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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-06 19:54:36
Welcome to’s live, ongoing House of Hardcore IV coverage from Poughkeepsie, NY in The Mid-Hudson Civic Center.

Matt Striker vs. Little Guido

The crowd was solidly behind Guido as Striker has been a heel here in the past.

They locked up. Guido grabbed a waistlock and brought Striker to the mat, controlling him. He used an armwringer on Striker, who stepped out of the ring to break the move, jumped back into the ring and grabbed Guido’s arm. Striker brought him to the mat and used a rolling pinfall combination for a two count.

Striker sent Guido into the ropes but was nailed with a shoulderblock and sent to the mat. There was a flurry of near falls and somehow, referee Sean Hanson ended up on top of Striker. Guido counted three and raised his arm. The incensed Striker attacked Guido from behind and worked him over. Guido was sent into the ropes but nailed a high cross bodyblock for a two count.

Striker snapped Guido down to the mat with Guido’s throat hitting the ropes. Striker kicked the ropes and Guido grabbed at his throat. Striker locked in a cross armbreaker. Guido fought to his feet and nailed a sitdown jawbreaker.

Guido unloaded with kicks and a side Russian Legsweep for a series of near falls. Striker sent him into the corner but was kicked out during a charge. Guido nailed the Sicilian Slice for a two count. They went into a series of near falls until Guido nailed the Unprettier and scored the pin.

Your winner, Little Guido!

A fine back and forth opener.

After the match, Striker offered his hand in a show of respect. Guido was wary of accepting it, as the crowd warned him not to do it. Guido finally did so and they hugged. Striker left the ring applauding Guido.

Ben “The Beast” Ortiz vs. Lance Anoa'i

Ortiz is a HOH student. Lance is a member of the famous Wild Samoan family.

Lance showed some fire with some good offense early, sending Ortiz to the floor in an attempt to slow his momentum. Lance tried to sneak in a dive to the outside but was drilled with a forearm as Ortiz was playing possum.

Ortiz returned to the ring for a two count and then choked Lance against the ropes. Lance tried to fight back but was cut off and nailed with a vertical suplex that saw Ortiz drop Lance across his knee as he came down. Ortiz covered him for a pair of near falls, but Lance kept kicking out.

Ortiz nailed a big clothesline for another near fall. The story was that Ortiz might have gotten the pin but he wasn’t hooking the leg. Ortiz sent Lance into the corner and nailed him with a nice running forearm, scoring another two count.

Lance made a comeback after Ortiz missed a splash in the corner. Lance nailed a Stinger splash in the corner. Ortiz went to the floor and Lance hit a crazy twisting dive to the floor. He brought Ortiz in and went for a flying bodypress. Ortiz caught him and nailed a Fall Away Slam for a two count. Good back and forth match.

Ortiz missed a back senton splash. Lance went to the top and hit a Superfly Splash for the pin.

Your winner, Lance Anoa'i!

Good match. Lance has really improved since the last time I’ve seen him. Ortiz reminds me of Bam Bam Bigelow as he’s a bigger guy who shows some real agility at times.

Tommy Dreamer, Devon and Abyss came to the ring. Dreamer thanked everyone for the support and said he is a wrestling fan too. He said this isn't for the DVD but for everyone here. He said that he's the original Paul Heyman guy and Paul always said never lie to the audience. He said he's going to tell the truth.

Dreamer announced a nationally syndicated TV show will be shooting tonight. He said for legal reasons he can't say what it is, but when it happens, you will know and react to it. He said they are taking little steps like what happened last time and the coverage Bully Ray brought them last time and this is another step.

Dreamer said that with the good news, there is bad news. He said someone is missing from this ring. Someone yelled, "F**** you Dixie." Dreamer said he got a call last night at 11:30 PM that Bully was pulled to go to some Spike show per Dixie's orders. Dreamer said that Dixie is a mark for Twitter so feel free to tweet her and let her know how you feel. The fans chanted, "F**** that b****."

Dreamer said that Bully wanted to pass on that if you are going to any TNA shows coming up in PA or NY and bring your HOH ticket, Bully will meet up for a photo or autograph. He said that's not for TNA, but for HOH fans.

Dreamer said that he promises that he's going to get Dixie Carter back for this. He said that he is tired of people like her abusing people like him and fans like you and said, "b***h, I will get you for this."

Dreamer said that now, they are going to get to business. Abyss attacked Dreamer and Devon. He asked Dreamer who the hell he thinks he is. He said Dixie is his boss and has employed him for 12 years. He started ripping on the fans and began kicking the hell out of Dreamer and Devon. He said how dare anyone talk about TNA. He chanted the letters and the fans chanted "sucks" back at him.

Rhino hit the ring and faced off with Abyss, then turned and clotheslined Dreamer. He and Abyss attacked Dreamer. Rhino took the mic and told Dreamer how dare he book Rhino to sign autographs and not wrestle. He told Abyss he has a partner tonight.

The new main event is Dreamer and Devon vs. Abyss and Rhino.

The crowd chanted, "HOH" at the pro-TNA villains.

After recovering, Dreamer announced that the last two matches, the audience has seen for free. He said that if anyone wants a refund, they can go to the box office right now for a full refund due to the change. He said that they will go old school tonight and promised everyone for supporting HOH.

Vik Dalishus & Bill Carr & Cerebus vs. Joe Caldo & Gangrel & Hurricane Helms

Cerebus is the former Wolfie D of PG-13 fame.

Dalishus and Caldo started off. They went back and forth. Caldo grabbed a side headlock and adjusted into a Side Russian Legsweep for a two count. Hurricane tagged in and locked up with Vik. He was sent into the ropes and nailed a shoulderblock but neither man budged. Vik dared him to try that again. Hurricane faked him out and nailed a series of rights and sent Vik into the buckles. Cerebus tried to attack him but was kicked into Vik several times, mimicking anal sex for pop from the crowd.

Gangrel tagged in as did Carr. Carr was dressed similar to Roadkill and worked over Gangrel. Cerebus tagged in and took down Gangrel with a clothesline for a two count. The villains took turns tagging in and out on Gangrel. He finally made the hot tag to Hurricane, who worked over Vik. Cerebus nailed a sitdown powerbomb on Hurricane for a two count.

All six soon battled in and out of the ring. Vik slammed Hurricane and went for a twisting senton splash but Hurricane moved and there was no water in the pool. Hurricane nailed the chokeslam for a two count.

Your winners, Hurricane & Gangrel & Joe Caldo!

Fun, eclectic tag match. Crowd really popped for Hurricane.

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