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By Mike Johnson on 2014-05-04 22:57:06

The Extreme Rules Fallout broadcast opened with the panel in the dark as Kane’s music was still playing. The panel discussed the big moments of the PPV.

Josh Mathews noted that Stephanie gave Daniel Bryan the option to surrender his WWE World Heavyweight championship and he refused. Alex Riley noted that it was smart of Bryan to keep Brie Bella out of the way tonight so he could focus on the battle at hand.

They said they were waiting for Daniel Bryan to make his way to the podium backstage to discuss the Extreme Rules PPV. Alex Riley said that the issues between Bryan, Kane and The Authority aren’t over after tonight. They showed the final moments of Bryan vs. Kane. The announcers talked about how Kane had gone after his wife. Sheamus said Bryan is one of the toughest men he’s ever fought.

Booker said that Bryan took it to Bryan and they brawled all over backstage. He said Bryan was willing to go to the ends of the Earth to get the win. Riley talked about Bryan’s versatility and said that after beating Batista, Orton, HHH and now Kane, what’s next for him. Sheamus said that he has nothing to prove to the fans. He said that what the problem is that he’s the champion and he’s a marked man.

Booker said that Bryan still needs to prove himself to Stephanie and HHH and that’s something that is never, ever going to happen. Sheamus asked whether Bryan even cares at this point. They went to more highlights of the match.

Bryan was at the podium. He was asked if this was the most brutal match of his career and how he was feeling. He said he has a mix of emotions. He said that he came out as champion and he’s happy about that but his body feels horrible.

Bryan was asked if he felt any sign of his old partner or if the demon has taken over Kane. Bryan said he doesn’t buy into the Demon thing and said that it’s Kane, he’s bitter and angry and it’s people like that who make the world be in the place that it’s in.

Bryan said that he didn’t know if Kane was done with him and he likes that because Kane put his hands on Bryan’s wife and if anyone did that he would beat him within an inch of their life. He said he’s glad Kane’s not done.

Bryan said he wanted to thank the fans for supporting him. They gave him a chance to get the belts. He said that WWE doesn’t give the regular people a lot of opportunities. Thanks to the fans, he’s gotten those opportunities and it’s all thanks to the “Yes” movement.

Bryan said that he will go as far as he has to go to defend the championship. He said he loves to wrestle and is considered a technical wrestler but when he was on the indies there was a chant that said, “You’re gonna get your head kicked in.” He said you just have to be tough to kick someone’s head in.

Bryan laughed when he was asked where he learned to drive a forklift. He said he was from a small town and everyone learns that there. He said his dad worked in a paper mill for ten years.

Bryan said that when he saw the flaming table, he knew he had to get out of there. He then excused himself, saying his neck was cramping and he wanted to go see the trainer and get some ice.

The panel discussed Bryan’s comments and how he’s still willing, ready and able to keep battling Kane. Sheamus said that Kane made it extremely personal but Bryan has proven he’s a terrier and is a hell of a fighter. He said Bryan has continued to build his name.

They turned their attention to John Cena vs. Bray Wtyatt and the ending with Little Johnny, showing footage of the end. They wondered how powerful Bray Wyatt can become. Booker said we are watching the tide shift with Cena going from one of the more popular to fans having doubts about him. Booker said they are abandoning Cena. Sheamus said that Cena may be losing faith.

They went to Bray Wyatt, who was at the podium with The Family.

Wyatt asked what he accomplished tonight. He turned the question on the person asking, saying that he probably went to college and had all these people who helped him and prepared him. He said that he came from nothing but tonight, he’s something. He walked off and the Family flipped over the table.

The panel discussed Wyatt’s win and noted that John Cena wasn’t going to be appearing tonight.

They moved onto The Shield’s win over Evolution. Josh Mathews said he can’t wait for Raw to see how each side addresses tonight’s match.

Sheamus said there’s no MVP in the Shield and all three have great potential and futures in WWE.

They went to footage of The Shield at the podium. They were asked if Justice was served tonight. Rollins says that people fail to understand that justice was a metaphor. He said there was a lack of intensity when they came to WWE and they have set the pace and set the standard. He said they are better than everyone and they make everyone step their game up, including former World champions.

They were asked if they were concerned about The Authority retaliating. Reigns said “No” and they all laughed.

They were asked about Ric Flar’s comments on Raw. Ambrose said that Flair is in his own world but he gets what he meant. He said Flair sees work ethic and excellence with The Shield. Evolution are sitting on their buses and looking at their Rolexes while The Shield are all about getting it done. Reigns said it was cool to get the nod but they don’t need an old man to give them motivation.

They were asked what Extreme Rules mean to them. Rollins said it’s an environment they all seem to thrive in. He said they specialize in a lot of things and this works for us. It’s a special show for them.

They were asked if Evolution having a ten year layoff gave them the advantage. Reigns said it helped but it didn’t make them win the war. They skipped the friend stage and became brothers very quickly. He said they drive to every town together and they steamroll through every opponent together.

Rollins said Evolution aren’t the same guys who formed Evolution. He said they aren’t the same men they once were. Evolution was and never will be, what The Shield is.

They reviewed the Shield’s comments then moved onto Cesaro’s win in the Three Way. They showed highlights of the ending with Cesaro nailing The Neutralizer on the trash can.

Booker said the win was huge for Cesaro. Sheamus said that the loss was a hard one for Swagger. He said Heyman and Cesaro can do great things together and he wouldn’t be shocked to see Cesaro in the WWE World Heavyweight championship picture.

They showed footage of Cesaro and Paul Heyman at the podium.

Cesaro was asked why he cracks his neck before the Neutralizer. He said he trains every day of his life and the person asking obviously never has, so don’t dare question anything he does in the ring.

Cesaro was asked about whether his relationship with Jack Swagger was going to be an issue. Cesaro said no because as soon as he meets someone, he starts gathering information on them.

Heyman was asked if RVD had an issue with Cesaro that needed to be settled. Heyman said it was a good question and pointed out that Big Show, Mark Henry and Jack Swagger also have issues to be settled. He said that eventually everyone will have that issue because there is no one in the WWE locker room that can beat Cesaro.

They then went to footage of Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger at the podium. They were asked if there’s any jealousy of Cesaro given his success lately. Swagger said that Cesaro hasn’t won any World titles, he has a trophy that Swagger smashed. He said there is no jealousy, just hatred.

Swagger said his familiarity with Cesaro as a partner helps him in the ring as a competitor. He said he knows Cesaro’s strengths and can use them against him.

Colter was asked if they were going to focus on singles or a new tag team partner. Colter said “Both. I am going to go where the water level takes me.” He said that if Cesaro wanted to leave, he should have been a man about it and told them what the deal is. He said that their mission remains the same and “nothing has changed.”

They then went comments from Rob Van Dam, who had a cut across the left side of his face and all sorts of swelling.

RVD said there is absolutely a score to settle with Cesaro. He said that he’s got so much to give as a competitor and someone who won so many titles, he still has something to prove. He said that he’s a proven commodity and everyone knows how durable he is. He said tonight was Cesaro’s night and next time, we will see what happens.

They moved on to Bad News Barrett’s Intercontinental championship win, showing footage from the title win.

They went to Barrett at the podium. He said that the title win inspires him to want to give more bad news because it’s bad news about everyone else, not himself.

He said that Big E. is a hell of a competitor and had the belt as long as he did for a reason. He said he’s been knocking him and making comments but those were mind games and none of what he said was really true. He said that E. threw him around like a rag doll when he’s 250 lbs.

Barrett said that this is his fourth time with the IC title but this time, the prestige of the belt is higher because of the WWE World titles being unified. He said that he’s in a position now where he can carry it with the honor and dignity that the title deserves.

Barrett said he’s goal remains to become the first British World Heavyweight title here in WWE. He said that’s his future and what he’s focused on becoming but right now, he’s going to be the best IC champion there has ever been and he’s going to focus on everyone who’s gunning for him.

They went to footage of Big E. E acted like an idiot when asked about his loss and then stormed off.

That was it!

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