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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-02 00:28:06
On Friday, the Nashville Chancery Court postponed the planned start of the civil lawsuit TNA brought against former TNA wrestler Scott "Steiner" Rechsteiner. The trial was set to begin this month.

According to court documents, a pre-trial conference is now scheduled for 11/20 while the trial is now scheduled to begin on 12/8.

TNA filed a breach of contract and defamation of character suit in 2012 against Steiner, claiming his numerous Twitter rants against Hulk Hogan, Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff, among others, were a violation of his contract. At the time, Steiner claimed he was speaking for the wrestlers who could not and for the good of the fans. Most of those he targeted are no longer employed by TNA.

Steiner counter-sued, claiming that could not be the case since his TNA deal had expired and he had turned down a new contract. His counter-suit was later dropped, although a separate lawsuit where he alleges he was injured working a TNA live event against an allegedly not in condition to perform Jeff Hardy, is still ongoing.

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