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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-21 11:59:33

The crowd was mocking Cole when Kevin Steen’s music hit and he came to the ring. He told Cole that he will see him very soon. He suggested that several people leave. He said it wasn’t a ROH show anymore but The Kevin Steen Show. He said he wanted his guest to come out, not for an interview but to get his ass kicked. Cliff Compton came from the crowd with a trash can.

Streetfight: Kevin Steen vs. Cliff Compton

They brawled around ringside and lit each other up with Singapore Canes. Steen put a trash can on Compton’s head and nailed him with a cannonball in the corner. He went to grab a chair but Compton dropkicked it into his head.

They brawled around ringside. Compton hit a dive to the floor. The crowd let loose with a “Sabu” chant. Steen hung Compton upside down on the outside and began beating him with a Singapore Cane.

Steen brought a table into play. Steen stacked two tables atop of each other on the outside. Steen and Compton battled on the top rope. Steen nailed him down into the ring and went for a swanton, but Compton got his knees up.

Compton charged Steen but was caught and hit with an F5 over the top to the floor. Ouch! Steen bridged a table between the ring and the railing. Compton took him down and went to the top acting like he was going to do a Superfly Splash. Steen recovered and tossed him off the top the floor outside. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.”

Steen brought Compton back in the ring and nailed him with a chair. He placed a quartet of chairs towards each other. Compton lowblowed him and nailed a Michinoku Driver through the chairs. The crowd chanted, “Holy sh**.”

Compton brought a ladder into the ring. He went to ram Steen into it but it was blocked and was powerbombed on the ladder for a two count. Steen powerbombed him again onto the ladder.

Steen worked him over with punches in the corner, then nailed a DDT. Steen went to the top for a moonsault but was shoved forward, over the ringpost and down through the stacked tables. Compton went for the ladder airplane spin but Steen kicked him low and nailed the package piledriver for the pin.

Your winner Kevin Steen!

A fun brawl. From a pure wrestling standpoint, this was the weakest thing on a really strong show but it was totally different from everything else as there was a clear babyface vs. heel feel and lots of plunder.

Kevin Steen took the mic and said that Compton was the craziest SOB he’s ever seen. The crowd chanted, “That was awesome.” Steen said that now that that was over with “and it better be”, he wanted the ROH title. He said he was champion for 11 months, but the fact is….

Out came Homicide and Eddie Kingston. He said he beat both of them in title matches. Homicide said no but Steen said to watch the tapes, :”and I said tapes because you can’t own a DVD player.” He swore he was going to win it again and that was a promise because he’s a man of his word. He praised ROH on its anniversary and thanked everyone

Homicide and Kingston mocked Steen more and left. Steen said that he would see everyone tomorrow and then when ROH returned to Philly, he would be ROH champion.

That’s all from Philly!

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