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By Mike Johnson on 2014-05-29 19:38:26
Welcome to’s coverage of the WWE NXT Takedown pre-game special on the WWE Network. To order the WWE Network and watch the special, click here.

WWE Takeover’s pre-game show opened with Renee Young welcoming everyone to Takedown and introduced her panel tonight, Paul Heyman and Christian. Christian said it takes Takeover to get him out of hibernation. Heyman said he’s looking for another Heyman guy or girl on the NXT roster tonight. Heyman discussed the impact that Bo Dallas, Adam Rose and Rusev had on Arrival and he expects others will tonight. He said if you want to know what happens on Raw and Smackdown in three months, “here’s your spoiler”, watch NXT Takedown.

They discussed Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn and aired a video feature on Breeze, who they are now calling “Prince Pretty.” Christian said Zayn reminds him of himself in that whenever he goes to the ring, he has the best match on the show. Zayn does need to add a little grit to himself if he wants to be a top player going forward. Young said he was back in the hunt in the NXT picture. They aired a feature on Zayn.

Cesaro joined the panel and received a big reaction from the fans outside Full Sail Live. Cesaro said the match tonight won’t be a breeze for Sami. He said Zayn’s strength is that he gets cheered from the audience, but that’s also his weakness because he gets distracted by it. He said that Zayn said in the feature that you have to lose in order to learn how to win. Cesaro said that he taught Zayn how to lose and now he has to win. Young asked him what was said between himself and Zayn after their match at NXT ARival but Cesaro blew it off.

CJ Parker was seen walking around in the fans protesting the way the environment was treated.

They panel discussed the NXT Women’s championship match between Charlotte and Natalya. Christian picked Charlotte to take the belt. They aired a video feature on Charlotte. Christian said that when Charlotte gets in the ring, she has to make it about her, not her father. Young said that this is two family legacies coming to a head. Heyman said that’s the buzz and issue that everyone is making this match out to be. They aired a video feature on Flair and Hart families.

They showed CJ Parker wandering through the crowd outside again.

The panel discussed the NXT championship match and went to a video feature on Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd. Heyman predicted Kidd would win the NXT title tonight. Christian predicted Neville would retain.

They went to video of Michael Cole interviewing Natalya and Tyson Kidd earlier this week. Natalya said tonight could be one of the biggest matches of her career, as it’s about carrying on the legacy of their families as much as the championship. She said it’s really cool but admitted she is nervous about it.

Kidd was told this is his chance to reboot his career. Kidd said that if he loses, he loses everything and if Neville loses, he’s just a former NXT champion. Cole said that Kidd comes off badly on Total Divas and asked if this was his chance to repair his ego. Natalya interrupted before Kidd could answer this. Cole asked her to not speak for Kidd. He asked Kidd that if he loses and Natalya wins, would he be able to put his loss aside and be happy for her. He took a moment and said he would be. Natalya then began speaking about him and talked about his injury being a setback. He told her the injury was out of his mind and she said she was just trying to explain. Kidd was told that if he didn’t win, his entire career, he would be known just as Natalya’s husband. He said he has everything to lose and he will prove himself. He was obviously getting upset. Natalya asked him quietly to relax. That was a great segment actually and did more for Kidd as a character than anything previously in his WWE career.

Heyman quipped that this Fall, the Network will be airing Couples Counseling with Michael Cole, then Divorce Court with Michael Cole, because that’s what happens when Cole counsels couples. He noted that his client Brock Lesnar ended the streak because he had the proper motivation and Kidd has the proper motivation tonight. Christian agreed and said he needed to ground Neville tonight. Heyman and Christian agreed that this match makes them a NXT fan. Heyman said this match gives people a reason to be a NXT fan. Christian said that if you needed to watch one match this year, this is it. They really did a great sell job on the match and got me personally excited to watch it.

The Exotic Express pulled up and Adam Rose and his entourage exited and began dancing there way into Full Sail University. I am hoping that WWE has ever developmental talent dressed up and do this huge entrance with every wacky character possible.

That’s it for the Pre-Game Show!

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