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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-19 23:00:00

Shane Shamrock Cup Finals: Papadon vs. Shane Strickland vs. DROLIX vs. Bo Nekoda vs. Bolt Brady vs. Bu Ku Dao

Christian York who has won the Cup three times, is here to award it to the winner.

The final man who survives after the others are eliminated will be the winner.

Papadom and Bo Nekoda started out. Referee Kevin Keenan threw all of the seconds out when they tried to interject themselves. Papadon was worked over by Nekoda who used the distraction of the ejections to attack him. Nekoda nailed a suplex on Papadon, then nailed a slingshot senton splash into the ring for a two count.

DROLIX tagged himself in and faced off with Papadon. DROLIX worked him over and caught Papadon with a series of clotheslines for several two count. He whipped Papadon into the corner but was nailed with a leaping uppercut off the ropes. Strickland tagged in and rolled up DROLIX for a two count.

DROLIX tagged out to Nekoda who was controlled by Strickland and covered for a two count. Rush Hour tagged in and worked over Nekoda with double team maneuvers. They nailed a double hiptoss on him to allow Brady to score a two count.

Rush Hour began tagging each other in and out to allow them to work over Nekoda and prevent the others from getting involved. Brady worked over Nekoda and catapulted him into Dao, who nailed a tornado DDT for the pin.

Bo Nekoda has been eliminated.

DROLIX attack Dao, who shocked him with a bulldog. He and Brady tagged in each other and dropkicked Strickland and Papadon to the floor to beat on DROLIX. Papadon and Strickland hit the ring and worked over Rush Hour. Papadon tagged himself in and drilled Brady with several kicks and chops in the corner.

Brady kicked him coming in for a move but was caught with an uppercut as he dove off the ropes. Papadon nailed a brainbuster for the pin.

Bolt Brady has been eliminated.

Papadon and Strickland went back and forth with some great strikes and kicks. Papadon scored a DVDR across the knee and then a flying leg lariat for a two count. Papadon kicked off a charge from Strickland and went to the ropes but was dropkicked and caught with a DDT off the ropes for the pin.

Papadon has been eliminated.

Dao and DROLIX attacked Strickdland working him over. DROLIX was backdropped to the floor. Strickland nailed a cutter on Dao. He nailed a backflip dive to the floor on DROLIX.

He brought DROLIX back into the ring and went to the top for the double stomp. He nailed a flying bodypress for a two count. Dao came off the top with the West Coast Pop and pinned Strickland.

Strickland has been eliminated.

It came down to the biggest, DROLIX vs. the smallest, Dao.

As the final two came to the ring, the locker room came out to watch, carrying the trophy. DROLIX and Dao went back and forth. Dao went for a sunsetflip but was dragged up by the throat. Dao dropkicked his way out of it and nailed a knee to the face. He nailed a clothesline and for a two count.

DROLIX nailed a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a two count. DROLIX cut off Dao with a spinebuster for a two count. DROLIX went for a powerbomb and drilled Dao down but Dao kicked out at the last second.

Dao held him up for a suplex. Dao nailed a series of knees to the face but was still snapped down for a two count. Dao kicked him off during a charge and nailed a tornado DDT out of the corner for a close two count.

Dao nailed a series of kicks but was caught with a head and arms Tazplex. He locked in a choke and Dao tapped.

Your winner, DROLIX!

Great match with some awesome sequences and tremendous performances across the board.

They went to bring Shane Shamrock's family into the ring but DROLIX demanded they stop because it wasn't about their son but about him. Christian York got mad and hit the ring bbut DROLIX told him it wasn't about anyone but him, and demanded York hand him the trophy. York tried to do it half-heartedly as he was disgusted but DROLIX then demanded he do it on his knees. This led to a huge brawl and pull apart. Really wild scene and angle.

TLC: MCW champ Matt Hardy vs. Extreme Rising champ Luke Hawx

No belts above the ring. TLC are legal but they will have a decisive winner.

Hawx took the mic before the show and said that there appears to be some controversy. He said that an “as****e” from Philadelphia thinks he can rip off the fans and the boys again but it’s not going to happen. Hawx said that Extreme Rising is dead but he is still alive and this is the “Big Fn’ Arms” title and he will defend it. A fan screamed “F*** Steve O’Neill” and Hawx said, “Exactly.”

They started off fast brawling with lots of bumps outside the ring. Hardy backdropped Luke through two chairs. Hardy went for a ladder but Hawx saw him coming and went for a sliding kick. Hardy moved the ladder and drilled Hawx with it.

They brawled on the outside and Hardy whipped Hawx into the ringpost. Hardy went backstage and returned with a shopping cart full of chairs. Hardy began tossing them in, with most of them scoring and landing on Hawx. Hardy began drilling Hawx on the chest with a chair. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.”

Hardy went to the floor and brought a chair into the ring. He drilled Hawx in the chest with the ladder several times. Hardy set it against the ropes and tried to suplex Hawx but it was reversed and Hardy ate the ladder. Hawx worked over Hardy and nailed him with a big kneedrop.

Hawx brought a table into the ring and set it up in the corner. Hawx went for a powerbomb but Hardy slipped out and nailed the Side Effect for two count. Hardy tried to whip Hawx into it but Hawx cut him off and nailed an elbow to the mush. Hawx set up a ladder in the corner and slammed Hardy into it face-first.

Hawx and Hardy battled in the corner with Hardy standing on a ladder. Hardy slipped and crotched himself on the ladder. Hawx came off the top with a Blockbuster while Hardy was still trapped inside the ladder and scored a two count.

Hawx set up a ladder again in the corner. He attempted to set up Hardy again on the ladder. Hawx went to the top but this time, Hardy fought him off and came off the ropes with a Twist of Fate into the ring for another two count.

Hardy pointed at the table and set it up in the center of the ring, then set up a ladder next to it. Nothing good can come from this! Hardy worked over Hawx. Hawx was placed on a table. Hardy went to the top but Hawx escaped the table and shoved the ladder over. Hardy clotheslined himself across the top rope as he came down.

Hawx set up several ladder next to each other. Hardy was placed on the table. Hawx climbed to the top and teased doing Hardy’s legdrop but Hardy attacked him and they battled while on the ladders. Hardy nailed the Side Effect off the ladders through the table and pinned Luke Hawx.

Your winner and still MCW champion as well as new Extreme Rising champion, Matt Hardy!

Fun TLC match to close out an extremely strong show from top to bottom.

Hardy took the mic and thanked everyone for selling out the show. He said that Luke Hawx took a chance being sued and being chased by attorneys to defend the title but did it anyway because he’s a man. He said that he and Hawx laid the foundation for Rising and that it was a title that deserved to be defended on an actual show in front of actual fans. He said holding the MCW title is like holding the WWE title and said that he was proud to face Luke, not just to win the title, but because if they didn’t finish this feud, Luke was going to kill him. He said Luke kicked his ass in the cage in Philly. He handed the belt back to Luke and said Rising may be gone but Luke was Rising and deserves to be booked until the end of time as the Rising champion. Hardy said he wanted to call a truce between himself and Luke and offered his hand.

Luke said that table hurt and that he wasn’t going to lie – he likes to run his mouth but what he loves to do it fight. He said that he came to end it all tonight. He said he would shake Hardy’s hand, not to just end it but to be a real man. He said he doesn’t back down from anyone but a man that can beat him fair and square deserves to have his hand shaken. He said that the fans can love or hate him, because they paid to see him perform and as long as they leave happy, that is all that matters to him. They shook hands.

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