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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-17 20:20:00

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger: Flag Match

Lana dedicated the match to Vladimir Putin. She cut a promo on Hollywood being fake like America.

They brought out a color guard with the U.S. Flag before Swagger’s entrance. Rusev attacked Swagger as he was waving the flag and beat him with a series of right hands. Swagger nailed him and locked on the Patriot Lock before the bell. The referee separated them. Lana began yelling at Rusev who now had to fight on a bad wheel.

Swagger charged him in the corner at the bell and went right back after the ankle. Rusev went to the floor. Swagger went to the floor and tossed him back in. Swagger went right back after the ankle again. Swagger clotheslined Rusev on the floor.

Swagger went for the Swagger Bomb off the ropes but Rusev pulled his knees up. The announcers said Swagger was dealing with injured knees so now we had two hurt wrestlers competing. Rusev worked over his back and ribs, dropping a headbutt across it.

Swagger was trapped in a bear hug. He fired back with elbows and went for a belly to belly suplex. Rusev drilled him and continued working over the back. They battled back and forth. Swagger nailed a big kick and nailed the Swagger Bomb but hurt his ribs and only got a two count.

Swagger was caught with an elbow as he charged. Swagger nailed his ankle and hit a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Rusev went after the ribs again and killed Swagger with the leaping thrust kick. Rusev went to lock on the Accolade but his ankle was hurt and he had problems getting it on, so he did a one legged version while standing on his knee. This allowed Swagger some room to reverse it into the ankle lock.

Rusev tried to get to the ropes but was pulled back. He turned over onto his back and nailed a number of shots to the ribs to get Swagger off of him. Rusev nailed a big splash and locked on the Accolade, and Rusev’s expression of pain putting the move on was awesome. Swagger refused to tap but blacked out so the referee called it.

Your winner, Rusev!

Great, great match with a nice story told. They really took it to each other and this was a hell of a lot of fun.

Lana got in Zeb Colter’s face after and gave him a mocking “We the People.” She then ordered Rusev to kick Colter when he wasn’t looking.

They raised a GIANT Russian Flag as Rusev and Lana stood proudly over the beaten Americans.

This was a great first hour!

Lumberjack Match: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Damien Sandow was dressed as a Lumberjack.

They began brawling. Rollins drilled him coming off the ropes and began kicking and stomping him in the corner. Ambrose worked over Rollins and clotheslined him over the top. He was tossed back into the ring, where Ambrose stomped him low and tied him up on the mat while ripping at his face.

Rollins sent Ambrose to the floor. Ambrose began throwing haymakers at the Lumberjacks and returned to the ring of his own accord. He and Rollins brawled and he was sent back out. The Lumberjacks worked him over and tossed him back in. Rollins nailed a series of right hands and slammed him for a two count.

Rollins locked on a cobra clutch like submission but Ambrose fought back and nailed several clotheslines. He ended up on the apron and suplexed Rollins over the top onto the Lumberjacks on that side of the ring. This sparked a brawl amongst the Lumberjacks as they tried to break up Ambrose and Rollins fighting on the floor.

Ambrose backdropped Rollins into the crowd but was pulled back into the ring by the Lumberjacks. He hit a dive onto the Lumberjacks, then darted across the announce tables en route to diving onto Rollins. Rollins tried to escape but Ambrose caught up to hit and they battled in the crowd and into the first level of the Arena.

Kane came out and ordered all the Lumberjacks to stop them as they battled near the middle of the arena. The heels dragged Ambrose off. Rollins tried to escape but was stopped by Sin Cara, who he laid out. Rollins tried to sneak around and get to the stage but the other babyfaces were waiting and carried him back to the ring as if he as crowd surfing, Ambrose came off the top with a big dive onto Rollins, taking everyone out. This is a hell of a lot of fun.

Ambrose went for Dirty Deeds but Rollins slipped out and nailed a kick. Ambrose nailed Rollins with a Curb Stomp but Kane laid him out. Goldust got in Kane’s face but was laid out. Everyone hit the ring and there was a huge, chaotic brawl.

The Wyatts tried to attack Ambrose but he dispatched them. Rollins drilled him with the Money in the Bank briefcase and pinned him.

Your winner, Seth Rollins!

That was AWESOME.

Rollins seemed to be bleeding from the mouth after.

Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho and Wyatt began fighting at the bell. Jericho caught Wyatt with a flying forearm but was knocked to the floor as he went for a move off the ropes. Jericho regained control and sent Wyatt into the barricade, then came off the top for a two count.

Wyatt worked over Jericho on the floor and sent him into the ring steps. He set up Jericho near the ringpost and drilled him into it. Wyatt grabbed Jericho’s arms and snapped him into the ring ropes facefirst. He locked in a side chinlock on Jericho who fought his way back to his feet.

Jericho made a comeback with an enziguri but only scored a one count. Wyatt came back with a back senton splash He kept working over Jericho but was nailed with a bodypress as he charged for a two count. Jericho was cut off and covered for a two count. Wyatt peppered him with right hands.

They battled back and forth until Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho. Bray fought his way to the ropes. They battled out to the apron where Wyatt drilled Jericho with a DDT on the apron. Jericho made a comeback and scored several two counts. Wyatt was sent into the ropes and nailed with a good dropkick.

Jericho went to set up for the Lionsault but Wyatt did the crab walk and that spooked him. Wyatt began talking trash and charged Jericho but was caught with the Codebreaker. Wyatt kicked up and was sent to the floor. Jericho went for a sliding kick but Wyatt drilled him and pulled him to the floor. Jericho was nailed with Sister Abigail into the guard rail. Good match.

Back in the ring, Wyatt nailed a second Sister Abigail and pinned Jericho clean. Your winner, Bray Wyatt!

Good match. Wyatt got the clean win he’s needed.

Wyatt took the mic and said, “Poor, poor Chris Jericho. I guess after all, he found out what it means to follow the buzzards.” Wyatt began singing the “Whole Wide World in His Hands” again, so that’s being brought back to the character, which is a good move.

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