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By Dave Scherer on 2014-04-06 23:19:52

Hour four started with the Multi Divas Title match. Given what just went down with The Undertaker, it was the perfect come down match. ... The first action came when the Bellas faced off and Nikki did a backbreaker on Brie. The match came down to AJ and Naomi, AJ put on her finisher and won. That was kind of surprising. She beat the odds.

In the back Mean Gene was with Hulk Hogan. Roddy Piper came in with Paul Orndorff, who looks so different now. Wow, I wouldn't recognize him. Roddy says he has no issue with Hogan but him.....Orndorff says that for years, people tell him about losing the first match at Mania. If he had a good partner he would have been find. Mr. T cames in to back Hulk. All four shook hands. Including Piper and T. That's a WrestleMania moment Gene said, and he's right.

They then showed the Hall of Famers at ringside. Bruno, Harley Race, Bob Backlund, Bret Hart and Dusty Rhodes.

Time for the main event. Rev Theory is playing Randy Orton's theme.

Big Dave came out next, then Bryan. They didn't sell his status as much as I thought they would.

Bryan got announced first. Then Dave. Then Orton. The reactions were what you would expect. They then plugged the Network. Bryan came out like a house on fire. Both guys went to work on him early and put him out. Then it was Dave and Randy. Randy took control on Dave, nailing Bryan when he would get up. But then Bryan started coming back. And coming back. He got a ran from the top for a two.

They heels took control when Stephanie and Triple H rand down as Bryan has the Yes Lock on Orton. They pulled the ref out. Batista used the distraction to attack. Out came H's crooked ref Scott Armstrong. Well played, forgot about him. Batista went for the pin but Byran kicked out. The fans are going nuts. Bryan then threw Armstrong out. Bryan did a flying goat on H, Steph and Armstrong. H got up and went to hit Bryan with the sledghammer but Bryan took it and nailed H! This led the heels to work together beat up Bryan. Steph and H were helped away. The fans heeled them when they left. The heels prepped the announce tables. Batista hit DB with a monitor. The fans chanted for CM Punk. The heels did a Batista Bomb into an RKO through the table. The fans chanted holy sh.. Orton sold that it hurt him too. Batista did nothing. Medical came out to attend to Bryan. He pretended to help Orton up then attacked. ... They put Bryan on a stretcher and wheeled him away. The fans chanted for him as Orton tried to come back. ... Bryan fought his way off of the stretcher and crawled back to the ring. Orton threw him into the ring steps. The fans chanted for Bryan. Orton set up Bryan for the RKO but Bryan got the YES Lock. Batista broke it up but Bryan got it on him. Orton broke it up. ... Orton went for the RKO on Batista but he broke it up. Orton then hit it but only got a two. He Orton went for the punt kick when out of nowhere Bryan hit a big knee on Orton. Batista went to cover, but only got a two. Batista hit the Bomb but the Goat came from out of nowhere and hit the YES lock on Batista, who tapped. Daniel Bryan is your new CHAMPION! They did the confetti and all. Perfect ending, great match. Awesome finish, exactly as it should have been.

And wow, what a WrestleMania. Great show, and the stream was awesome. I can't wait to go and do the post game show! Thanks for reading.

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