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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-15 17:39:21

Psycho Circus

They have a cage on two sides of the ring.  On one side, they have barbed wire wrapped around the ropes.  On the remaining side are two tables with chairs atop of them.

The vacant NYWC title is hanging above the ring and the first person to grab it from a ladder is the new champion.  The Tag belts are also on the line and can be won by putting the champs through a table.  If one of the women pin Marti Belle, she will win the NYWC Starlet title.

Out first for Team Elite is NYWC Tag Team champion Jesse Vane.  Out next Stockade who tosed a trash can full of weapons into the ring.  He attacked Vane and they brawled around ringside, including into a ladder outside.

They brawled back into the ring, where Stockade drilled him with a metal panel from a car and then nailed him with a sideslam.  Vane made a comeback and nailed him with a crutch.  Vane went for an Acid Drop but was shoved off and caught with a belly to belly suplex.   Vane was dropped head first into a trash can.  Stockade continued the beating as the countdown for the next period ended.

Out came Blake Flawless but Stockade cut him off and whipped him into the cage, then kicked him in the gut.  Vane returned and they double superkicked Stockade into the barbed wire.  They each nailed Stockade in the head with weapons.  They drilled him with a chair. Morris nailed a springboard elbow into the chair on Stockade.

Out for Mikey's team was King Mega, who caned the hell out of Vane and Morris.   He tossed Stockade one and they cleaned house.  Mega held Morris up for Stockade to dive off the ropes with a splash.  Mega nailed Morris with a cane and a metal crutch at the same time.  Morris tossed Stockade to the outside.

Out for Team Elite is NYWC Tag Team champion Matt Justice.   He went right after Stockade on the floor, drilling him with a metal pan.   He hit the ring and Team Elite triple-teamed Mega.  Stockade tried to bring a table into the ring but was dropkicked.  They worked over Stockade and Mega.

Out for Mikey was Christy Rivera.  She went right after Justice with a cheese grater.   Stockade worked over Morris with a crutch and tossed him to the floor.   He placed a pail in front of Vane and drilled it into him.

Out next was NYWC Starlet champion Marti Belle.  She went right after Stockade  but was whipped into the cage.  Rivera was whipped towards a table in the corner but jumped on it and slid underneath and attacked Morris. Everyone brawled.

Out next was Francis Kipland Stevens.  He hit the ring and teased fighting with Belle but kissed her instead.  Justice attacked him with a dropkick.  He went for a powerbomb on Rivera but she turned it into a rana.  Belle nailed her and pinned her.

Belle retains her title.  Rivera eliminated.

They all brawled.  Out next was Mike Mondo, who speared Stevens.   He choked out Stevens with the crutch, then slammed him facefirst into a table.   Stevens was tossed hard into a cage.  Mondo tried to stop up onto a cinder block to get the title but was nailed by Stockade with a weapon.  Stockade tried to powerbomb Vane on a cinderblocked but was bodypressed down onto it.

Mikey Whipwreck came out throwing snowballs and then tossed a big can of snow into the ring.   He dumped it over Morris and then hit a whippersnapper on him.  Mega then chokeslammed him into the snow.  Mikey hit a dive onto Mondo on the floor.  Francis nailed a dropkick into a chair on Justice.

Francis nailed Vane into Justice, then tossed him to the outside.  Next out was DJ Hyde, who was attacked by Stockade.  They brawled and Hyde killed him with two shots from a stop sign.  Hyde worked over Stevens and whipped him into the barbed wire.

Everyone brawled.  Mondo and Stockade brawled with weapons.  Out for Mikey's team was Rex Lawless, who tossed Morris into the cage, then tossed Justice in.  They all brawled.  Stockade worked over Justice with a barbed wire bat but missed a shot and was carved up with it.

Lawless brought a ladder into play as everyone brawled.  Morris beat Stevens with a chair. Lawless bridged a ladder between the ring and the guard rail.  Mikey worked over Justice with a keyboard.

Mondo set up a ladeder and climbed up trying to get the belt. Whipwreck hit Hyde with a trash can in the groin, then fishhooked his mouth with a crowbar.   Mondo was attacked by Stockade, who brought him down but was hit with a Tiger Driver.

Mega went for a chokeslam but Mondo escaped and landed on the ladder, then retrieved the NYWC belt.  Mondo is the champion.  Mega is eliminated.

Lawless was nailed onto the ladder and splashed by Vane.  Stevens tried to fight off Hyde but was taken down and ripped with barbed wire.  Everyone battled.

Whipwreck was wrapped in barbed wire in the corner, trapped.   Stockade went for a powerbomb but was hit with a big boot by Justice and placed on a table.  Vane scaled the ladder and used a pipe at the top of the venue to drop off and doublestomp Stockade on the table.  It bent but didn't break so Justice went across the pipe as well and dropped down with an elbow.

Vane and Justice retain the tag belts.  Mikey and Stockade are eliminated,

Morris dropkicked Francis, who was going after him with a chair.    Morris  began whipped Francis.  Hyde worked over Lawless on the floor.  Stevens made a comeback and began whipping Morris.  Stevens tried to go for a rana off the top through chairs on Stevens.  Hyde nailed him with a chair and Morris nailed a powerbomb through the chairs.

Morris locked on a Sharpshooter but not before tying the belt around Francis, choking him.  The referee ruled Kipland was choked out and they ruled he couldn't continue.

Blake Morris is the new NYWC Fusion champion.

It was down to Lawless vs. Morris and Hyde.  They worked him over and he fought back.  Hyde nailed a belly to belly overhead suplex into a ladder in the corner, which was  a brutal bump for Lawless to take.

Mikey Whipwreck FINALLY freed himself from the corner and left wrapped in barbed wire by the way.

Hyde went to the back and returned with light tubes.  He nailed Lawless with one.  Lawless returned the favor.  They then nailed each other and broke the remnants over their own head,   They battled back and forth.  Hyde was nailed with a belly to back suplex in the center.

Lawless returned with a giant light tube.  Lawless placed it between two chairs.  Hyde speared Lawless.   Hyde nailed a dropdown belly to back something.   Hyde set up for the lariat but Lawless dropped down and nailed a DVDR through the tubes and scored the pin.

Your final Survivor, Rex Lawless!

Welll that was pretty awesome and insane.

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