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By Chris Dickinson on 2014-06-15 06:48:34

I attended the second Queens of Combat show last night in Charlotte, NC.  Overall, it was a fun show that featured a lot of strong wrestling – all of the women worked hard.  Jessicka Havok is completely over here, but all of the women connected with the crowd and were very friendly and accessible at the gimmick table.  I would definitely recommend seeing these shows live if possible.  On to the matches:
Solo Darling vs. Amy Love: fun opening match with both ladies working hard and showing some solid in-ring skills.  Solo is very charismatic, and Amy made a pretty good heel with her supermodel gimmick.  Amy won with a future shock DDT, which led to Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh hitting the ring, attacking Love and Darling, and delivering a quick promo about them being the Killer Death Machines - the team that will dominate women's wrestling - and then attacking Love and Darling. Love and Darling got a beatdown, which led to Taeler Hendrix walking to the ring and challenging them to a tag match with her tag partner TBD.
Match 2 - Miss Rachel (with Zane Riley of the Handsome Boy Modeling School) vs. Amanda Rodriguez. Miss Rachel  won (Amanda looked good here) and then cut a promo about how she's an established wrestler against whom young upstarts are trying to make a name for themselves. This led to Tessa Blanchard coming out with a mic, stating that Highspots mgmt. wasn't able to get her opponent to the show and challenging Miss Rachel to a match (and then throwing the mic across the ring). Miss Rachel defeated Tessa. Tessa showed a lot of fire in the ring – she looks like she has potential.
Match 3 - Marti Belle vs. Heidi Lovelace. This was a fun back-and-forth match - Marti makes a pretty good heel, and both women looked strong here. Heidi won with a frog splash.
Match 4 (after intermission) - Heather Patera vs. Audrey Marie. This was a really good, stiff match - they both know what they're doing in the ring - it may have been the best match of the night. Heather plays a nasty heel, and Audrey makes a strong babyface. Heather won with a version of a rollup and possible handful of tights.  After seeing this match and how well Audrey connected with the crowd, I cannot fathom why WWE let her go – their loss.
Match 5 - Amber O'Neal vs. Sojo - Sojo won with an neckbreaker. After the match, Amber got a mic and told the crowd that they could have Sojo because Amber doesn't live here any more.
Match 6 - Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh (the Killer Death Machines) vs. Taeler Hendrix and Sassy Stephie.  Jessicka was totally over with the crowd. Pretty good match – Taeler spent much of the match getting beaten and double teamed by the heels (who work really well as a team). Jessicka and Nevaeh won, and that ended the night.

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