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By Mike Johnson on 2014-01-26 22:45:00

Renee Young interviewed the New Age Outlaws about their title win earlier.  Road Dogg said that The Rhodes found out what everyone else knows, that they do tag teams better then anyone else.  He said they have a party to go to and she isn't invited.  He told Billy to give her the two words.  He said, "New Champs!"

They did an old school style video with different talks talking about why they wanted to win the Royal Rumble.  I really liked that they did this.  It was a great part of the older Rumble shows.

The panel did their Rumble predictions.  Duggan said he believed there would be a dark horse winner and picked Dolph Ziggler.  Michaels said Punk or The Shield.  Flair said Batista.  


Punk was number one.  Seth Rollins was number two.  Punk went right after him and drove him into the corner.  Rollins reversed that and tried to force Punk over the top.  Punk raked his face and nailed a series of rights.  Rollins cut him off but Punk kicked him.  Rollins came back with a leg lariat and then a flying splash in the corner.  Punk moved and Rollins hit the corner.  Punk nailed the running knee into the corner and then a clothesline.  Rollins came back with an enziguiri but was kicked down.

Number three was Damien Sandow.  He went right after Punk and tried to force him over the top.  Punk fought him off but Rollins attacked.  The crowd chanted for Punk.  He nailed a combination DDT and neckbreaker.  Punk tried to toss Rollins over the top but couldn't get him over.  Punk drilled him in the corner but was attacked from behind by Sandow.

Number four was Cody Rhodes.  He charged the ring and exchanged punches with old foe Sandow.  He nailed Crossrhodes on Sandow and struggled to pull him up to toss him out.  Rollins attacked him from behind.  Sandow tried to attack Punk but was backdropped over the top to the floor.

Sandow has been eliminated.

Punk worked over Rollins and Rhodes. 

Number five was Kane as a surprise.  He came out in his street clothes.  What happened to him not being allowed to put his hands on WWE talents?  He went right after Punk, whipping him into the corner and nailing  a sideslam.  He called for a chokeslam and went for it.  Punk nailed a kick to the face and sent Kane over the to the floor.

Kane has been eliminated.

Number six is the debuting Alexander Rusev from NXT.  No Lana with him.   Rusev wiped out Rollins with a spinkick. He tossed Rollins over the top but he held on and pulled himself in.  He then tossed Rhodes who did the same.  Rusev caught Punk going for a kick and nailed him with a Fall Away Slam.

Number seven is Jack Swagger.   He got some offense in and went face to face with Rusev.  The crowd chanted "USA" and "We the People."  Rusev got the better of him.  Rollins nailed Rusev from behind in the legs.  They all battled.

Number eight was Kofi Kingston, who clotheslined Punk and tried to toss him out.  Rusev battled with Rollins.    Rhodes nailed the Disaster Kick on Swagger.   Punk escaped and Kingston went after Rusev, who he's been battling in NXT.   Rusev drilled him with headbutts.  Swagger almost tossed Rollins over the top but he escaped and tried to toss Swagger. 

Number nine was Jimmy Uso. Everyone battled. Punk tried to put a sleeper on Rusev while riding his back.

Number ten was Goldust who battled with Uso as everyone else worked on Rusev and finally forced him over the top to the floor.

Rusev has been eliminated.

Kingston was tossed over the top and knocked off the apron. Rusev caught him and beat him atop the guard rail, leaving him there for dead, but not eliminated. Kingston recovered and timed himself then leapt from the guard rail to the apron. That was damn impressive.

Number eleven was Dean Ambrose. He went right after Kingston. Goldust worked over Swagger. The battle continued.

Number twelve was the returning-from-concussion Dolph Ziggler.  He nailed a flashy move on Ambrose.  Everyone battled in the ring.

Number thirteen was R-Truth.  He and Ambrose battled in the center of the ring.  Rollins joined in and they put the boots to him and tossed him over the top.  He held on and nailed Rollins but Ambrose knocked him off the apron into the ringside table.  Ambrose them shoved Uso off the top to the floor.

R-Truth and Jimmy Uso have been eliminated.

Swagger tossed Kingston over the top but he held on.  Swagger used his boot to try and force Kingston out.  Kingston pulled his boot off, pulled himself up and nailed Swagger with his own boot.

Number 14 was Kevin Nash, coming out to the NWO theme song.  I guess that pilot was for the WWE Network.  He tossed Swagger out immediately.

Jack Swagger was been eliminated.

Nash went after Ambrose and tried to force him over.  Punk battled with Rollins.

Number 15 was Roman Reigns.  He dropkicked Punk as he leapt on the apron.  He speared Cody and went right after Nash, naling him.  Kingston leapt at him but was caught and dumped over the top to the floor.  Ziggler nailed a nasty looking DDT but Reigns came back to spear Ziggler and tossed him out.  The crowd booed Ziggler being tossed.

Nash went after Reigns but he ducked and pulled the ropes down.  Nash went out.

Ziggler, Nash and Kingston were all eliminated.

Number 16 was Great Khali.   Reigns drilled him with the Superman Punch and out he went.

Khali is eliminated.

Cody and Goldust were tossed.

The Shield was left with Punk and beat him down.

Number 17 was the returning Sheamus, who cleaned house on all three members of The Shield.  Sheamus beat Ambrose across the chest as he was trapped in the ropes.  Rollins charged him but was caught with The Irish Curse.  Reigns charged but was drilled with a big boot.  Punk was out in the corner during all of this.

Number 18 was The Miz.  Miz went right after Ambrose and tossed him over but Ambrose held on.     The Shield warmed Miz and Sheamus.  Punk was still out in the corner.


Number 19 was Fandango.  Everyone was doing the song.  He worked over Miz.  Rollins and Reigns worked over Sheamus and Punk.  The crowd chanted for Daniel Bryan.

Instead, number 20 came out and it was...El Torito.   He nailed a springboard rana on Rollins.  He called out Punk and charged but Punk grabbed his head by his his hand.  Torito turned it into a headscissors takeover.  Fandango wiped out Torito and pressed him over his head.  Torito used a takeover to send Fandango over the top to the apron.   Torito dropkicked him to the floor.  Reigns grabbed Torito and tossed him out to the floor on top of Fandango.

Torito and Fandango have been eliminated.

Number 21 was Antonio Cesaro.  He grabbed Miz and did the Big Swing and Punk dropkicked him as he swung Miz towards him. Cesaro went to nail Punk with it but was attacked by The Shield.  He fought them off and gave Rollins a swing 22 times.

Number 22 was Luke Harper.  Cesaro was speared by Reigns.   Punk and Harper slugged it out.  Ambrose tried to use a headscissor takedown on Sheamus who went over but held on.  Harper clotheslined Punk hard.  Sheamus and Harper exchanged blows.   Everyone battled.

Number 23 was Jey Uso.  Everyone battled.  Cesaro and Harper exchanged blows.  Harper nailed a big boot on the Swiss star. 

Number 24 was JBL.  He left the announcer position.  Cole said the "JBL character" has never competed in the Rumble match.  JBL entered the ring in his suit.  He asked Cole to take his jacket.  Reigns grabbed him and dumped him.  Well, that was a waste. 

JBL has been eliminated.

They couldn't have put Curt Hawkins or Zack Ryder in there for that?

The crowd chanted, "You still got it."

Number 25 was Eric Rowan.  He tossed Miz over but he held on.  Harper nailed a lariat to Miz on the apron and that was it for the former WWE champ.

Miz has been eliminated.

The Wyatts tossed Jey Uso.

Jey Uso has been eliminated.

Number 26 was Ryback.  He went right after Sheamus.  Lots of Goldberg chants.   He almost dumped Sheamus over.  Rollins almost went over but held on.  Cesaro and Sheamus battled in the center of the ring.  They had some nice, stiff exchanges.  Punk battled with Rollins.  Reigns battled with Harper.  Rowan with Ambrose.  Ryback stalked the ring.

Number 27 was Alberto Del Rio.  He went right after Ryback.  Cesaro and Ambrose battled in the center as everyone else battled in the corners.  Harper tossed Ambrose over but he slid under the ropes.  Cesaro slammed Rollins. 

Number 28 was Batista.  He killed everyone with clotheslines.  Lots of boos when the music stopped.   He forced Rowan over the top.

Eric Rowan has been eliminated.

Batista and Ryback began slugging it out.  Ryback slammed him hard into the buckles.  He called for the Meathook but Batista backdropped him over the top to the floor. 

Ryback has been eliminated.

Del Rio drilled Batista with a enziguiri, knocking him to the mat.  He went for the armbar but Batista powered up and tossed him over to the floor.

ADR has been eliminated

Number 29 was Big E Langston.  He cleaned house and worked over Sheamus.  He tossed him over.  The fans chanted for Daniel Bryan.   Sheamus held on and slipped under the ropes.   Everyone battled in the ring.  The crowd chanted "Yes!"

Number 30 was Rey Mysterio.  The crowd booed the hell out this when the music stopped.  Rey used a head scissors to take Rollins out but he held on.  The crowd chanted for Daniel Bryan.

Rey and Punk battled and both went over the top.  They were close to touching the floor.  The crowd kept booing.  Langston and Sheamus battled in the center.  Langton was clotheslined over the top but held on.  Sheamus clotheslined him off the apron.

Langston has been eliminated.

Mysterio nailed the 619 on Rollins.   Rollins came back with a backdrop over the top to the apron, then dropkicked Rey to the floor.   The crowd is still chanted for Daniel Bryan.   The Shield battled with Harper but Reigns used the Superman punch to eliminate him.

Harper has been eliminated.

Ambrose tried to shove Reigns over the top. Rollins tries to stop him.

Cesaro, Ambrose and Rollins all battled near the ropes.  Reigns shoved them all over to the floor.

We are down to the final four - Punk, Reigns, Batista and Sheamus.  They all nailed their big moves.

Punk was about to nail a GTS on Batista but Kane grabbed him from outside and dragged him over the top to the floor.  He tossed Punk into the guard rail then chokeslammed Kane through a table.  Kane left through the crowd.

Punk has been eliminated.

The crowd is still chanting for Daniel Bryan.

It's down to Batista, Reigns and Sheamus and the crowd is booing them.

Sheamus clotheslined Reigns.  Sheamus and Batista battled back and forth.   Batista nailed a running clothesline in the corner.  He then slammed Reigns.  The crowd chanted, "NO!"

Sheamus nailed the rolling Samoan Drop and pointed at the Wrestlemania sign.  He called for the Brogue Kick  Everytime he beat his chest the crowd yelled "No."  Batista ducked the kick.  He went for a Batista Bomb but Sheamus escaped.  Batista sent him over the top and Reigns drilled him off the apron.

Sheamus has been eliminated.

Batista dumped Reigns who pulled himself under the ropes.  They faced off and the crowd booed them both.   They faced off.  Batista kicked him in the gut and sent him into the corner.  Reigns came out with a big clothesline.  He set up for the Superman Punch.  The crowd, perhaps deciding on the lesser of two evils, chanted his name.  He went for it but Batista nailed an awful looking spear.  The place booed.  Reigns came back with a good spear of his own.

He went to toss Batista but Batista caught him and tossed Reigns over instead.

Your winner, headlining Wrestlemania 30, Batista!

The crowd could be heard booing the win, even over Batista's music. There were also some "No" chants afterward.

They closed the show with Batista pointing at the Mania sign and lots of pyro going off.

Elite members, stay tuned for the Post-Game Show. I don't think you are going to want to miss this one!

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