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By Dave Scherer on 2014-06-29 23:02:43

Hour three started with us going back to the panel to talk about the briefase MITB match. They sold that Kane is in the Title match to be there for Booker. They showed a clip of Daniel Bryan from the pre-game show. They showed him telling Bo to leave.

Backstage, Nikki was there with Brie Bella. Steph comes up Why is she here? Brie answers and Steph doesn't hear her. Nikki says she is there because she is her sister. Steph said she has no business being there. Brie said she wanted to show Steph a video, and showed Vickie dumping Steph into the mud from Raw on Monday. Steph had security toss Brie. Nikki asked please Steph. Save it Nikki, make sure she stays gone. Nikki was in an evening dress. Guess that is what you wear when you aren't wrestling.

They aired a Diet Mountain Dew commercial. The guys in it drank more than every WWE employee tonight combined.

Time for Fandango reffing his two women in their match. My feed has cleared up FYI.

This match was mostly Summer mauling Layla for a few minutes while she yelled "He's mine", Layla kicking her in the head and pinning her. Fandango kissed Layla after while Summer cried. That was it. I guess there was a point, I am just not sure what it was.

Robert Flores from ESPN was there and did a half hearted YES deal.

They plugged the Network again and then announced that the WWE Title match is next.

Time for the main event. The first one out of course was.....HHH and Stephanie McMahon. They are watching at ringside. As for the actual wrestlers, Sheamus was first, then Bray (who got a pop when he mentioned Boston). Lots of fans were doing the light gimmick in the crowd. It looked cool. When the lights came on, Bray got a pop. Alberto Del Rio was next. Cesaro's music played and he got a pop. Sense a theme here, with newer guys getting a pop? Cena's music hit and he got his usual 50/50 reaction. Cole said Cena is seeking his 15th Title, think about that. I have Cole, I have. Randy Oeron was next. Roman Reigns was last, entering from the crowd to a good pop. And finally, Kane. The bell rang and it was bedlam and the crowd perked right up.

Lots of posturing early on. The story early was Kane was keeping everyone away from the ladder (except Orton). Kane sent up a ladder for Orton and then lifted him up to climb it but Reigns knocked him off before he could get the belts. Roman went up but Bray stopped him. Cena attacked Bray and sent for the five knuckle but Cesaro caught him with a lifted uppercut. Sheamus and Cesaro made it to the belts when Wyatt pushed out the ladder. Cesaro was hanging on but couldn't unhook the belt and fell. ... They sold that a ladder to the head took Orton out. And it did and as the top of his head is busted open. He ignored the doctor and went back into the match. He and Sheamus brawled on the floor. Orton took control. He went back into the ring and kicked Cena. He set the big ladder up and went up. Cena stopped him as everyone else then came in as well. Everyone who went up the ladded got pulled down. Kane was making sure to pull down guys working as the keeper of the gate.

Sheamus then targeted Kane and took him out. He then went to work on everyone else, including Cena. Sheamu and Cesaro went up the ladders and Roman push them into teeter position. Cena then pushed it back and joined them on the ladders. Everyone else but Kane and Orton followed. After everyone else was cleared, Sheamus went up and Orton and Kane came in and stopped him. Reigns speared Kane and Orton went for the RKO but ate a Superman punch. Sheamus tried to take out Roman, but got tossed. Reign then took out Wyatt and Del Rio, then speared Cesaro.

There was one guy left, John Cena. He and Reigns faced off. Cena got Reigns up for the AA and the boos were loud. Reigns got out and speared Cena, big pop. The Authority was not happy as Reigns got a ladder and went up the ladder. My Roku went out, of coursem and when it came back Orton was over Roman so I guess he took him out somehow. Randy went up the ladder when Bray Wyatt stopped him. Big pop. Sister Abigal. Bigger pop. As Bray went up ADR stopped him and the crowd booed loudly.

ADR went up. He grabbed the belts but Sheamus pushed him off and hit a Brogue kick. As he got up to the top, Cesaro grabbed him and pulled him into an uppercut, then Neutralizer. Cesaro ran up the ladder but Orton grabbed him and pulled him into an RKO. As he grabbbed the belts, Reigns climbed up behind him and pulled him down. They fought on the ladder. Orton is a bloody mess. No way to not show it now. Especially when Reigns headbutts it. Down goes Orton but Kane chokeslams Roman off of the ladder. Orton is going back up the ladder. Cena came in and hit the AA on Kane, then AA's Orton on top of Kane. He went right up the ladder, grabbed the Titles and he is your 15 time WWE champion.

The look on Triple H and Stephanie's faces no doubt mirrored those of many I am sure.

First, the match. They all worked hard and took a lot of abuse. I mean a LOT of abuse. Some of those spots hurt me to watch, and I wasn't taking the bump. But the match itself was nowhere as good as the briefcase match. It seems more like a spot fest without the continuity of the first ladder match.

As for the finish and who won, some have already emailed me waiting for the rant. I don't have it in me. I am tired and if I do it now, I will get so worked up I will not fall asleep for hours, so I will rant tomorrow instead. Unfortunately, I expected Cena to win so it didn't shock me at all when he did. I think it's the wrong decision and I think the crowd was very representative of how many fans felt tonight as they cheered for a lot of new talent and groaned at a lot of the older talent. My social media is blowing up as I type this agreeing with the sentiment of those that wanted something different. Well, you are all going to have to wait.

As I have said before, I think Cena is a made guy. I think that the issues that WWE is having with lack of growth of the Network is directly attributable to the sameness of the product, and Cena is the shining beacon that represents that issue. The six month Network trials start to end after SummerSlam. They better have something special planned to make sure they can get all of those people to renew of the third quarter conference call will not be pretty. Then again, with the issues that they had with The Network tonight, with people losing the feed, they already have some issues they will have to address and answer for.

On an aside, they didn't do a post game show on the Network. Cost cutting measure? Wow, it sure takes the "special" feel of the PPV away when they don't have a post game show.

At the end of the day, I really liked the opener, the briefcase Money In the Bank match and Rusev vs. Big E. The main event was as described above (and I hated the result). The rest of the stuff just had a TV match feel to it. Given the feed problems I had (having to resent my Roku so many times), this show was a middling event at best.

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