will be returning to WWC next Saturday night to present his segment “La Opinion de Gilbert; and 2) Invader #1 will also return to WWC next Saturday night and “he has a message for all the Puerto Rican fans.”

Lastly, during today’s episode we saw the debut of former WWE talent Ricardo Rodriguez. Rodriguez appeared with ‘El Magnate’ José Manuel Ortega and were looking for Ray Gonzalez. In the last segment of the TV show Gonzalez is seen getting ready to take a golf shot when a voice can be heard in the background calling for him. All of the sudden Ortega and Ricardo Rodriguez appear on screen with Rodriguez mocking Gonzalez. Rodriguez asked if Gonzalez knew who he was, only for Gonzalez to respond “…yes. You are his lackey… (pointing at Ortega). Rodriguez then tells him that he is El Patron’s right hand and that he has a message that “Alberto Del Rio” asked him to pass on to him. Gonzalez asked what the message was, only for Rodriguez spit on his face and leave.

With all the recent events that took place and led to Del Rio’s departure from the WWE, it sure was interesting to see that they used the Alberto Del Rio name to refer to him.

Over the last several weeks a “war” has started to unfold, but not necessarily storyline wise. Unfortunately it seems that WWC producer and marketing manager, Jose Roberto Rodriguez, has decided to make things very personal between himself and a person that he calls a “rich man” that is playing the part of a wrestling promoter. He is referring to WWL’s president Richard Negrin, with whom it seems that Rodriguez is very upset with for some reason. He has decided to mock and attack Negrin on his Facebook page and over the course of the last several days he has posted messages mocking and to certain extent insulting Negrin. The following are some screen shots with the original messages in Spanish. The English translation follows each screen shot:

“Meanwhile, the rich man, happy and satisfied, behind a pharmacy desk in Guaynabo City.” NOTE: Negrin is a successful business owner of several pharmacies in different areas of Puerto Rico.

“Tickets and more tickets. My grandma used to say: ‘Never give a credit card to a rich and stupid kid because the consequences will be devastating.” NOTE: The tickets he refers to are air fare tickets. WWL just announced some talents for their event in October that will be coming from the mainland such as: Apolo & Habanna, Shane ‘The Glamour Boy’, Rosa Negra, Mr. 450, Balls Mahoney and Sabu among others.
“If I ever get my own business, I will hire the best editor, best writer, best communicators, the best PR (complete combo), the best talent available (by their acts you will know them); but before all that I will hire the best accountant in the island who will certainly say to me: Are you crazy? And then I will stop playing in the wrong business and will concentrate on my other unfulfilled childhood dreams: get the entire Star Wars collection and I will justify it by saying that the PR fans are not worth it and you can’t do business in this place.”

A while back Negrin did a radio interview in which he was asked why he had chosen to run events in Mexico and not repeat in PR. He responded that the fans in PR did not support the first effort last year the way he expected and in Mexico he was able to get the support from the fanbase because they knew the kind of product he was presenting. He also did state that he would not run PR again or at least in the foreseeable future. In an interview this week Negrin stated that he is giving it a second chance because the fans have asked him to do so and being a businessman he knows that the customer is always right.

In my opinion, this type of rant seems quite childish, least to say very unprofessional. I was very surprised and disappointed when I learned about the situation. Why you might ask? Well, even though I have no relationship whatsoever with Mr. Rodriguez, nor WWC, I still held him in high regards as a very savvy marketing and business person. Unfortunately, the fact that they are starting to get some competition and all of the sudden he reacts this way makes him look weak, not to say that it makes him and the company he represents seem desperate. Competition is not a bad thing. It normally raises the other’s game and provides an opportunity to get more creative and find ways to outdo one’s competitor. In this case, it seems that Mr. Rodriguez is trying to mark his territory and, with what very much looks like a personal attack, he tries to undermine Negrin’s efforts to bring another alternative to the wrestling fans in PR. We will have to wait and see where all this leads too.

If at any point Mr. JR Rodriguez wishes to make any comments, he is more than welcomed to use this forum.

World Wrestling League (WWL)

Pedro Figueroa, from LuchaLibreOnline, did an interview this past week with WWL’s president Richard Negrin talking about the first show they did last year in the island, success in Mexico, the infamous radio interview in which Negrin stated that he would not bring another show to PR and why he has retracted, what to expect on this second showing and much more. The following is the link to the interview: As a disclaimer, the interview is in Spanish.

WWL is bringing back their version of ‘La Silla Caliente’ interview segment (The Hot Seat). They are promoting the segment as being ‘controversial’. You cannot get any more controversial than Dennis Rivera as one of the first guests. And according to the teaser, the second guest, Thunder, will probably not fall short on being controversial either. Here are a both teasers for the debut of the segment during this weekend’s TV episode:

Thunder Teaser -

Dennis Rivera Teaser -

On another note, it seems that the much awaited match between the two Puerto Rican Goddesses, Ivelisse Velez and Rosa Negra (Black Rose), may not happen after all. Ivelisse has recently been associated to the new AAA project for the “El Rey” Network, which is scheduled to begin filming in a couple of weeks. One the film dates, October 18th, is the same date for the WWL event INSURRECTION, which is where they were scheduled to face off. Due to this situation, it would appear as the match could be off the card, unless the two sides can come to an agreement. This is definitely a match that a lot of fans in the island were waiting to see. We will look for more details and will bring them to you as soon as we get them.

WWL INSURRECTION is scheduled to take place on Saturday October 18 at the Puerto Rican wrestling’s Cathedral, the “Pepín Cestero Arena” in Bayamón. Tickets for the event are on sale now by accesing You can also find tickets at “Gran Discoteca” located in the following Sears stores: San Patricio Plaza, Plaza Carolina, Plaza Las Américas, Santa Rosa Mall, Las Catalinas Mall, Plaza del Caribe and Mayagüez Mall, or by calling (787) 303-0334. The following is the link for tickets sales for WWL Insurrection:

The card for ‘WWL Insurrection’ continues to take shape. The following are the matches that have been announced at this point:

Extreme Rules Match – ECW Originals – WWL’s Extreme Championship Match
Balls Mahoney vs Sabu

High Flying Action
‘Sensacional’ Carlitos vs ‘Mr. 450’

Tag Team Challenge
‘La Mina de Oro’ Dennis Rivera & Mr. Big vs ‘Los Dioses del Olimpo’ Atlas & ‘El León’ Apolo w/ “La Reina” Habanna

And just announced:
‘La Artilleria Pesada’ Thunder & Lightning vs WWL Tag Team Champions – ‘Los Mamitos’ Mr. E & Sexy B

Also scheduled to appear: WWL World champion Monster Pain w/ Mistress Glenda Lee, Shane ‘The Glamour Boy’, ‘El Fenomeno’ B.J., Joe Bravo, Rosa Negra (Black Rose), Jose Chaparro, El Profe and many more to be announced.

WWL’s “Ídolos del Ring” TV Episode #7: In matches celebrated at the “Arena Coliseo de Monterrey”: Chessman vs Damian 666, and WWL’s World Champion, Monster Pain with Mistress Glenda Lee vs John Morrison. ‘Los Mamitos’ (Mr. E y Sexy B) are this week’s guests on the segment of “El Tocotón”. Dennis Rivera has been censored once again. Plus, more wrestlers receive the desired invitations and much more:

“WWL Presenta” comes to life every Saturday at 2:30PM, as well as the program “Ídolos del Ring” every Sunday at 7:30PM on CW Puerto Rico. You can watch CW Puerto Rico on the following channels locally: DIRECTV Channel 178, DISH NETWORK Channel 17 in Puerto Rico & US Virgen Islands, LIBERTY Cable Channel 96, CHOICE Cable Channel 148 & 34, CLARO TV Channel 22, and on digital antenna via Channel 18.3.

You can also see “Ídolos del Ring” every Saturday at 12:00PM noon on “Súper Canal” throughout the national territory of Dominican Republic via channel 33, and in the different cable television companies in the country. In the United States it can be watched on Dominican View, which is distributed by the following cable television companies: Verizon Fios channel 1548 in Los Angeles (CA), Dallas (TX), Washington (DC), Baltimore (MD), Richmond (VA), Norfolk (VA), New York (NY), Syracuse (NY), Buffalo (NY), Philadelphia (PA), Boston (MA), Tampa (FL), Fort Wayne, Pittsburgh (PA), Providence (RI), Harrisburg (PA); CABLEVISION channel 213 in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. Internationally via TDS channel 464 in Curaçao.

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