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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-06 19:54:36

CW Anderson vs. Hale Collins

They went through a feeling out process early, going back and forth with some nice mat wrestling before facing off. Anderson went for a side headlock but was sent into the ropes and shoulder blocked down. They locked up and Anderson rode him to the mat. Collins reversed it into a front facelock. Anderson slipped out but was caught with a hiptoss and slid to the outside.

When Anderson returned to the ring, they exchanged chops. Collins went for a diving attack in the corner but Anderson moved and Collins nailed his arm on the metal between the buckle and the ringpost. Anderson immediately focused his attack on the arm. Collins nailed a sunset flip but Anderson grabbed his arm and went into a cross armbreaker out of that attempt.

Collins fought his way to the ropes and finally was able to reach, forcing Anderson to break the armbreaker. Anderson stomped and beat Collins in the corner. He continued to attack Collins’ arm. Collins mounted a comeback. CW caught him and whipped him into the buckles but Collins dropped down and nailed a droptoehold into the buckles.

Collins nailed several kicks and a Famouser for a two count. Anderson cut him off and locked on the Anderson Clutch. Collins made a comeback with a face-first sitdown suplex and then ascended to the top. He went for a flying elbow but CW rolled out of the way. He went for a superkick but was caught and nailed with an enziguiri.

Anderson went for the spinebuster but Collins caught him with a sunset flip and pinned him.

Your winner, Hale Collins!

Anderson immediately drilled Collins and snapped him with a spinebuster. He locked in the Anderson Clutch and refused to release it. Several of HOH’s students tried to run in but were killed and thrown out of the ring. Anderson continued beating down Collins and “Enter the Sandman” began. You all know what that means.

Anderson started looking around and challenged Sandman to come out and face him. Sandman walked in from the side door of the building and made his grand entrance in the crowd. Sandman hit the ring and cleaned house on Anderson.

It’s time for the aforementioned national TV show taping, for a series called “Impractical Jokers.” The gimmick of the show is that a comedian is dared to go into a situation and his fellow comedians feed him lines and actions to do. So, here we go.

A guy dressed like Peter Pan came out to some very silly kid’s music. He said that his name was Cutie Pie and he likes to cuddle. He talked about beating his opponents with diabetes and asked the crowd to yell out their favorite scene from the Notebook. He said that he was the cutest man in the game and ain’t no boy as fancy as him. He asked who else was waiting for marriage to make love. He said he hates being in the ring and would rather be in a promise ring with his girlfriend. He said he’s going to copy and paste his opponent into a word document and delete it.

Out came Tommy Dreamer. He said that he gets what he was doing but warned him to never disrespect the wrestling fans because they are all a family. He said they are dysfunctional family but one nonetheless. He said that when you say you hate being in this ring, he has 2,000 people here who would kick your ass. The crowd popped. Dreamer said that the history of this building has been driven by wrestling fans and they are the sickest, most hardcore fans and he loves them off.

Dreamer said that he is at the House of Hardcore and he runs a school for people who were fans who want to pursue their dreams. He said that this is his house and if you want to disrespect his house, there are initiations to be in his house. He said if you want to be in his house and on TV, well, “Welcome to my house.”

Cutie Pie was told that he can leave through the people and die or you can leave up the ramp. Cutie Pie said that if Dreamer wants him to leave, make him. Dreamer grabbed him and chopped him in the corner. He then brought him to the other side of the ring and did it again, the brought him to a third corner and wailed away on him. Dreamer grabbed him and suplexed him, then locked in a crossface.

Dreamer took the mic and said, “I made something famous – thank you sir may I have another?” Dreamer asked him if he respects what they do. Cutie Pie said yes. Dreamer said it’s really not fair to kick his ass, so he called all his friends from the back (all the HOH students) to come down to the ring. Dreamer instructed them to “surround this young man.”

Dreamer said that Cutie Pie has a choice. He can stay and let all of these students “tear you up” in a Battle Royal. The crowd popped for that. Dreamer said he has eight people who have been training here every week to have their first match tonight. Dreamer said that he can take his ass kicking like a man or he can admit he’s a girl and he can walk out with his tail between his legs. He asked him if he’s a man or a little girl. Dreamer asked Poughkeepsie if they want him in or out of the ring. They yelled “in.” Cutie Pie admitted he’s just a little girl. He ran away.

They had all the students introduce themselves on the mic.

They had a battle royal which was won by Jesse Siegel.

Bad Influence vs. Eddie Kingston & Homicide

Lots of anti-TNA catcalls.

Daniels and Homicide started out and went back and forth. Daniels caught Homicide with an armdrag. Homicide tried to escape but was caught again. Daniels nailed a series of rights and tagged in Kazarian who caught Homicide with a rolling neckbreaker.

Homicide caught him with a small package for a two count. He tagged in Kingston. Kazarian and Daniels cut him off and took their turns tagging in and out while inflicting damage. Kingston broke free and nailed Daniels. He and Homicide worked over him. Kazarian tried to hit the ring to make the save but was held back by the referee.

Daniels was tossed to the floor. Homicide came off the apron and nailed a double axehandle off the apron. Daniels was tossed back in the ring and was choked by Kingston. Homicide and Kingston continued to work him over. Kingston locked in a side chinlock.

Daniels finally fought his way out and caught Kingston with a STO. Homicide tagged in but missed an attack. Kazarian tagged in, slammed him and nailed a springboard into a legdrop. Homicide was caught with a F5 into a stunner. Kingston tried to interfere but was nailed.

Kazarian avoided a headscissor attempt by Homicide and slammed him down. He made a cover but Kingston broke it up. Homicide nailed a monkey flip. Kingston went for a lariat but Kazarian caught him with one first.

Homicide and Kingston overpowered Kazarian and Homicide nailed him with a cutter. Homicide covered him but Kazarian was able to get his shoulder up at the last minute. Daniels made a blind tag in and nailed a STO on Homicide but Kingston broke it up.

Homicide went for the Gringo Killer but Kazarian slipped out. Daniels nailed Homicide but was caught by Kingston with a Uranage. Kazarian and Daniels nailed a combination flying clothesline and legsweep on Kingston. Daniels and Homicide battled back and forth. Homicide nailed a chop to the throat to cut him off on the corner. He went for a cutter off the ropes but Kazarian caught him with the Kryptonite Krunch. Daniels nailed the Best Moonsault Ever and scored the pin.

Your winners, Bad Influence!

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