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By Cohen Morrison on 2014-04-26 11:48:25

Here are last night's WWE results from Toronto.

Dolph Ziggler Def. Alberto Del Rio.

Nikki Bella Def. Alicia Fox.

Bad News Barrett Def. Rob Van Dam in a Preview Match for this week's RAW.

Sin Cara Def. Damien Sandow.

Kofi Kingston Def. Titus O'Neil.

Alexader Rusev (with Lana) Def. Zack Ryder.

6 Man Tag Team Street Fight Match:

The Shield Def. The Wyatt Family.
The Street Fight Match was the Match of the night of the crowd loved both The Shield and The Wyatts.  The end of the match saw The Shield Triple Powerbomb Erick Rowan through a table and pin him for the win.

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