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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-06 19:54:36

AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero

The crowd chanted, “F*** TNA” and “F*** you Dixie” at Styles.

They locked up and went back and forth with some good mat and counter wrestling. Hero nailed a big shoulderblock and told Styles to stay down. He rebounded off the ropes and Styles jumped up but was caught with a high knee. Styles made a comeback and nailed a big dropkick.

Styles worked over Hero in the corner with chops and then began focusing on Hero’s leg, trying to weaken him for the calf killer. Styles drilled Hero with a series of shoulders in the corner. He and Hero chopped back and forth. Hero got the better of the exchange and lit up Styles with a kick. He whipped Styles into the corner but was caught with a kick as he charged in. Styles nailed a rana and sent Hero to the floor. Styles missed a pescado to the outside and was nailed a dropkick through the ropes.

Hero worked over Styles on the floor and sent him into the railing. Styles was brought back into the ring and drilled with an elbow. Styles nailed a knee in the corner. Styles fired up with a series of forearms and shots but was taken down. Hero controlled Styles and scored a series of two counts.

Hero walked the length of the rampway to the ring and charged, trying to hit a slingshot senton into the ring. Styles pulled his knees up. They battled back and forth with stiff kicks and shots. Styles nailed a spinkick that took them both out. The referee began counting them down. Styles regained his footing first and nailed a stiff lariat. He nailed a slingshot forearm and then a DVDR onto Styles’ knee.

Styles went for the Styles Clash but Hero drilled him into the corner. Styles used the ropes to springboard out of an armwringer but Hero cut him off and nailed an Ace Crusher. Styles used a backslide for a two count. They peppered each other with strikes. Hero nailed a suplex and drilled him down for a two count.

Hero set up for the roaring elbow but Styles nailed the Pele Kick. Hero nailed the roaring elbow and then drilled another for a two count. Hero went for an electric chair but Styles used a forward roll for a two count. They went into a series of near falls that was excellent.

Styles charged for a dive but Hero kicked him in the face. Styles fired back with a leaping forearm. Styles nailed the Styles Clash and scored the pin.

Your winner, AJ Styles!

Excellent back and forth match.

Tommy Dreamer & Devon vs. Abyss & Rhino

All four brawled. Dreamer nailed a flying cross body on Abyss. Devon and Rhino brawled on the floor. Dreamer kicked Abyss out of the ring and teased a dive. He instead nailed a sliding kick to the outside and drilled Abyss with a series of rights. He grabbed a drink from a fan at ringside and blasted Abyss with it.

Back in the ring, Devon nailed a Thesz Press on Rhino and worked him over. Dreamer and Devon teased the old Wazzzup headbutt but Abyss shoved Devon off the ropes and then blasted Dreamer. Rhino took Dreamer outside and nailed him with an atomic drop on the railing.

Rhino and Abyss double teamed Devon and beat him down in the ring. They captured him in the corner and took turns beating on him. Rhino shoulderblocked him in the corner and Abyss nailed the Avalanche.

The crowd chanted “F*** TNA”. Devon made a comeback and nailed a double clothesline. Dreamer began tossing weapons into the ring. He set a chair up on the ramp leading to the ring and slammed Abyss into it. They clobbered Abyss and Rhino. The fans chanted for tables so they did the old “Devon get the tables.” The fans chanted, “ECW” and then “HOH.”

They brought a chair into the ring but Rhino nailed them and set the table up in the corner. Rhino gored Devon through it but was grabbed by Dreamer for a DDT. Abyss caught Dreamer in the Black Hole Slam. Abyss went to the outside and retrieved a sack of thumbtacks. He poured them out in the ring. He grabbed Dreamer for a chokeslam. Dreamer fired back with a series of right hands. He grabbed Abyss for a Spicoli Driver but Abyss broke free and nailed a chokeslam onto the tacks.

Rhino grabbed a barbed wire board and Abyss prepared to powerbomb Devon on it. Spike Dudley hit the ring and kicked Abyss low. Rhino went to gore him but Spike moved and Abyss was gored. Spike nailed the Acid Drop onto the barbed wire board on Rhino and Devon scored the pin.

Your winners, Tommy Dreamer and Devon!

A fun throwback brawl to the ECW days.

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