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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-06-30 23:03:15
Tonight’s show starts off with a look back at the most important ladder match in the history of ladder matches in the history of the WWE from Money in the Bank. Who was the man who climbed the ladder to bring down the golden hanger holding the two WWE Title belts?

We are in Hartford, Connecticut and your announcers are John ‘Best’ Layfield, Jerry ‘for’ Lawler, and Michael ‘Business’ Cole.

Triple H makes his way to the ring and he is accompanied by his wife, a principal owner of the WWE.

Stephanie has the mic and she says that it is an amazing homecoming. She says that she was born in Hartford. Truthfully, they feel privileged to celebrate last night’s pay per view. They started the night with Daniel Bryan. Unfortunately, Daniel’s recovery will take longer than everyone had hoped.

Stephanie says that they are in the business of making history, not living in the past. They did that when Seth beat six competitors (five in the match) win the briefcase and guarantee that he will become the WWE Champion.

Hunter says that Seth is the future of the WWE.

Last night, for the first time ever, the WWE Championship was decided in an eight man ladder match. The man who won is an A+ player. This man became a 15 time champion.

Triple H brings out the brand new WWE Champion, John Cena.

John wears the titles around his neck like a Tallit.

John says that the crowd has something to say first. John mentions Daniel Bryan and that Daniel said that he would be back and better than ever. John tells Daniel that he will give him an opportunity to regain the championships that he never lost . . . Yes.

Stephanie asks how many people here are gamers because to celebrate his 15th title, he will be on the cover for WWE 2K15.

Stephanie says that they are proud of this and she congratulates John.

John thanks Stephanie and he says that it is an honor to be on the cover of the video game, but this is not right. They are being way too nice, way too soon. John says that he was there last night and he saw a different look on their faces. John shows the look of utter disdain on Stephanie and Hunter’s face.

Stephanie says that they were concerned about Randy. John says that Orton, Kane, and Rollins are in their back pockets. John says that they do not control him and the Champ is Here.

Hunter tells John to chill homey.

John tells Hunter he will kick his ass if he wants to.

Hunter says that they never had a problem with John. It is okay that he is on the cover of magazines and a big superstar making movies. It does not bother him that he is the champion . . . as long as John does it with respect. John knows as well as he does that this can go away . . . like that. You can do things the easy way . . . or the hard way.

John says that he will do it the hard way.

Hunter tells John, Hard Way it shall be. At Battleground, John will defend the title in a Fatal Four Way Match.

Stephanie explains the rules of a Fatal Four Way Match in case people don’t understand.

Hunter says two of the people in the match will be John’s opponents tonight. It will be Randy Orton and Kane. John will have a partner against Orton and Kane. His partner will be the fourth man in the match . . . Roman Reigns.

Hunter tells John to enjoy the moment because it will go fast.

John says that if he keeps the title at Battleground, he knows that he will have earned it. It is as bad as swimming in a pool of crap. It is as bad as being pushed into a pool of crap.

John leaves the ring and Hunter tells John at Battleground, he is in a Fatal Four Way and if he survives it . . . there is always a Plan B.

Seth Rollins’ music plays and he has the briefcase with him as he walks to the ring.

Match Number One: Seth Rollins versus Rob Van Dam

They lock up and Rollins with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Van Dam with a monkey flip and Rollins goes to the floor. Van Dam waits for Rollins to get back into the ring. Rollins with kicks to the leg and then Rollins with a single leg take down but Van Dam kicks Rollins away. Rollins goes to the floor.

Rollins with kicks to the leg but Van Dam kicks back. Van Dam with an enzuigiri to Rollins. Van Dam with forearms and the referee pulls Van Dam out of the corner. Van Dam with shoulders to the back. Van Dam with a spinning heel kick into the corner.

Van Dam with a standing moonsault and he gets a near fall. Van Dam with forearms and he kicks Rollins in the corner. Rollins with an Irish whip and Van Dam with a float over. Van Dam tries for a monkey flip but Rollins blocks it. Van Dam with an abdominal stretch into a rollup and Rollins gets to the ropes.

Rollins goes to the floor and Van Dam follows. Rollins with a clothesline to Van Dam and we go to commercial.

We are back and Rollins stands over Van Dam. Van Dam with a kick and punches. Rollins rolls through into a single leg crab. Van Dam gets to the ropes but Rollins pulls Van Dam into the center of the ring. Van Dam powers out of the hold. Van Dam has a kick blocked but Van Dam with a body scissors for a near fall.

Van Dam with two clotheslines and a kick to the head. Van Dam with Rolling Thunder to the back for a near fall. Van Dam with a back breaker and then he goes up top for a split legged moonsault to the back and then he gets a near fall with a jackknife cover. Van Dam ha a kick blocked and Rollins with a dragon screw leg whip. Rollins tries for the Buckle Bomb but he cannot keep Van Dam up because of the damage to the back.

Van Dam counters a Buckle Bomb attempt with a rana that sends Rollins into the turnbuckles. Van Dam goes up top and Rollins rolls to the floor but he moves towards the corner where Van Dam is perched and Rob hits a cross body onto Rollins.

Rollins has Van Dam’s leg while Van Dam is still on the apron and he hits another dragon screw leg whip. Rollins with Black Out and he gets the three count.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match Renee Young interviews Seth in the ring and Seth tells Toots to call him Mr. Money in the Bank. He says it ain’t arrogance when you can back it up. He says that y’all bitter that he was right and you were wrong. This is his golden ticket. It is a contract for a shot at the WWE Championship any time, anywhere.

Dean Ambrose appears on the TitanTron and he says from one scumbag to another, do you really think this is over? You didn’t win last night. Your Plan A failed miserably so you daddy’s Plan B had to come down and knock him off the ladder. Dean says that it might be more fun this way. Any time you think about cashing in the contract, he will be there. He will haunt you. Make all the plans you want. The briefcase is not filled with a contract, it is filled with TNT. Any time you try to cash it in, it will blow up in your face.

We are back and Lana says that Rusev’s last opponent was a failure. That is okay because the USA is accustomed to failure. In fact, it is woven in your culture. Lana tells the USA chants to stop. You teach your children it is not about winning and losing, it is about participating. You lie to your children when you say the US is the greatest country in the world. There is only one super power in the world. It is led by the greatest leader in the world, Vladimir Putin. No one can stop the onslaught of Russia. No one can stop the onslaught of Rusev.

Who will be America’s next failure to compete against Rusev.

Rusev gets on the mic and Rusev says Rusev crush.

Jack Swagger comes out and he is joined by Zeb Colter, who has a mic. Zeb says that he is sick and tired of hearing Lana come out week after week and slamming this country. Zeb tells Lana to shut the hell up. Zeb tells Lana . . . if that is your real name, that she is able to do that because of Freedom of Speech. That also means that he can say whatever he wants when he wants to.

He tells Boris and Natasha that they couldn’t come to their country and tell the pack of lies because of the freedoms we have here. Zeb tells Lana that she said something that was interesting. He knows something that can stop the Rusev Crush. A Real American can stop it. Zeb wants Rusev and Lana to listen to everyone say ‘We The People”.

Lana holds Rusev back and tells him to leave the ring.

Swagger with arm drags when Rusev’s retreat was just a trap.

The Usos and Sheamus are walking in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Sheamus, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso versus Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan

Jey and Rowan start things off and Jey with punches but Rowan with a knee and Jimmy makes the tag. They connect with punches to Rowan but Rowan pushes them away. They hit a double kick and then they clothesline Rowan over the top to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rowan works on Jimmy’s neck. Jimmy with punches but Rowan pulls him to the mat by the hair. Rowan rakes the face of Jimmy and then he tags in Wyatt. Rowan holds Jimmy in the corner for a splash from Wyatt. Wyatt with a boot to Jimmy’s chest and Harper tags in. Harper with palm thrusts to the chest. Harper sends Jimmy into the turnbuckles but he runs into an elbow and boot. Jimmy goes up top for a corkscrew moonsault and both men are down.

Sheamus and Rowan tag in and Sheamus with a double sledge followed by a shoulder in the corner and a knee lift. Sheamus sends Rowan to the apron and it is time for the forearms to the chest. Harper pulls Rowan out of danger. Sheamus goes up top and he hits a shoulder tackle on Harper and Rowan.

Sheamus sends Rowan back into the ring and Sheamus with a power slam. Sheamus looks around to do the Brogue Kick, but Wyatt distracts Sheamus and Rowan sends Sheamus over the top to the floor.

Harper tags in and Harper connects with a running boot to the head and Sheamus is down. Wyatt tags in and he hit a back senton and he gets a near fall. Wyatt with a boot to the back of the head. Rowan tags in and after an uppercut from Wyatt, Rowan with a slam and a splash for a near fall. Rowan with the double atomic noogie. Rowan gets a near fall. Sheamus tries to fight out of the corner but Wyatt tags in and he punches Sheamus.

Wyatt sends Sheamus into the turnbuckles and then he punches Sheamus. Wyatt runs into a boot from Sheamus and Sheamus goes up top, but Wyatt with an uppercut and Sheamus is down on the floor. Harper tags in and he chops Sheamus against the announce table. They exchange punches but Harper runs Sheamus into the apron and connects with a boot to the head.

Sheamus tries to get Harper on his shoulders but Harper with a super kick and he gets a near fall. Harper knocks Jimmy off the apron. Sheamus with a uranage back breaker and both men are down. Jey tags in and he hits a cross body and he follows with a super kick and drop kick that sends Harper to the floor. Jey with a plancha onto Harper.

Jey sends Harper back in and he goes up top and he leaps over Harper. Jey with a spinning heel kick followed by a super kick but Rowan breaks up the cover. Sheamus with a Brogue kick to Rowan and Jimmy with a plancha onto Rowan. Wyatt with a uranage to Sheamus. Wyatt avoids Jimmy’s super kick and Harper with a discus lariat for the three count.

Winners: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan

Tom Phillips is in the interview area with Nikki Bella. Tom asks Nikki about Brie being asked to leave during Money in the Bank. Nikki says that Brie was her guest and she didn’t think she was making a mistake by bringing her sister.

Stephanie McMahon enters and she tells Nikki that her and Brie have a match against Cameron and Naomi. Stephanie reminds Nikki that Brie no longer works here so it is a handicap match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bo Dallas is on the stage. He thanks everyone. He asks everyone to join him for sixty seconds of silence for two great superstars who are physically unable to compete these days. Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan.

Bo assumes the pose for the sixty seconds of silence while the crowd has as much trouble realizing that JBL was not in the six man tag match to understand the meaning of the word ‘Silence’.

The lights go back up. He says that he was the voice of inspiration for Daniel Bryan last night. He was also the bigger man.

We take a look at what happened during the Kickoff Show, which you can see on the WWE Network.

Bo tells us to not stop BOLIEVING.

Match Number Three: Nikki Bella (and Brie Bella, if she was still in the WWE) versus Cameron and Naomi

Cameron pie faces Nikki and she sends Nikki to the mat by the hair. Cameron gets a near fall. Nikki with forearms but Cameron with an Irish whip. Cameron runs into an uppercut. Nikki with a face buster for a near fall. Nikki pulls Cameron from the ropes but Cameron kicks Nikki away.

Naomi tags in and she kicks Nikki in the head. Naomi with a cross body followed by the inverted DDT for the three count.

Winners: Cameron and Naomi

After the match, Cameron and Naomi argue about winning the match. Cameron pushes Naomi and Naomi pushes back.

We go to commercial.

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