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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-14 22:12:06
WWE is already selling official Sting merchandise on their website, so he's obviously come to terms with the company for something beyond licensing the Sting character for the WWE 2K videogame. Thanks to Cable.

Speaking of the game, both the "surfer" version of Sting from the early 1990s and the more infamous "black and white" Sting will be included in the game when it is released this October.

As far as where Sting will be next, well, he'll be signing on Sunday 7/27 in San Diego at a special signing being promoted by American Icon Autographs. Originally, Hulk Hogan was booked for the signing on 7/27, but since that sold out so quickly, they were able to get Hogan to change his travel plans and added a signing on 7/26. They then were able to sign Sting to sign and do photos on 7/27, so the Hogan-Sting pairing will be available for photo opportunities together for the first time ever. For complete details, visit

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