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By Anthony on 2014-05-04 01:38:35

Sheamus vs Jack Swagger tonight where the WWE Universe chooses the match. Either 2/3 falls or a Syracuse Street fight.

Heavy twitter presence as the audience can use the hashtag #wwesyracuse and the tweets pop up on video boards on the ramp and on the Jumbotron.

Opening match is a triple threat for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Rhodes Brothers vs Rybaxel vs (c) The Usos. Huge pop for the Usos entrance and tons of Uso chants throughout. Jimmy or Jey hit the big splash off the top rope for the pin on Axel at the 15:01 mark.

2nd match: Fandango vs Kofi Kingston. Kingston gets the ion at the 8:32 mark after Trouble in Paradise.

3rd match: For the Intercontinental Championship, Big E (c) vs Bad News Barrett. Big E picks up the W via DQ at the 9:03 mark after Barrett escapes the Big Ending and hits a low blow. Post match Big E hits the Big Ending on Barrett.

Match 4: 6 Diva Tag Team Match. Tamina, Alicia Fox and Aksana vs The Bella Twins & Divas Champ Paige. Before the bell there's a bunch of pushing and shoving and Tamina hits Paige with a Samoan Drop. Paige picks up the pin on Fox at the 5:21 mark after picking up Fox for what looked like a Fishermans Suplex but dropped her face first into a DDT.

5th Match: Fans Choice Match: Jack Swagger w/Zeb Coulter vs Sheamus. Fans got to tweet and choose between 2/3 Falls and Syracuse Street Fight. I chose 2/3 falls but of course Street Fight won out 90% to 10%. Lots of cane shots in this one. Sheamus picks up the pin at the 15:57 mark after hitting Swagger with a Brogue Kick as he's seated in a steel chair.

6th match: Damien Sandow vs Big Show. Sandow comes down to the ring ripping on our city. Cue Big Shows music. Cue KO punch and pin. Match length maybe 5 seconds.

7th match: Cesaro vs Dolph Ziggler.  Cesaro hits the Giant Swing to a massive pop followed by the Neutralizer for the pin.

Main Event: 8 Man Tag Team Match
Del Rio & The Wyatt Family vs The Shield and John Cena.

Huge pop for the Wyatts and The Shields entrances. Both groups are super over and I'm hoping feud once again. Let's Go Cena vs Cena Sucks chants. My girlfriend makes the funny observation of the distinct difference in the pitch of the fans voices during the chant. Amazing match! Reigns hits the spear on Harper for the pin at the 15:35 mark.

Great show put on by WWE. Oncenter War Memorial fits about 7,000 and I'd say was about 80-85% full. Much better turn out and more vocal than the previous show last fall. New acts like Cesaro, Wyatts, Paige and The Shield were over huge.

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