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By Brian White on 2014-02-25 20:34:02

Smackdown opens in memorial to Viscera.

Batista talked. He didn't come back to be liked. CM Punk chants started. He said he's the man..not Randy Orton, Hulk Hogan or The Rock. Yes chants started. He's here to destroy our heroes and become champion. Dolph Ziggler showed up. He told Dave he wants a match. Dave accepted. Dolph dropkicked him and left the ring.

Big E and Mark Henry took on The Real Americans. Swagger had the Patriot Lock on Henry when Cesaro taggeed himself in. He then finished him off and took the pin.

Vickie Guerrero set up a match between Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus. In the middle of the match Christian showed up and joined the announcers. As Sheamus had ADR beaten later, Christian came in and broke it up, getting Sheamus DQ'd. After the match Sheamus hit the Brogue on ADR. Christian came back in and hit the Killswitch on Sheamus.

They aired the Hulk hogan video from Raw.

Backstage, Lana and Alexander Rusev cut a promo. They then showed a backstage interview with The Shield. They talked about how they had two losses in two years and now they had two 2 in one week. They need to regroup and become one again.

Ziggler vs. Batista. They did a second entrance for Dave, fireworks both times and just the single spotlight as he hits ring. CM Punk chants break out again, as do bootista. Dave finally wins with Bootista Bomb>

The Wyatts did an in-ring interview. ... The Shield come to ring. HHH came out and said that this won't happen tonight. He told The Shield to stand down and save it for Raw. They will have a match there.

AJ vs Cameron was next. Halfway through match Tamina got ejected but AJ won.

Brock Lesnar will respond to Undertaker on Raw on Monday.

Daniel Bryan and The Usos beat Kane and the New Age Outlaws when Bryan pinned Billy Gunn.

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