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By Mike Johnson & Jonathan Murphy on 2014-05-10 19:17:32

During intermission, they showed a Kevin Steen video package on his career since winning the ROH title. I hope ROH intends to skip the intermission when they run PPV in June in Nashville. I know ROH wants to sell merchandise but it’s really a waste for fans watching at home.

RD Evans came out and put himself over, saying he was a world traveled professional wrestler with the longest running streak in pro wrestling history. He said that he was told that since he was the reason the show was sold out, he could face anyone he wants. He produced an envelope saying his opponent’s name was in there and it’s someone who’s undefeated and has fought all over the world. He handed it to Bobby Cruise, who opened it and read…his own name. RD Evans rolled him up and pinned the ring announcer. OK that was pretty damn funny.

Jonathan: One word: Hilarious! Five star mat classic!

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jushin Liger vs. Jado & Shinsuke Nakamura

HUGE roar for Liger when he came out. Everyone got big reactions for their ring introductions. Tanahashi and Nakamura started, working over each other’s arms. Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino did the best job since Joey Styles in ECW explaining the Japanese talents’ personalities and backgrounds.

Tanahashi nailed several armdrags and hiptosses. Nakamura backed him into the ropes and broke clean. Nakamura nailed a series of kicks and tagged out to Jado. He went Tanahashi into the ropes but put his head down and got kicked. Liger went to the ring and hit a sliding kick to the outside on Jado. He then hit the same on Nakamura.

Liger hit the palm thrust in the corner on Jado. He went for a top rope rana but was nailed low. Jado ripped at Liger’s face and mask. Liger was worked over but came back with palm strikes. He was cut off and Nakamura used his leg to choke Liger. Liger fought out but Jado nailed Tanahashi before he could tag out. Liger sent Nakamura into Jado and nailed a tiltowhirl backbreaker.

Tanahashi tagged in and cleaned house. He slammed Nakamura and nailed a senton off the middle turnbuckle for a two count. Nakamura nailed a spinkick and peppered Tanahashi in the corner with strikes, then splashed him in the corner for a two count. He nailed a big back suplex and called for his finisher. He charged for his knee but Tanahashi dropkicked in the leg as he approached. Nakamura drilled him and tagged Jado.

Jado went for a crossface and locked it in. Nakamura prevented Liger from interfering. Tanahashi backed up and moved his leg under the rope to force a break. Jado and Nakamura worked over Tanahashi. Gado covered him for a two count. He set up for a hanging DDT off the ropes and nailed it. He missed a punt but was nailed with a palm strike by Liger. Tanahashi dropkicked Jado. Liger hit a flip off the apron on the floor.

Tanahashi nailed Jado and scored with a frog splash off the top, scoring the win.

Your winners, Jushin Liger & Hiroshi Tanahashi!

Really good New Japan style athletic tag bout. It was laid out in a way to make Liger look strong while everyone else did the lion’s share of the work. Really good.

Jonathan: Liger is over huge! The crowd was giving these guys lots of respect and they were working really hard to get over. Good stuff. Solid and hard work here!

ROH TV champ Jay Lethal vs. Tomasso Ciampa vs. Silas Young vs. Matt Taven

Fans chanted, “You sold out” at Lethal. They all brawled at the bell. Ciampa charged with a knee to Lethal against the railing. He went for another and nailed it with the momentum sending him over into the crowd. When he returned, Young grabbed him and suplexed him off the guard rail. That was nuts. Taven nailed an awesome dive over the ropes to the floor.

Taven tried to go after Truth Martini but Lethal grabbed him and choked him from behind. Taven ducked a clothesline and kicked him in the face. He then kicked Ciampa coming into the ring. Taven went to the top but was nailed by Young and clotheslined off the ropes. They all battled. Taven went for a flying headbutt but was nailed by Lethal.

Lethal set up and nailed a running forearm in the corner on Young. Young nailed him and came off with a splash off the corner. Ciampa broke the pinfall attempts. Ciampa drilled Taven in the face with a knee for a two count. Ciampa nailed an Air Raid Crash on Young but it was broken up. Lethal cleaned house but was drilled with a big clothesline by Young. Taven nailed a superkick. He nailed Angel’s Wings on Lethal and ascended to the top rope and nailed a moonsault off the top to the floor.

Taven chased Truth Martini into the ring but Lethal grabbed him and nailed Lethal Injection and scored the pin.

Your winner and still ROH TV champion, Jay Lethal!

Another good, hard fought match. Lethal is showing great promise as a heel. Young was great. Taven looked strong as a babyface. Ciampa looked like a beast.

Jonathan: Lethal pins Taven with the Lethal Injection. Match was okay. I felt that Ciampa was in the background here. Taven showed a lot more personality than when he was with Martini. Surprising! Just my opinion, but Silas Young is one heck of an underrated performer. He's got charisma and he plays the heel role well.

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