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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-01 20:54:00

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt: Last Man Standing

The Usos came out at the start of the match to even the odds against The Wyatt Family.

They slugged it out once the bell rang. Cena bulldogged Wyatt and nailed a big shoulderblock. Wyatt came back with a tremendous right hand, then nailed another. Wyatt drilled Cena with a running splash in the corner. Referee John Cone began counting Cena down but he pulled himself up grabbing Wyatt’s body. Wyatt mocked him but Cena nailed a series of shoulderblocks. Cena nailed a fistdrop and went for the AA. Wyatt slipped out and drilled Cena’s gut across his knee.

Wyatt nailed a back splash. Cena went for the STF but was kicked off. Wyatt nailed a brutal Uranage on Cena. Cena returned to his feet at eight. Wyatt grabbed him and set up for Sister Abigail but was sent into the ropes. They collided and Cena got the worst of it. Wyatt slammed Cena down on the apron outside.

Wyatt and Cena battled on the top rope. Cena fought Wyatt off and nailed a legdrop off the ropes onto Wyatt’s back. The referee began counting them both out but they returned to their feet. Cena went for the AA but Wyatt slipped out and snapped him with Sister Abigail. Cena returned to his feet at nine. Cena nailed the AA as Bray went for another and now both men were being counted out. Cena returned to his feet and Bray did the Spider-Walk pose to break the count.

Erick Rowan took out Cena. The Usos hit the ring and they battled out, leaving Luke Harper in the ring. He hit a dive on Usos and Rowan. One of the Usos hit a dive. Bray grabbed a chair and began beating Cena with it. Cena finally got the chair as they ended up outside on the floor. Cena nailed Wyatt with it across the back. The announcers made sure to note that it was within the realm of the rules, unlike Wrestlemania, when he was conflicted.

Cena used the chair again and as Wyatt was being counted out, Cena pulled a table out from under the ring. Cena set up the table but Wyatt attacked him. Cena fought him off and went for an AA but Wyatt escaped and slammed Cena through the table instead. He referee began counting him out but he stood up at nine, then leaned against the ropes.

Wyatt brought the steel steps into the ring and picked them up to ram them into Cena’s head. He got the crowd to begin singing as Cena returned to his feet. Bray stomped Cena’s head into the steps, then slammed him down on them. He retrieved the steel chair from earlier but missed nailing Cena with it. Cena nailed him with the steps. Wyatt ended up on the floor. Cena threw the steps over the top and nailed Wyatt with them. That looked brutal. Cena thought that was it but Wyatt got up at nine.

Cena went for Wyatt but was grabbed and nailed with Sister Abigail on the floor. Cena pulled himself up at seven. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.” Cena reversed an Irish Whip and sent Wyatt into the ringpost, then over the remnants of the ringsteps. Cena grabbed Wyatt but was backdropped across the bottom of the ringsteps. Bray nailed a back senton splash on the floor.

Cena was clutching his back and coughing as he made his way around the ringside area. Wyatt nailed him several times and went to nail him with a chair but Cena ducked and nailed the AA. He slid into the ring as Wyatt was counted down but The Wyatt Family returned (they had brawled to the back with the Usos) and attacked Cena. They helped Wyatt up and began beating the hell out of Cena. The referee counted Cena down as they began setting up a table outside. The Usos returned. One of them hit a dive on Rowan. The other went to do the same on Harper but was slammed in the face with a table as he hit the ropes. Nice spot. Wyatt was down during all this but the referee was distracted by the chaos.

The Family decimated the other Uso. Rowan set up another table. One of the Usos attacked him but was grabbed for a Fall Away Slam. The Uso landed on his feet and nailed a superkick. Rowan was knocked down in a sitting position in front of a table on its side. The Uso nailed a rear end splash through the table. Meanwhile, Harper superplexed the other Uso off the top through two tables at ringside.

With all the other bodies littered around the ring, Cena and Wyatt began fighting again. Wyatt nailed a running charge through the barricade on Cena. It looked awesome and left the surrounding area looking like a war zone. Cena stumbled into the crowd with Wyatt following. They brawled on the floor. Cena was tossed over some production boxes and some pyro went off (the camera missed them) with the idea that this was the pyro’s production area. Cena nailed the AA off one of the production boxes, putting Bray through the other. Cena then toppled another box over atop of the hole, trapping Wyatt in the box, where he was counted down.

Your winner, John Cena!

A really great brawl with a lot of big spots. I thought this was just a dynamite brawl that made everyone look like big stars. I am sure some will hate the finish but I thought it was pretty clever. Everyone had their moments to shine here. Lots of brutal spots. A nice back and forth brawl. Wyatt and Cena earned their money tonight and so did the Usos, Harper and Rowan. Great match!

WWE Divas champion Paige vs. Alicia Fox

Fox tossed Paige out early but was nailed with a right hand. Paige pulled her through the ropes and nailed a series of knees. She nailed a nice butterfly suplex, then a series of elbows in the corner. Fox tripped the champ, snapping her down hard on the apron.

Paige drilled Fox into the barricade and went to the stairs. Fox snapped her off to the floor and worked over Paige on the floor before tossing her back in for a two count. She slammed Paige’s face into the mat several times. Paige was nailed with a Northern Lights suplex for a two count.

Fox grabbed Paige’s arm in a straitjacket position and drilled her knees on Paige’s back. She nailed Paige with a tilowhirl backbreaker and held her there, trying to force a submission out of her. Fox nailed another backbreaker for a two count.

They battled to the floor, then back into the ring. Paige finally came alive and yanked Fox off the top rope feet-first. She set up Fox for the Scorpion Crosslock and Fox tapped.

Your winner and still WWE Divas champion, Paige!

Match was OK but nothing really special.

The crowd chanted, "You tapped out" (well, some of them did), so Fox freaked out and ran to the back. No abuse of the ringside personnel this time.

They went to the panel where they discussed what a great match tonight has been.

The Shield vs. Evolution: No Holds Barred Elimination

They all started brawling and went to ringside and the stage fighting. It was all chaos early. It finally settled down and Evolution worked over Seth Rollins in the corner. He came back with a leg lariat on Orton for a two count. Shield took turns tagging in and out on Orton. If it’s No Holds Barred, why bother with the tags?

Batista tagged in but was controlled by Reigns and brought into the Shield’s corner. HHH tagged in and Rollins controlled him with a trio of suplexes. Ambrose and Rollins double-teamed HHH. Ambrose nailed a cannonball in the corner for a two count.

Ambrose went to come off the top with a fistdrop but was kicked in the face. Batista tagged in and brought Ambrose to the floor, slamming him into the barricade. He picked up Ambrose and dropped him on the barricade, then kicked him in the head as he was laid out on the apron. Batista nailed a catapult, slamming Ambrose’s throat under the bottom rope. Orton snapped Abrose down and began stomping the hell out of him.

Evolution began tagging in and out, taking Ambrose apart. Triple H nailed a big knee but is caught with a clothesline. Ambrose began crawling to tag one of his partners and made the tag to Reigns. Reigns met Batista in the center and worked him over, then nailed a big clothesline. Everyone started brawling again. Reigns nailed his dropkick onto the apron on Batista.

Reigns nailed the Superman Punch on Batista but Orton broke it up and everyone brawled. Everyone brawled into the crowd. Rollins went to dive off some production equipment but HHH drilled him with a piece of metal. Reigns began setting up the announcer’s table for destruction but Orton and HHH jumped him and sent him into the ring steps. They nailed a triple powerbomb through the announce table on Roman.

They stood over Reigns mocking him and Ambrose came out of nowhere diving from the crowd onto all of them. Rollins then nailed a flip dive over the top on them. This is nuts. Ambrose peppered Orton with punches. Everyone brawled. Evolution used chairs on the Shield. Orton slammed Ambrose through a chair near the entrance. HHH nailed a Pedigree on the chair on Rollins.

Reigns finally returned to the ring after his partners were laid out by the stage. All three members of Evolution surrounded him. Batista nailed him with a spinebuster. They brought in the steel steps and several Singapore Canes. HHH held him down across the steps as the others caned him across the back. Soon all three were taking turns beating him down.

They brought several chairs into the ring. Reigns nailed a Superman punch on Orton in desperation but was beaten down by HHH and Batista. They began beating Reigns up the aisle with chairs but Ambrose returned to the fray. He was beaten down. Orton nailed the hanging DDT off a piece of the staging. The trio stood over Reigns but Rollins returned from the top of the video screen and dove down on all three with a flying body press.

Batista and Rollins returned to the ring. Batista charged and Rollins kicked him off. Rollins went to the ropes and dove off but was speared in mid-air. Batista went for the Batista Bomb but Reigns speared Batista and pinned him.

Batista has been eliminated.

Orton caught Rollins with an RKO but Reigns broke up the pinfall.

Orton kicked Rollins and set up a hanging DDT but Ambrose nailed him across the back with a chair and nailed Dirty Deeds to pin Orton.

Orton has been eliminated.

HHH low-blowed Ambrose and went for the Pedigree. Reigns nailed a Superman Punch but Batista speared him before he could capitalize. Orton slid HHH a sledgehammer. Ambrose charged but HHH nailed him in the head with it. Rollins came off the top with a flying knee. Reigns nailed the Superman Punch and pinned HHH.

HHH has been eliminated!

Your winners, in a clean sweep, The Shield!

A good brawl to end the show. They had a good back and forth, wild battle and WWE set up The Shield as top-tier babyfaces. The booking was absolutely perfect here.

That’s all for tonight!

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