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By Mike Johnson on 2014-07-12 09:13:45

Our friends at have officially raised half of the money for their Kickstarter campaign of their latest documentary project, where they will send $5 Wrestling's Freight Train to Great Britain to wrestle and document the entire journey.

The official Kickstarter page notes:

Freight Train has been part of the Highspots family since the beginning of $5 Wrestling. He's the most charismatic and loveable characters in $5 Wrestling history. He works as a dishwasher making minimum wage in Charlotte, NC and has NEVER left the United States. We would like to make his dream of seeing England a reality and are helping him, through group funding. 100% of all money collected will go towards Freight Train and Jake Manning's plane tickets and hotel and travel fees to England. We will film everything and create a documentary on this special individual, Charles Stevenson. We'll interview his family and friends and learn why he's just a little more special than the rest of us. Any money that exceeds the cost of traveling to England will be given directly to Freight Train as a gift.

Highspots is hoping to raise $5,000 total with 18 days to go, have raised almost $2,500, the halfway point for the project.

For more on the Kickstarter and rewards you can receive for taking part, click here.

Previous projects launched via Kickstarter include documentaries on Jim Crockett Promotions and The Dynamite Kid.

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