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By Dave Scherer on 2014-03-11 08:59:00

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Could you see WWE allowing CM Punk a time slot for Payback in Chicago, not to wrestle, but purely uninterrupted speaking time where he can discuss his final decision? I think it would show in some form that WWE respects Punk enough to give him full PPV time to speak his mind in his own home town. Also, Punk's masses of fans deserve to know something. If this really and truly is it for CM Punk, all he'd have to do is say so, plus I'm about 99.99% positive he'd get a HOF induction in 2015.

I honestly don't know. It would all depend on the dialogue Punk has had with Vince McMahon and what their relationship is like. I would love to see it happen, if Punk is serious about hanging up the boots. The crowd in Chicago would love it too.

My question is concerning royalties. This question can be answered for both the multiple Doinks and now multiple Sin Caras in WWE/F. When there is a change of guard in who is playing the character do the royalties stop coming for the original performer and automatically start going to the new performer?

That is standard operating procedure. Whoever is playing the character gets the royalties when they are playing it.

Can you envision any reasonable scenario (with the key word being reasonable) that has Daniel Bryan leaving WM30 with the championship? Or is The Authority determined to shove “what’s best for business” down the fans throats?

Honestly? The ONLY reasonable scenario is that he leaves with it! As I type this on Saturday, I haven't seen Raw, but to me if they don't do an angle where Bryan gets into the WWE Title match at Mania if he beats HHH, they have completely dropped the ball.

Call me late to the party, but since the WWE network came out, my favorite new discovery is NXT, it reminds me of the wrestling shows of my childhood where most of the focus is in ring action. In fact, in my opinion NXT just flat out blows the doors off of nearly everything I've seen from the point that I didn't even bother to DVR Impact last week for the first time in years. I may be alone on this, but do you think WWE could actually be positioning NXT to be the "alternative" to the "entertainment" heavy Raw and Smackdown?

OK, you are late to the party. Hey, you asked me to do it. Seriously, I agree with you. NXT has been a lot of fun and now it's easy for me to watch since I don't have Hulu Plus. I also believe that it will affect Impact. Triple H was clear in the conference call we had on the site to say that the goal for NXT is to teach the talent. But with that said, if the brand grows due to the Network, WWE will be very, very happy about that.

From time to time I like to update Wikipedia if I find facts that are not posted. But lately, whenever I post an edit to any wrestling-related article, citing as the source, it gets deleted. The reason is, according to Wikipedia, your site is "not a credible/reliable source". For the record, other wrestling sites [whom 'observe' the business] are strangely accepted as credible sources. My question to you is how do you at respond to Wikipedia [of all websites!] claiming your work is not credible or reliable?

I didn't know they did that. How do I respond? I don't find Wikipedia to be credible! When you let anyone and everyone post "facts" on your page, well that isn't very credible to me. So the feeling is mutual. And I also find them to be incredibly gauche with the way they beg for money all the time!

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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