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By Mike Johnson & Jonathan Murphy on 2014-05-10 19:17:32
The Briscoes vs. ReDragon vs. The Decade

The Briscoes were in control early. The Decade cut them off and double teamed Jay Briscoe. Bobby Fish tagged in and nailed a snap suplex for a two count. Fish and O’Reilly double teamed Jay, who fought his way out and tagged in Mark. Mark went nuts with Redneck Kung Fu and nailed a mule kick. He caught Jimmy Jacobs with a Uranage but BJ Whitmer broke it up and nailed an exploder. They went into an insane series of hot moves.

The Decade nailed the All Seeing Eye but Mark came off the top with a missile dropkick. He clotheslined BJ over the top and then nailed a dive to the floor on him. Jay pressed and dropped Jacobs. The Briscoes nailed the Doomsday Device and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Briscoes!

A shorter match than I expected but they had a really good pace for the entire match. Everyone looked good.

Jonathan: The Briscoes win with the LOD finisher (can't remember the name) This crowd is HOT! Bigger and more folks than last year! We loved the Briscoes! We're on a roll! Fantastic show!

They showed a video setting up Cedric Alexander vs. Roderick Strong over who has the better backbreaker.

Strong took the house mic and told Alexander to get out here.

Roderick Strong vs. Cedric Alexander

Alexander charged down. They began brawling. Alexander hit a dive to the outside. He worked over Strong and nailed a series of chops. Strong cut him off and nailed a series of elbows. Cedrick nailed him with a series of stomps in the corner. Strong caught him with several chops and whipped him into the corner. Alexander kicked him off. He went to the top but Strong dropkicked him and he fell over the ropes and was caught upside down. That allowed Strong to nail several dropkicks.

Strong swarmed over Alexander, beating him down. Cedric tried to fight out but was cut off and nailed with a snap suplex. Strong locked in a chinlock and ripped at Alexander’s nose and face. Strong nailed a great dropkick as Cedrick was coming off the ropes for a two count.

Strong kept working over Alexander, who kept trying to fight from underneath. Strong cut him off and scored a two count. He locked in an abdominal stretch, pounding on Alexander’s kidneys. Alexander slipped out and nailed several rights but was caught and nailed with a pumphandle slam for a two count. Alexander fought him off and nailed the 540 kick to the head.

Alexander battled back and forth with Strong and nailed a sitdown Michinoku Driver. Alexander was caught with a pair of backbreakers for a near fall. Strong went for another but was caught in a crucifix for a two count. Strong drilled him with a clothesline and worked him over with chops in the corner. The crowd began chanting, “Roooooddddy” to mock him.

Strong went for a superplex but Alexander fought him off. Strong nailed him and attempted it again, this time nailing it for a two count. Strong was frustrated he didn’t get the pin and locked in a Boston Crab. Alexander tried to power out and crawled towards the ropes. Strong pulled him back but Alexander rolled him up and scored a two count. Strong kicked him in the sternum and began disrespecting him. Alexander slapped him and Strong fired back. Alexander spit in his face, which enraged Strong, who attacked him with knees and elbows. Cedrick cut him off with a stiff dropkick.

They battled back and forth with great moves but Alexander cut him off with a kick to the head off the ropes for a two count. Cedrick nailed a big backbreaker but Strong kicked up at the last second. The crowd began chanting, “This is awesome.” Strong nailed a big running knee. He went for a suplex but Cedrick caught him with an inside cradle and scored the pin.

Your winner, Cedric Alexander!

Dynamite veteran vs. upstart match. This may have been the best match of Alexander’s career and Strong was awesome as the arrogant vet.

The Decade hit the ring and beat the hell out of Alexander. They set up several chairs and Strong picked up Alexander and drove him through the chairs. Officials hit the ring to stop them.

Jonathan: Another match, another good one! Thomas wins with a small package. Crowd came a bit down for this match but got right back into it at the end. Solid bout! The spot with Alexander going through the chairs looked sick! The Decade got all of their heat back so this worked!

They went to a video roll promoting upcoming dates.

The announcers stated that Alexander’s “shoulder popped out” from the attack.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions The Young Bucks vs. The Time Splitters vs. The Forever Hooligans

Huge “New Japan” chant at the onset. Big chant for Alex Shelley as it’s his first ROH match in years.

The Bucks and Koslov went back and forth with some great stuff early. I expect this is going to get nutty, so the play by play may not be able to capture everything. Koslov caught Nick Jackson with a spinning backbreaker. The Hooligans worked over Jackson who escaped and tagged in Kushida.

Kushida and Rocky Romero went back and forth with Kushida caught him with a dropkick. Kushida nailed a headscissors into the corner. The Bucks tried to get involved but The Time Splitters worked them over, then grabbed Romero. They sent him into Koslov.

Romero came off the apron with a big knee on Shelley. The Hooligans isolated him in the ring and worked him over. Koslov hit the Bolshoi kicks. The Bucks tagged themselves in and cleaned house. The Bucks went to work over Shelley but he ducked and they kicked each other. Kushida nailed a missile dropkick on Matt Jackson, sending him to the floor. He went for a dive but was tripped by Nick Jackson. Matt went for a move but nailed his own brother. Kushida slammed him and teased a moonsault but instead dove off the top on everyone.

The Time Splitters hit a splash off the top and a standing moonsault at the same time on Matt, who kicked up at the last second. Koslov blind-tagged himself in and the Hooligans worked over Jackson and Kushida. The Hooligans snapped Jackson onto the top and then hit a guillotine legdrop for a two count.

They went into an inside series of dives. It got totally batshit crazy. Matt Jackson superkicked Romero., The Time Splitters cut him off and nailed the Dream Sequence. Shelley went for Sliced Bread #2 but was caught and tombstoned. The Bucks and The Hooligans brawled back and forth in the ring. They went insane with spots until The Young Bucks won with More Bang For Your Buck.

Your winners and still IWGP Junior Tag Team champions, The Young Bucks!

Just an awesome, insane three way. Holy hell, this was fun.

Jonathan: Um.... Holy sh**! This was an amazing match with lots of athleticism! The crowd is chanting 'That was awesome!' and it was! Young Bucks win clean! Amazing!!!!!!!

ROH is at intermission. Coverage will continue on Page 3!

The stream has been pretty perfect so far. I am watching on my iPad via the UStream App and have had no problems at all beyond the stutters during the free pre-game show. First half of the show has been great.

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