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By Mike Johnson on 2014-05-04 20:50:00

Backstage, Bray Wyatt told the child “Little Johnny” that he did very well tonight. Bray said his message can no longer be ignored and that those ignored will flock to him and his message. He asked “Little Johnny” what the message was and it was “Follow the Buzzards.”

WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan vs. Kane: Extreme Rules

Kane gets the second entrance so Bryan can charge him in the aisle and attack him. They brawled and Kane sent him into the barrier. Kane grabbed a Singapore Cane from under the ring. They battled to the top, where Bryan nailed a rana into the ring. Bryan hit a running knee in the corner and then bodypressed Kane. They toppled over the top the floor.

Kane nailed Bryan and worked him over on the floor. He tossed Bryan into the ring and then tossed several chairs into the ring. He wedged one between the top and middle turnbuckles but Bryan grabbed the cane and nailed Kane with it. Bryan went to the top and came off with it but Kane nailed him coming off. Kane grabbed a chair and drilled Bryan in the gut with it, then nailed him across the back.

Kane set up a chair and nailed a sideslam through the chair for a two count. Kane went for a chokeslam but Bryan slipped out. Kane charged him in a corner but Bryan moved and Kane nailed the chair he had already wedged there. Bryan nailed a missile dropkick that sent Kane to the floor and then hit a suicide dive to the outside.

Bryan grabbed the top of the announcer’s table and nailed Kane with it, the followed by nailing Kane with a monitor. He continued to grab items from the announcer tables and nailed Kane. Kane nailed him into the Spanish announcer’s table and hit him with a piece of the table.

Bryan was placed atop one of the tables. Kane grabbed him for a chokeslam but Bryan shoved him off the table and nailed a kick to the head. Bryan then hit a tornado DDT off the table to the floor. The crowd chanted for Daniel Bryan. Bryan nailed several kicks but Bryan was cut off and sent into the ring steps.

Kane set up for a tombstone on the stairs but Bryan slipped out and shoved Kane into the ringpost. Bryan caned the hell out of Kane in the aisle but was nailed with a big right hand. Kane rammed Bryan into the digital board on the stage. He dragged Bryan backstage, which the IZOD Center booed the hell out of of.

Kane destroyed Bryan in the back and tried to throw a HD TV at him. Bryan moved and the TV sizzled when it was smashed. Bryan attacked Kane and they brawled all over the backstage area and outside towards one of the production trucks in the loading bay. Bryan grabbed a shovel and nailed Kane with it. He nailed Kane into the truck and Kane stumbled to a parked car. Bryan worked him over, then charged Kane. Bryan was backdropped onto the hood of the car, breaking the windshield.

Kane grabbed a metal canister and threw it at Bryan. He moved and it crashed into the windshield. Kane sent Bryan into another car and threw a punch. Bryan moved and Kane broke the window. Bryan went into the trunk of the car and nailed Kane with a tireiron that he found.

Kane was out but Bryan couldn’t pin him in the back, so he put Kane on a pallet and drove him back to the arena on a forklift. He drove Kane all the way to the ring, lifted him as high as he could, then parked it as close to the ring as he could. Bryan then dumped him into the ring. Bryan climbed to the pallet and nailed the flying headbutt. Bryan covered Kane, who kicked up at two.

Bryan set up for the running knee to the face. Kane sat up. Bryan went for the knee but Kane caught him and chokeslammed him. He covered Bryan, who kicked out at two. Kane was pissed and went after the referee for that. Kane grabbed a chair and signaled for a chokeslam onto the chair. He set it up but Bryan turned it into a DDT on the chair. He struggled to make the cover but Kane kicked up.

Bryan drilled the hell out of Kane with the chair over and over. Kane was down and Bryan just kept wailing away. Bryan locked in the Yes Lock. Kane felt his way around and grabbed the cane. He began nailing Bryan with it but Bryan used the Kane for additional momentum. Kane pulled himself out of the ring to break the hold.

Bryan went for a dive to the outside but Kane caught him and chokeslammed him through the announcer’s table. Kane then set a table up outside the ring and holy Dudley Boyz, he poured gas on the table with the idea he was going to light it on fire…and then he did!

He went to chokeslam Bryan off the apron but Bryan fought back and Kane took the bump off the apron through the burning table. They had fire extinguishers on him immediately. Kane hit the ruing but was nailed with the running knee and pinned.

Your winner and still WWE World Heavyweight champion, Daniel Bryan!

After the match, a pissed off Kane made his pyro explode as Bryan was leaving, sending the message that this wasn’t over.

That’s it for the PPV. Stay tuned for Post Show coverage!

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