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By Mike Johnson on 2014-05-04 20:50:00

Lilian Garcia announced the Special Olympics would be in New Jersey next month and showed the American team.

Renee Young interviewed Evolution. HHH said that everyone says their ego will be their downfalls. He said he won’t deny they have egos but they have 31 World titles between them. He praised each of them, including himself. He said their egos are well deserved. Orton said that you either adapt or perish and that tonight, The Shield will perish. He said to believe that and they mocked The Shield’s signature pose.

WWE Intercontinental champion Big E. vs. Bad News Barrett

Langston’s power controlled Barrett early, leading to Bad News going to the floor. He kicked Big E, as he came to the outside and tried to toss him into the ringpost. Big E. blocked it and sent Barrett into it, then tackled him in the corner. Barrett was tossed back in the ring but caught Big E. with a kick as he returned to the ring. He kicked Big E. to the floor. He yelled “Bang Bang” and did the Cactus Jack elbow off the apron to the floor.

Barrett controlled Big E. and scored several two counts. He nailed a big boot to the face and began stomping him on the mat. He tied the champion up in the floor and nailed a series of knees to the face, then kicked him through the ropes to the apron. He put the champ across the top turnbuckle and worked him over, then charged. Langston caught him coming and nailed a big overhead belly to belly suplex. Langston was pissed and nailed a series of big clotheslines and a belly to belly suplex. He shoulderblocked him in the corner.

Barrett went to the apron. Big E. attempted to suplex him back in but was fought off. Langston speared him through the ropes to the floor. Langston set up for his big splash but was caught with a Black Hole Slam for a two count. Barrett sent him into the corner and nailed Wasteland for a near fall.

Langston caught Barrett with a big suplex and scored a two count. He nailed his signature big splash and set up for the Big Ending. Barrett slipped out and nailed the Bull Hammer, scoring the pin.

Your winner and new IC champion, Bad News Barrett!

Real good back and forth match with some nice moments for each competitor. That spear to the outside is brutal. Good, physical action.

They aired a promo for Adam Rose's Raw debut tomorrow.

They aired a video on Evolution vs. The Shield.

Evolution vs. The Shield

The Shield didn’t come right out, which the announcers said was the team playing mind games with Evolution by making them wait.

They had a brief brawl before being held apart. Seth Rollins started strong nailing a leaping knee on HHH and then clotheslining him over the top to the floor. Rollins nailed a dive through the ropes to the floor. He was killed with a clothesline that turned him inside out when he returned to the ring.

Batista tagged in and used his power, sending Rollins hard into the buckles. He trapped Rollins in Evolution’s corner and drilled him with a series of shoulderblocks. Evolution took Rollins apart, working him over. Batista nailed a kick to Rollins are he was hanging out of the ring. Evolution took turns working over Rollins, tagging in and out. Rollins was picked up for a suplex and dropped across the ropes hard.

Rollins tried to fight his way out and went for a tag but Evolution knocked Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns off the apron. Rollins finally made the tag to Ambrose, who cleaned house with a series of wild punches and stomps on Orton. He nailed Batista off the apron and drilled Orton with a clothesline. He went for a figure four on HHH but saw Orton coming and nailed him, then locked it on him.

Batista and Reigns brawled on the floor and Reigns sent him hard into the barricades. Reigns charged HHH but HHH moved and Reigns crashed hard into the ring steps. Orton had taken control of Ambrose and HHH tagged in. Evolution began working over Ambrose in their corner. Ambrose battled up to his feet but Orton nailed him with a dropkick. HHH tagged in and nailed a big right hand.

Ambrose was out on his feet and worked over in the corner. HHH went for the pedigree but Ambrose backdropped him and nailed HHH. Reigns tagged in and cleaned house on everyone, looking like a monster. Batista nailed Reigns and went for the Batista Bomb but Rollins sailed with the flying knee. Reigns nailed the Superman Punch and called for the Triple Powerbomb. They nailed it on Batista but Evolution pulled Reigns out at the two count.

They all brawled. Rollins went for a dive but crashed and burned. HHH nailed Reigns with the Pedigree. He rolled Batista on top but was attacked by Ambrose and they brawled on the floor. Reigns kicked up at two. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.”

Orton nailed a RKO on Reigns. Batista covered him again but Rollins broke up the pinfall. He and Orton brawled on the floor. Orton was thrown into the barricade. The cameraman got dumped over on his rear and kept shooting. Orton and Batista worked over Rollins in the corner where the timekeeper sits. Ambrose sprinted across the announcer’s table and dove on them both.

They all brawled in the audience, leading Reigns and Batists in the ring. They could have really used Ronnie Lang and Atlas Security! They brawled to the top of the first level of the building. Ambrose was knocked down a flight of stairs and smacked into a concrete wall. Rollins dove off the first level of the Arena down onto them.

Back in the ring, Batista caught Reigns charging and nailed a Uranage. Reigns shoved him off during a Batista Bomb attempt and nailed a Superman Punch. Reigns speared Batista and scored the pin, ending an awesome match.

Your winner, The Shield!

Just a great, well worked and executed six man tag. It was breaking down in the Meadowlands, to be sure. The Rollins dive off the balcony was awesome. Reigns gets a big win and everyone looked awesome. This is one of those matches that make you love pro wrestling.

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