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By Mike Johnson on 2014-01-30 19:45:00

Legendary wrestler, announcer and trainer Les Thatcher and I just completed a 90 minute "Wrestler's Eye Radio" discussing the CM Punk situation, the danger of burnout for talents, insight into what burnout as a performer is from firsthand experience, Punk walking out and similar things that happened in the territory era, how WWE can salvage the Punk situation (and Wrestlemania 30's main event picture), the monster WWE has created with their own success, Punk's comments about the lack of long-term vision in the creative side, recent examples of that, other major WWE stories coming out of the Rumble and more. You can subscribe by clicking here.


The WWE NXT taping taking place right now in Winter Park, Florida is becoming a bit of a headache for WWE. For those who don't know, Full Sail Live is a really small, intimate (and truth be told, awesome) venue to see wrestling in. Well, that usually means that sound carries and you can see and hear everything in the venue. Well, we've gotten word that there have been a ton of CM Punk chants, which the company has to be thrilled with.

We have also gotten reports from our old pal JP that CM Punk signs are being confiscated by security at the taping and that at one point, they counted down to the opening of a TV episode asking fans to chant "NXT" and well, there was a sizeable Punk chant from some of the fans instead.

If the Punk situation doesn't get sorted out, the NXT stuff really makes me wonder what's going to happen when WWE runs Raw in Chicago on 3/3.

Meanwhile, our friends at released the first images of their exclusive CM Punk action figure, showcasing Punk when he was in WWE's version of ECW. Boy, after this week, that sure seems like a lifetime ago. You will be able to pre-order it at their website soon. For all we know, it could be the last original Punk figure released.  Here is the pic:

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