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By Greg Hannibal on 2014-03-01 14:00:00
Here are the quick results from the show last night. They ran a LOOONG video during intermission pushing the Network and how people can get it. There were a lot of people talking about old shows around me so I got the impression it's a hit, at least in the population sitting around me last night.

*WWE IC champ Big E. pinned Fandango in a three way with Ryback. Just OK.

*Tyson Kidd pinned Curtis Axel. Solid match and well wrestled.

*Sin Cara pinned Alberto Del Rio. Good match with a nice pace to it.

*The Rhodes Boys defeated The Real Americans in a great 22 minute match.

*Miz pinned Bad News Barrett. Crickets.

*The Bella defeated Aksasa and Alicia Fox. They were winning a dance-off, which led to the Bella being attacked and the referee ringing the bell.

*Randy Orton beat John Cena in a steel cage match. Really nothing to this. Cena looked sluggish. Cena cut a promo after that WWE doctors wanted him to take this weekend off but he wanted to work for the fans and he was sorry he couldn't do more. That promo turned the crowd and he got a nice ovation leaving.

Lots of good wrestling up and down.

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