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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-15 17:39:21

2014 Master of the Mat 30 minute Iron Man bout with Drew Gulak vs. Papadon vs. John Silver vs. Alex Reynolds where the winner of the most falls in the time period is the winner.

There will be a 20 minute time limit.  If you get a pinfalll, one point.  If you get a submission, 2 points.  If you are counted out, you lose a point.  If you are DQ'd you lose 2 points.

They had Legend do the big time introductions.

Papadon and Gulak shook hands but then argued.

All four battled at the bell.  Papadon was tossed to the outside.  The Beaver Boys worked over Gulak and sent him to the floor.    Reynolds and Gulak went to the floor.  Papadon attacked Silver but was laid out.  Gulak returned and went back and forth with Silver in some really good mat wrestling.

Gulak caught Silver coming down during a leapfrog and turned it into a sunset flip pinfall combination for a near fall.  Gulak then small packaged him for a three count.

Gulak - 1

Papadon tossed Gulak to the outside and battled back and forth with forearms on Silver.  Papadon nailed a leg lariat and scored a three count on Silver,  Gulak nailed a backslide on Papadon.  Reynolds nailed Gulak and scored a three count.

Gulak -2, Papadon-1, Reynolds - 1, Silver  -0

The Beaver Boys worked over Gulak.  He knocked Reynolds into Silver but was caught with a Sharpshooter by Reynolds and tapped.

Gulak -2 , Reynolds 3, Papadon -1, Silver 0

Silver worked over Reynolds and scored a two count.  Gulak nailed a Gutwrench suplex for a two count on Silver.  Reynolds nailed the Big Ending on Gulak but Papadon tossed him to the floor and covered Gulak for a two count.

Papadon returned and drilled Gulak with a series of kicks.  Papadon locked in a submission and forced Gulak to tap.

Reynolds - 3, Papadon -3,Gulak - 2, Silver - 0

Everyone battled back and forth.  Gulak nailed a Dragon Screw Legwhip.  He locked in a Texas Cloverleaf.

Gulak -4, Papadon -3, Reynolds -3, Silver - 0

The crowd rallied behind Silver, chanting "Number One", which is his nickname.   He worked over Papadon but was tossed to the outside.  Papadon nailed a tilowhirl backbreaker and a brainbuyster on Reynolds for a three count.

Papadon -4, Gulak -4, Reynolds - 3, Silver -0

Silver returned to the ring and chopped Papadon.  He was slapped so Silver slapped him back.  He was backdropped onto the apron and landed on his feet.  Papadon knocked him to the floor and hit a dive to the floor.  Reynolds nailed a dive to the floor.  Gulak then hit a tope con hilo.

Silver scaled one of the poles of the venue and dove off onto everyone on the floor.  When they returned, Papadon and Gulak went back and forth with The Beaver Boys and locked them in stereo anklelocks.  They battled to their feet and hit stereo enziguiris.

Reynolds sent Papadon into  the corner, where Silver nailed an enziguiri.  Reynolds covered Papadon as well and the referee ruled it for Reynolds.

Everyone but Silver  - 4.

Silver got pissed and attacked his own partner.  He lost it on everyone and hit a great tornado DDT on Papadon for the pin.

Everyone -4, Silver -1

He worked over Gulak and hit a leg lariat for the pin.

Everyone -4, Silver - 2

Reynolds rolled him up for a two count.  He told Silver it was every man for himself.  Silver said, "F*** you, Alex" and drilled his partner with a backstabber and scored the pin.

Everyone 4, Silver 3

Two minutes left!

 Papadon kicked and punched at everything that moved.  He went for a superplex on Silver but Silver turned it into a sunset flip off the top for a two count.  Gulak broke it up and worked over Silver with one minute left.

Silver reversed and locked in a crossface on Reynolds, who tapped with ten seconds left, putting Silver in the lead with 5 points.  However, just seconds later, Papadon tapped to Gulak with an anklelock, giving Gulak six points.

Your winner, Drew Gulak!

Great match, especially the Silver story.  Really good stuff.


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