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By Dave Scherer on 2014-04-06 23:19:52

Earlier we saw that the announcers had Mountain Dew at ringside. Now we know why. There was an ad for the product.

The New Age Outlaws came out and as Road Dogg was talking, The Shield's music hit and they came out of the crowd. The fans popped big. Kane's music then hit and he came out as well. And we're off with Reigns in control early, working over the Outlaws. Kane came in and went to chokeslam Reigns but Rollins took him out. Rollins then came flying over the top. Double topes to the floor. Reigns speared Kane, then both Outlaws. The three of them did a double powerbomb on both Outlaws, with Reigns as the power man in the middle. 1-2-3, it's over, and over fast. The Shield got their revenge in convincing fashion. It was basically a squash, but it was perfect.

In the back, Hacksaw Duggan beat Sgt. Slaughter Slam City. Danny Davis counted the pin. Rickyu Steamboat, in character, came in to play Duggan when the game was taken away because The Million Dollar Man bought it. Ron Simmons came in and said, you guessed it, DAMN!

The Andre The Giant Battle Memorial Royal is up next. Big Show is out first. The Sheamus. Check that, the other guys were already in the ring. It's every man for himself and I am not going to do every elimination. The first big moment, literally, came when Show dumped Mark Henry. The first bad moment came when The Cobra of Santino beat Miz. ... Fandango eliminated someone and danced on the apron. Sheamus pounded the snot out of him and got eliminated. ... Big Show pressslammed R Truth out. Ziggler is doing the hang on for deal life gimmick. ... Tyson kid went up and Alberto eliminated him with a great kick to the head. ... Goldust is out next and we are down to eight. ... Alberto pushed Cody off of the top rope and he's out. Down to seven. Rey set Alberto up and hit the 619. He went to do it to Cesaro but he powered out and hit a flying uppercut. Rey is out. ... Cesaro threw Kofi over the top but he landed on the steps, he isn't out. Show went to chokeslam Kofi but he got hit with Trouble in Paradise. Cesaro did the Big Swing on Kofi. I lost count. It could have been 30. Show then chokeslammed Cesaro. Sheamus hit a Brogue, then dumped Kofi. Ziggler hit a big DDT on Sheamus. Zig skinned the cat but Alberto knocked him out. The fans booed. Down to four, ADR, Sheamus, Show and Cesaro, the latter two are selling. Sheamus took out himself and ADR with an accidental power spot. It's Show vs. Cesaro. Cesaro fought but Show tossed him. He doesn't hit the floor. Show slaps him, the fans booed, and then we got another WrestleMania moment as Cesaro caught show, held him up, then dumped him over the top to win. Afterward, Show shook his hand. Cesaro is now officially a face. Great night for Cesaro. They did this perfectly as Cesaro put in an amazing performance and they are now ready to push him up the card. Like Eps just said to me, so far they are doing everything right. That's a shoot.

Next up is John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. Yep, Cena this early. And it's the right call. After a great video package, New Orleans, we're here. We got a live playing of the Wyatt music. It was really cool. After that, Bray came to the ring with Rowan and Harper. We know what they are doing tonight.

The match starts with Bray going to the his knees and saying be the monster they came to see, finish me. Cena wouldn't and the match started. Cena is getting boos, which frankly I think sucks. He is in the fourth match, he is working with a young guy, he isn't hogging the show, give him a chance. We also got the Let's Go Cena/Cena sucks chants. ... Bray was in control early on, until he ran into a Cena clothesline. You could hear boos. Oh well. Cena then started punching Bray, which just made him laugh. It was slow early, playing up on the mental aspect, Bray largely in control because Cena is fazed by everything. And then, he snapped out of it. Or did he. He went for the Five Knuckle when Bray did that freaky yoga move he does and Cena freaked. Bray is back in control. ... Cena came back and went up to the top for a legdrop but when he jumped Bray caught him and did a powerbomb for a two. Cena is being very tentative here and that is the story of the match, he is freaked out by Bray. Cena comes to, and hits the Five Knuckle and went for the AA but Bray reversed it and crunched it. A let's go Wyatt chant broke out while some responded with Let's Go Cena. They went to the apron and Bray hit a face first DDT. ...

Cena came back and laid Bray out. He went to the top and instead of coming in the ring, he did a splash on the two on the floor. Cool spot, that let Bray take control again. Bray went to use the ring steps but Cena came back. Cena wanted to use the steps on Bray but then he realized he would be the monster Bray says he is. Headgames again. Back in the ring, Bray gets a near fall with a flying axehandle. He sang he has the whole world, in his hands. Cena then hit the AA but Bray kicked out.

Rowan then distracted the red while Harper took Cena out. Bray got a two count. Bray threw Cena to the floor. Harper was stalking him when Cena saw him and speared him through the ringside barricade. Bray brought Cena back in the ring and went for Sister Abigal but Cena reversed it into the STF. Bray got the ropes. Out of nowhere, Bray hit Sister Abigail. Cena kicked out and Bray did the shocked and impressed at the same time look. He went to the floor and attacked one of the foreign announce tables. He grabbed a chair and went back in the ring with it. Rowan distracted the ref as Bray gave the chair to Cena and said finish me, be the monster you are. Bray set to be hit with the chair and Cena went to use it, but stayed true to himself and hit Rowan, who was on the apron, instead. Bray went for Sister Abigal but Cena powered out and hit the AA for the win.

This was not your typical WWE match. The story was much different than what they usually do, but it was interesting. I liked the match. I know some will complain that Cena won, but come on, it's WrestleMania, this isn't over yet and Cesaro and Bryan have already had good nights. I say relax and give it time. It's not over.

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