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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-07 23:00:00
Welcome to’s live, ongoing coverage of House of Hardcore V at the National Guard Armory in Philadelphia, PA.

Live coverage will commence shortly!

Danny Doring vs. Little Guido

They received a massive ECW chant as the bell rang. They hugged and Doring immediately nailed Guido with the Bareback. Doring kicked away at Guido and nailed a backside for a two count.

Doring worked over Guido, including a big slam that saw him pay tribute to Roadkill. He placed Guido on the top rope and argued with fans, allowing Guido to recover and nail a missile dropkick.

Guido nailed several kicks and Doring nailed a head and arms Tazplex. No Taz, all Impact. He folded his arms and Guido rolled him up for a two count. Doring worked over Guido and went for an Alabama Jam off the top. Guido moved and hit a Tomakaze for the pin,

Your winner, Little Guido!

Solid back and forth opening. The ECW tributes from Doring was pretty fun and he got some nice heat from the crowd. Guido got a big pop from the crowd and looked really good as well. He still can go. This was fun. Vik Dalishus & Team Tremendous vs. Gangrel & Cerebus & Fungus

Team Tremendous is Dan Barry and Bill Carr. They all brawled at the open. Vik slammed Fungus with a side slam. They worked on Fungus for some time but he came back with a tornado DDT off the ropes on Barry.

Fungus made a hot tag to Gangrel who nailed a series of clotheslines and running splashes in the corner. Barry tried to nail a running forearm but Gangrel ducked and nailed Carr. Gangrel went for an Impaler but Dan Barry nailed an enziguri. They went into a series of near falls. Gangrel nailed the Impaler on Dalishus for the pin.

Your winners, Gangrel & Cerebus & Fungus!

Fun six man tag. Gangrel worked really really hard and was pretty damn impressive here. Fungus looked good when he was in the ring. This was a pretty fun match with lots of fun action.

Drew Gulak vs. Ben Ortiz vs. Lance Anoai

This is Gulak’s HOH debut. He was accompanied by two really jacked up fitness models. Gulak and Ortiz worked over Lance at the bell, double teaming him. Lance was tossed from the ring, Gulak nailed Oritz with several kicks but Ortiz used his girth to overwhelm him. Ortiz knocked Lance off the apron and began working over Ortiz, who came back with a big sideslam.

Lance got back on the apron but this time Ortiz knocked him off. He drilled Gulak with shots across the chest. Gulak fired back with several attempted shoulderblocks but was knocked to the mat. They continued to battle until Lance nailed a missile dropkick onto each of them. He nailed several superkicks on Ortiz to eliminate him from the ring and drilled Gulak with a series of deep armdrags.

Lance was tripped by Ortiz’s manager as he rebounded off the ropes. The manager was tossed out from ringside. The crowd popped for that and chanted, “Get the f*** out.”

Ortiz regained control of the ring, clotheslining Gulak and Lance. He went to cover Lance but Gulak broke up the pinfall. All three battled back and forth. Gulak unloaded on Ortiz with chops. Lance fired up with forearms and punches on both. He played into some “Ussss Ooooo” chants and nailed the rear end splash on both men. He teased a People’s Elbow and then hit a standing moonsault. The crowd chanted, “People’s Moonsault.”

Lance hit a sliding kick to Ortiz, sending him to the floor, then nailed a forward dive over the ropes to the floor. The crowd chanted, “That was awesome.” He went to the top but Ortiz cut him off with a big forearm. Ortiz went for a slam but Gulak slipped out and locked in a sleeper while riding his back. Ortiz drove him backwards into the buckles and drilled him with a back elbow. He covered Gulak but Lance broke it up. Ortiz hit Lance with a Samoan Drop. Adding insult to injury as Gorilla Monsoon might say.

Ortiz worked over Lance, who fired back with a trio of superkicks. Lance went to the top and nailed a splash. Gulak grabbed him, spiked him with a piledriver and covered him for the pin.

Your winner, Drew Gulak!

Good stuff here. I was sort of wary going in as it was an eclectic mix but they worked hard and brought it and everyone had a chance to show themselves off before Gulak stole the win to get some heat.

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