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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-20 22:59:00

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Tom Phillips interviewed Rollins. He said that he’s smiling because tonight is a historic night because he was going to put the dagger into Ambrose and finish him off once and for all. He said he was going to kill the cockroach, Dean Ambrose. He said that Ambrose knows him better than anyone and he knows what Rollins is capable of and he’s going to get all of it tonight. He said that when he’s done with Ambrose, he’s going to keep his eyes peeled on the Fatal Four way…

Ambrose attacked him and began beating the hell out of Rollins. He slammed him into some equipment cases and knocked over a lighting stand. All of the officials grabbed Ambrose. Triple H showed up and told them to throw Ambrose out of the building and not to let him back in. He said Ambrose wasn’t going to ruin things for them.

WWE Divas championship AJ Lee vs. Paige

Big CM Punk chant at the bell.

They locked up but neither of them got the better of the exchange. Lee scored a two count with a forward roll. Paige returned the favor with a two count of her own. Paige began controlling the match and slammed Lee into the buckles, then began stomping her.

Paige slammed Lee down and covered her for another two count. She draped Lee through the ropes and nailed a series of knees to the chest for another near fall. Paige cinched in a chinlock, trying to wear Lee down.

Paige locked in a surfboard, trying to force a submission. Paige went for a slam but Lee turned it into a DDT. Paige went to spear Lee through the ropes and well, time began standing still. They tumbled to the floor and then battled back into the ring. They went to the floor where Paige hit a top rope sunset flip powerbomb.

Lee kicked off Paige as she charged in the corner, then dove off. Paige caught her but Lee maneuvered her into the Black Widow. Paige was able to counter it and nailed the Paige Turner but Lee kicked out at the last second. They went back and forth with near falls. Paige was finally caught with the shining wizard and pinned.

Your winner and still WWE Divas champion, AJ Lee!

There were times this was good and times where it fell apart. No way to not say this wasn't a letdown though.

Somewhere in the bowels of the building, Randy Orton was looking for Kane. Kane told him he made a mistake coming here. Orton said that he made a mistake on Raw and was sorry. He looked for Kane to say he was sorry as well, but Kane said that as the Devil’s favorite Demon, he never gets to say he’s sorry. Orton said that was fine but they need to be on the same page because neither of them can let John Cena or Roman Reigns leave with the WWE title. Kane said that he assures him that the winner of the match is standing right here. He stared at Orton and walked off.

Rusev (with Lana) vs. Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)

Lana cut a promo putting over Vladimir Putin saying he stands up for what he believes in and isn’t afraid of saying the truth. There’s goes to answer to the question of whether they would downplay that connection after the plane was shot down in the Ukraine. Lana promised that Rusev would crush everyone in the building, including Jack Swagger. Good promo from Lana.

Zeb Colter said that we’ve heard enough out of Natasha and Boris, so she slapped the mic out of his hands. Swagger and Rusev began battling and Rusev was knocked out of the ring.

Swagger went for the Patriot Lock early but Rusev rolled outside. Rusev used his power to control Swagger early. Swagger fired back with a series of rights. Rusev missed a charge in the corner and Swagger again went for the Patriot Lock, so Rusev retreated to the outside.

This time, Swagger followed and tossed him back into the ring. Swagger charged him with a splash in the corner and nailed a series of knees. Rusev caught Swagger with a crushing blow as he rebounded against the ropes and nailed a Fall Away Slam. Rusev worked him over and stomped away at him.

Rusev nailed a series of headbutts and worked over Swagger, then locked on a nerve hold to the shoulder. The crowd began chanting, “We the People.” Rusev overpowered Swagger and brought him back to the mat. Swagger finally battled back but was tossed over the top to the floor in front of the announcers.

Swagger was knocked off the apron every time he tried to get back in and Colter fired him up. Swagger returned to the ring and cleaned house on Rusev. He nailed the Vader Bomb out of the corner for a two count. He caught Rusev with a takedown for a two count.

Swagger was tossed over the top but landed on his feet. He nailed Rusev but was caught returning through the ropes. Rusev went for a big kick but Swagger turned it into the Patriot Lock in the center of the ring. Rusev fought for the ropes and finally made it. He pulled himself out to the floor.

Swagger followed him to the outside and chopblocked him in the back of the knee, then locked the Patriot Lock on the outside. Rusev used his positioning to roll through and send Swagger into the ring steps. The referee kept counting and Rusev finally returned at the nine count. Swagger was counted out.

Your winner, by countout, Rusev!

Good match.

After the bout, Rusev attacked Swagger and put him in the Accolade. Really good stuff to build his character.

We had another Stardust and Goldust promo. They were talking about the Cosmic Key. Someone was a fan of the old Masters of the Universe movie.

Seth Rollins came to the ring. They recapped what happened earlier. Rollins said that since his opponent has been so “irresponsibly been ejected” from the building, he wanted to be announced as the winner and he wanted his hand raised.

They announced him as the winner. Rollins posed on the ropes all happy with himself. As he went up the aisle, Ambrose attacked him and tossed him into the railing, then tossed him into the crowd. They brawled through the crowd. Rollins tossed Ambrose over the railing and back into the ringside area. He climbed on top of the barrier to dive off but Ambrose pulled him down by his hair and slammed him down onto the Spanish Announce Table.

Security and officials held Ambrose back but he broke free and ran across the announcing tables to attack Rollins. He broke free a third time as Triple H came down. All of the officials grabbed Ambrose and they dragged him away by the arms and legs. Rollins dove on the pile and the fight continued. They finally dragged Ambrose to the back but not before they began brawling again. Good angle!

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