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By Mike Johnson & Jonathan Murphy on 2014-05-10 19:17:32

Kazuchida Okada & Gedo vs. IWGP champion AJ Styles & IWGP Tag Team champion Karl Anderson

Okada and Styles started out. Okada backed him into the corner and broke clean. They had some great back and forth wrestling. Styles was placed on the top and dropkicked off the top to the floor. He was brought back in and Gedo tagged in., Anderson tagged in and worked over Gedo with forearms. Gedro drilled him with a kick. They slugged it out.

Anderson nailed a spinebuster. Styles and Anderson stomped the hell out of Gedo. Anderson peppered him with punches on the mat. The Bullet Club members cut the ring off on Gedo and beat him down. Gedo tried to fight out but was kicked down. He finally nailed a big right hand and attempted to make a tag but was kicked in the back of the head. Gedo finally nailed a high cross bodyblock and made the tag to Okada.

Okada cleaned house and nailed a slingshot splash into the ring on Anderson. Okada nailed Anderson and hit a flying elbow. He set up for the Rainmaker but Anderson ducked. Anderson nailed a nasty neckbreaker. Styles tagged in and nailed a springboard flying forearm. He attempted the Styles Clash but Okada slipped out. They fired back and forth with a flurry of strikes.

Gedo tagged in and backdropped Styles for a two count. All four battled in the ring. Styles nailed the Pele Kick. Anderson nailed a spinebuster. Styles nailed a brainbuster. Styles nailed the Styles Clash. Anderson held Okada as Styles scored the win.

Your winners, AJ Styles and Karl Anderson!

Another well worked back and forth tag match. Styles and Okada in the ring are magic.

Michael Elgin, who had been doing commentary, entered the ring and faced off with Styles. Okada entered the ring and faced off with them as well.

Jonathan: This was a true old school tag team fun match! AJ's 'Styles Clash' is impressive to see in person. Nice job of setting of Elgin vs. Styles at the next PPV. Side note.... The crowd is starting to show signs of burnout. We're still hot but not as explosive as we were at the end of the night.

ROH champion Adam Cole vs. Kevin Steen

Steen came out with a Canadian flag. They shook hands but neither man would let go. Steen took over on Cole immediately, throwing him around and chopping him in the corner. Cole slipped out of a move and nailed a dropkick to the knee. He began kicking the leg but was kicked out of the ring. Steen followed but was grabbed and slammed into the apron.

Cole went for a pescado but Steen walked away. Steen took a fan’s sign, placed it over Cole’s fan and nailed him. He picked up Cole and drove him, well, nuts first, into the ringpost. He followed up and did it again. Cole’s look of terror was awesome. Steen did it a third time. No babies tonight. He went for another one but Cole escaped and sent Steen into the post. He went to follow up but was nailed and well, went nuts first into the last post.

Steen peppered Cole with punches in the corner then bit him on the face. Cole dropped under and smashed Steen down hard. He grabbed Steen’s legs and beat it against the apron. He began working over Steen’s knee, trying to hyperextend it. Cole began focusing his attack on Steen’s knee. He locked on a kneebar.

Steen fired back with chops as Cole tried to attack. Cole nailed him with a kick to the knee. He charged Steen but was elevated up and over. Steen DDT’d him. Cole rolled out to the floor. Cole posted Steen and slammed his leg into the ringpost several times, then locked on a figure four leglock around the guardrail. Cole worked over Steen and went to come off the apron with a double axehandle. Steen nailed him and powerbombed him on the apron. He then powerbombed Cole again.

Steen powerbombed Cole a third time on the apron and brought him around for the forth time, nailing it. Steen nailed a flying swanton into the ring but Cole kicked up at two. Steen went for the F5 but Cole slipped out and nailed the DVDR across his knee for a two count.

Cole tried to work over Steen. Steen kicked him off but was nailed when he went on the ropes. Cole went for a rana off the ropes but Steen nailed him and hit a Michinoku Driver off the top for a two count. The crowd chanted, “Holy sh**.” Steen went for a cannonball in the corner but Cole moved. Steen nailed him and went for the Package Piledriver but his knee bothered him.

Cole nailed him and locked in a figure four leglock. Steen fought and reversed it, so Cole had to remove it. Cole went for the Florida Key but Steen sent him into the ropes for a powerbomb and locked on the Texas Cloverleaf. Steen’s own knee wouldn’t allow him to maintain the pressure of move and he let it go. Cole went for him but was grabbed and nailed with a sleeper suplex for a two count.

Mike Bennett hit the ringside area so Steen lowblowed him and nailed a package piledriver on him. Cole superkicked him from behind and nailed a German suplex. He nailed the Florida Key but Steen kicked out. Cole’s look of disbelief was great. He really has come a long way as a personality.

They battled back and forth. Cole superkicked Steen low and then high. He went for a Canadian Destroyer but Steen rolled through and locked on the Texas Cloverleaf. Cole grabbed the ropes to break it and rolled to the floor. Cole nailed an enziguiri from the floor on Steen as he reached through the ropes. Cole went to the top but Steen caught him and nailed El Generico’s old finisher, the brainbuster on the buckles for a really close two count. The crowd began singing, “Ole Ole.”

Steen grabbed Cole who small packaged him for a two count. Steen went for a package piledriver but Cole slipped out and superkicked him for the pin.

Your winner and still ROH champion Adam Cole!

Great brawl. Really great match. Some nice nods to El Generico, which was a great way to get the Canadian fans even more behind Steen. Cole is a hell of a champion.

Jonathan: Steen is a HUGE babyface here! The Canadian flag was a nice touch. Go Canada Go! Well, the crowd woke back up now! Scratch my comment from the last match! Cole plays the villain much better than I ever thought he would.These guys are clearly putting in a significant amount of effort! Crowd is jacked! The story of the match where Steen can't do much because of his bad leg has been effective! Good storytelling! Okay.... Crowd is pissed and not sent home happy! But, the match was decent! Thanks for following the live coverage here on the site! Adolfo and I will have our comments tomorrow on The Elites Speak!

Mike here – I’ll have an audio discussing the show on Monday.

No iPPV problems by the way. Perfect stream once the paid version of the show began. Highly recommended for a replay!

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