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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-03-31 23:02:42
We are in Washington, D.C. and your announcers are John ‘Executive’ Layfield, Michael ‘Legislative’ Cole, and Jerry ‘Judicial’ Lawler.

We begin with the Undertaker’s gong and the blue lighting in the arena. Undertaker makes his way into the arena and he walks to the ring.

He says that twenty-one men have stepped up and twenty-one men have been set down. He did not claim to be better than his victims, but at the Showcase of the Immortals he will go further than anyone else. That is why the streak stays alive. He is sure that Brock Lesnar is thinking of how to break the streak.

Brock should be thinking about what is going to happen when he takes Brock into the deep water when he can no longer touch the bottom, what are you going to do Brock? Are you going to try to grab Taker and bring him down with him or is Brock going to turn around and swim to shore.

Every opponent of his has made that decision and they have been in the same situation that Brock will be on Sunday. They tried to swim back to shore and not one have made it yet. He knows that Brock is very dangerous and there are many who think that his time will come and it is inevitable that the streak will be broken.

There are many more who believe in three things. Three things that cannot be beaten. Death . . . taxes . . . and the streak. At Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar will rest . . . in . . . peace.

Brock Lesnar’s music plays during Taker’s rest in peace and he makes his way to the stage with Paul Heyman.

Paul says that he does not mean any disrespect. His client means disrespect but he does not mean any disrespect. This is not a match that Brock Lesnar has to win. This is a match that the Undertaker must not lose. You can beat on his client with a demon’s fury until Hell freezes over, but all it takes is one moment and one F-5. Three seconds later, the vaunted undefeated streak is over.

The most historic Wrestlemania Moment since Hulk Hogan defeated Andre The Giant will take place on Sunday when his client BROCK LESNAR defeats the Undertaker. Paul says that is not a prediction, but a spoiler.

Brock makes his way to the ring with Paul by his side and the Undertaker unbuttons his jacket and takes it off. Brock and Paul stop half way to the ring and then Brock starts to back up and he points at Taker and the Wrestlemania sign.

Brock decides to go to the ring but he stops at the apron. Brock thinks about leaping onto the apron but he backs up and he chortles at Taker. Brock goes around one side of the ring while Paul goes around the other side. They walk around the ring and Heyman tries to get a chair into the ring.

Taker sees Heyman and Brock attacks from behind. They exchange punches and Brock with a clothesline. Brock gets Taker up and hits an F-5.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Big E versus Alberto Del Rio in a Non Title Match

Del Rio with a kick and punches. Big E with a shoulder tackle and he gets a near fall. Big E with punches in the corner. Big E with an Irish whip and shoulder into the corner and Del Rio goes down. Big E gets a near fall. Big E presses Del Rio over his head and then he drops Del Rio behind for a near fall.

Del Rio side steps Big E when he charges into the corner and Big E hits the ring post with his shoulder. Del Rio pulls the shoulder into the ring post. Del Rio with a boot to the arm on the ring step. We go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio with a key lock but Big E with elbows. Big E with a suplex and he tries to get some feeling into his shoulder. Big E runs into an elbow from Del Rio and then Del Rio with a cross arm breaker in the ropes. Del Rio releases the hold before the referee can get to five.

Del Rio goes up top but Big E catches Del Rio and hits a back breaker. Big E with two clotheslines and then he ducks a clothesline from Del Rio and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E with an Ultimate Warrior Splash but he lands on Del Rio’s knees.

Del Rio misses the super kick and Big E with a back body drop for a near fall. Big E sets for the Big Ending but Del Rio escapes and hits a lungblower for a near fall. Del Rio signals for the cross arm breaker and he tries for the float over but Big E with a back body drop and the Ultimate Warrior Splash for a near fall.

The straps come down but Del Rio with an arm wringer and then he floats over into the cross arm breaker but Big E keeps Del Rio from locking in the hold at first and he tries to lift Del Rio for a power bomb. Del Rio gets Big E to the mat. Big E gets to his feet and he hits a one arm power bomb but Del Rio gets his hand on the rope to stop the count.

Big E with a punch and then he puts Del Rio on the turnbuckles. Del Rio knocks Big E off the turnbuckles but he hangs from the middle turnbuckle. Del Rio with a double stomp followed by a super kick for the three count.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Remember that you can vote on the WWE App for which member of The Shield you want to see face Kane tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to talk about the situation between John Cena and the Wyatt Family.

We see footage from the match between John Cena and Luke Harper on last week’s Raw and the end of the match when Cena was tied in the ropes wearing the lamb mask.

Luke is whistling and Bray says that it laughs and breathes. The problem becomes far too easy when you turn a blind eye to the landfills. It is hard to continue to whisper into their ears to listen and believe you. Do we have your attention? He was told that he was born to lead. He would be the one to take everything that they love and burn it to the ground.

She told him he would change the world. They are going to cry for you John. They will not understand at first. They will forget you and then they will see you the same way that he does. There is a monster, John. He’s got the whole world in his hands.

In case you missed Total Divas, we see what happened between Natalya and Summer Rae at the end of the show.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Vickie Guerrero is at the announce table and she may have an announcement about the format of the Divas Title Match at Wrestlemania.

Vickie says the match will a one fall match.

Match Number Two: Summer Rae versus Natalya

They lock up and Natalya takes Summer to the mat and punches her. Summer sends Natalya into the turnbuckles and she kicks Natalya in the back. Summer with a clothesline for a near fall. Summer with a reverse chin lock. Natalya with elbows but Summer sends Natalya to the mat.

Summer misses a leg drop and Natalya slams Summer’s head into the mat and runs over her back before hitting a drop kick. Natalya with a few suplexes and Summer with a slap. Natalya with a clothesline and slap.

Natalya with a double leg take down and she tries to put Summer in the Sharpshooter but Summer kicks Natalya away. Summer goes to the floor and Natalya tries to pull her back into the ring but Summer with a kick to the head and Summer gets the three count.

Winner: Summer Rae

Triple H, the WWE COO, and Stephanie McMahon, one of the principal owners of the WWE, walk in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way to the ring.

Stephanie says that her and her husband are benevolent people. They will let everyone say goodbye to the Yes Movement before her husband destroys Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania.

Hunter says that he doesn’t know how much they are going to care. This generation has no loyalty. They don’t care. They just want to be part of something. They don’t want to do anything that requires work or effort. They have a flavor of the day and then they move on.

One year ago at this time, they talk about how Fandango was so big after Wrestlemania. Remember how big that was? Then you just threw it away and didn’t give a crap. Hunter says that kid is a quality talent. A solid B+ or A player.

Stephanie asks the people if they want to see Daniel Bryan tonight. Stephanie starts doing the Yes and they follow. She says that she was right that she could get them to do the Yes. She says that you can chant all you want, but Daniel Bryan will not be here tonight. That is what is best for business.

What is best for Daniel Bryan is to go to New Orleans early to rest up.

Hunter says the Yes Movement is just a myth and a fallacy. You want to believe that Daniel Bryan is an A+ player, but he isn’t. No matter how many times you come out and chant, it isn’t true.

Hunter says that it is like all of the people who think that he has all of his power and success because he married well. He will be the first to admit that he married spectacularly. The reason he has what he has is because of his dominance in the ring. It is why he got to the top and the reason he stayed at the top.

It didn’t matter what flavor of the week you threw at him, the same thing happened over and over again.

If you don’t believe Hunter, here is a video to prove it, narrated by Stephanie McMahon.

Hunter says that those guys are not great, but they were just players in the game and I AM THE GAME. He is The Game more than ever. Hunter says that not only will he beat Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania and stop the Yes Movement, he will step in the ring with Randy Orton and Batista and show that he is the most powerful man in the WWE. He will walk out of Wrestlemania as the COO of this company and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Batista’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring in a Patrick Ewing Georgetown jersey.

He says that he loves the Say Goodbye to the Yes Movement video, but he noticed that Batista wasn’t in the video because Hunter never beat him.

Hunter says that he has heard Batista say the same thing already. He seems to focus on that. He asks Batista if he should be getting ready for his match.

Batista asks Hunter if he should be worried about his match on Sunday against Daniel Bryan. Then he says that he realized that Hunter is the brains of the operation and Stephanie is the brawn.

Randy Orton comes out and he says that if Stephanie is going to slap the taste out of Batista’s mouth, he wants to get a closer look. He tells Stephanie to not do anything because he wants to enjoy his match.

He says that he likes the idea of a Triple Threat Match because it is what is best for business. He knows that Hunter will beat Daniel Bryan and he looks forward to defending his title against Hunter on the biggest stage of them all. He asks Hunter to reconsider not being in the match.

Hunter says that no amount of ass kissing will get him out of the match. Orton’s reign as Champion ends soon, unless Randy can find a way to become the Viper again. He means THE VIPER. If Randy is THE VIPER he doesn’t know if he can beat that guy. Hunter reminds Orton that he has a match against Batista tonight and that match is no disqualification.

Match Number Three: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso and Fernando and Diego (with El Torito) versus Curtis Axel and Ryback and Jack Swagger and Cesaro (with Zeb Colter)

Ryback and Jimmy start things off and Ryback backs Jimmy into the corner and he gives a clean break. They lock up again and Ryback pushes Jimmy on the break. Jimmy with chops but Ryback with an Irish whip and he catches Jimmy when he tries to float over. Jimmy with a chop or three. Ryback with a knee.

Jimmy with an arm drag or two into an arm bar. Jey tags in and they hit a double duper kick and Ryback goes down. Jey gets a near fall. Ryback with a kick and forearm and he tags in Axel. Jey with a clothesline and chop. Diego tags in and he connects with a forearm and slingshot senton onto Axel. Fernando tags in and he hits a slingshot senton. Fernando with a drop kick and arm drag into an arm bar.

Jimmy tags in and he punches Axel and chops him. Axel with an Irish whip but Jimmy slides into the corner and he chops Axel. Diego tags in and he punches Axel. Fernando tags in and he hits a drop kick. Fernando gets a near fall. Jimmy with a punch after tagging in. Axel with a punch and he tags in Cesaro. Cesaro with European uppercuts but Jimmy with a clothesline and super kick. Cesaro with a knee and European uppercut. Swagger tags in and he punches Jimmy and kicks him.

Swagger sends him into the turnbuckles and follows up with a hard Irish whip. Jimmy with an uppercut and a float over DDT and then he clotheslines Cesaro over the top rope. Jimmy keeps Axel on the floor and then he clotheslines Ryback over the top to the floor. Fernando with a plancha to the floor followed by one from Jimmy.

Jey tags in and hits a cross body onto Swagger for a near fall. Jey is sent to the floor and then Swagger with a shoulder that knocks Jey off the apron to the floor. Swagger goes to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro gets a near fall on Jimmy. Jimmy with an elbow and Cesaro catches Jimmy and hits a back breaker for a near fall. Cesaro with a dead lift side salto for a near fall. Swagger tags in and he Irish whips Jimmy. Cesaro with a clothesline in the corner and then Cesaro sends Jimmy to Swagger for a clothesline and a near fall.

Ryback tags in and gets a near fall. Ryback with a reverse chin lock. Jimmy with elbows but Ryback tries for a slingshot belly-to-back suplex but Jimmy counters into a bulldog and both men are down. Axel knocks Fernando and Diego off the apron but Jey is able to tag in and he takes care of Axel. Axel misses a splash into the corner and then he hits a clothesline.

Jimmy with a Samoan Drop and then he sets for the running butt splash and he connects. Jimmy with a near fall but Ryback breaks up the cover. Ryback gets a super kick for his interference. Axel with a rollup for a near fall. Swagger tags in and Jimmy with a super kick to Axel but Swagger with a big boot and the cover is broken up. Cesaro grabs Diego and sets for the giant swing but Fernando with a rana and Diego with an Asai Moonsault.

Swagger tries for the Swagger Bomb but Jimmy gets his feet up and then Swagger tries for an ankle lock. Jimmy kicks out and tags in Diego but Diego comes off the turnbuckles and is put in the ankle lock. Swagger with a belly-to-belly slam on Jey but Fernando switches places with Diego and Diego gets the inside cradle for the three count.

Winners: Fernando, Diego, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso

We go to commercial.

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