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By Dave Scherer on 2014-01-26 22:56:26

The pre-show has started, they say my order is placed.  Hopefully, we have no issues with the broadcast.  If the Network goes right, this is the penultimate time I will have this version of big PPV events.

The panel consists of Jim Duggan, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Josh Matthews.  The old timers are all doing what they do.

They are previewing the WWE Tag Title match between The Rhodes Brothers vs. The New Age Outlaws.  Shawn picked the Outlaws because they are their boys.  Flair and Duggan picked The Rhodes Boys.

Renee Young is in the social media lounge.  She is bummed that Josh is up with the HOFers and she is by herself, but her bummed is still pretty cheery.

Asked who would walk out champion, Flair said Randy Orton right away.  Michaels said John Cena, as did Duggan.

In the back Vickie was with some Rumble guys.  No one was telling what they got.  Kofi didn't like his.  R Truth hated his, he must be two.  Alberto liked his.  Swagger liked Cesaro's better than his.  Khali didn't like his.  It must be bad because Sandow said maybe next year.  Then Sandow drew and his was bad too.

Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan opens the show.  Maybe they will come to their sense and put Bryan in the Rumble.

Tag Title match is up. The New Age Outlaws came out first. The Rhodes Boys came out next. Road Dogg did his spiel before the match. They will be six time champs soon. The match starts out with the The Rhodes boys somersaulting to the floor which of course means it's time to cut to a commercial for the Rumble. Argh. Jackson Hewett is presenting the Rumble. Wonderful. We come back and the Outlaws are in control. Who the hell knows how that happened, they didn't show us. ... They keep telling us how much time is left until the Rumble while Billy Gunn is "in control", or what passes for that. ... Goldust came back and needs to tag Cody. He does while Gunn tags Road Dogg. Cody told Gunn to suck it and took them both out. Road DOgg went for a Pumphandle Slam but Cody turned it into CrossRhodes. Gunn broke the count for Dogg at two and a half. Cody was in control when Dogg blind tagged Billy. Gunn came in and hit his finisher and we have new tag team champions. I am not making this up. I really can't believe they did it. Oh who am I kidding, yes I can. So there you go. This is not exactly a great way to start the show.

Flair picked Batista to win the Rumble after Shawn said that he was going to pick CM Punk but since he is going in first, he will now pick The Shield so he gets three choices. I missed who Hacksaw picked because I was still steaming from the tag Title change.

The show opened with hype for how big the Rumble is and the Road To WreslteMania, a.k.a. the blasts from the past, begins.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt is first. Bryan got a stupid loud, awesome reaction from the crowd. Yeah, why would they have THAT GUY win the Rumble? The fans we doing the yes chants with their arms up in unison. ... Bray came out next, with Rowan and Harper. So much for Daniel's "They are in the Rumble" speech. The fans are chanting for Bryan. Bray stared at Bryan from across the ring and mumbled before the match. The bell rings and we are off. Fans are still chanting for Bryan, some by name others doing YES! ... The first big spot saw Bryan go to the floor and take out Harper. Rowan was about to attack when the ref tossed the family. Bray told them he didn't need them to fight this war for him and sent them to the back. ... When he turned around Bryan took him out with a splash while he was the floor. The fans are still chanting or Bryan. ... Bray had been selling the left leg and then Bryan tossed him into the steps, making him sell it more. Bryan is largely in control early on. ... Finally, Bray came back and took control.

The fans were less into it when Bray was in control, even chanting for Jerry Lawler. Bryan was holding his head on the floor when Wyatt did a running senton. The fans were pretty dead quiet. ... Bray kept working over Bryan, and the reaction is what you would want for your top babyface. The fans don't want him to get beaten up so the pop will be huge if he wins. Again Vince, why can't you see this? ... Bray kept working on Bryan and the fans started chanting for him again. Bryan moved when Bray went for a senton. He came back and hit a running clothesline and Bryan started kicking the crud out of Bray. The fans were into it. Daniel hit a huracanrana from the top for a two count. The fans chanted, "This is awesome". It is. As Bryan was running the ropes Bray came out of nowhere with an elbow to the face to turn the tide. For a second. Bryan came off of the apron with a flying Tornado DDT while Bray was on the floor. Awesome. Bryan then kicked him into the barricade. Bryan pulled Bray into the ring and hit the missile dropkick from the top. Back in the ring he kicked the crud out of Bray again, as the fans were going nuts. He got a two count. Bryan hit two running missiles in the corner but as he went for a third Bray hit him with a nuclear clothesline, which Bryan sold great. Bray went for Sister Abigail but Bryan rolled him up. Bryan went for The Yes Lock and got it, but Bray bit his hand to get out. Good luck whoever follows this match, you will need it. ... Bryan then went to the top and hit a splash. He went to do some more kicks and Wyatt went to the floor. Bryan went to do the Flying Goat Tope and Bray caught him and turned it into a Sister Abigail into the ring barricade. The fans chanted This is Awesome and they were right. Bray hit a Sister Abigail in the ring and got the win. That match was freakin' awesome. Great job both men. Harper and Rowan came out after the match and walked to the back with the boss.

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