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By Mike Johnson on 2014-01-25 19:11:19
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of New York Wrestling Connection's return to Deer Park, Long Island!

The weather has tossed NYWC quite a few curveballs today. The weather was scheduled to be light snow flurries and well, it's a hell of a lot worse in these parts. The weather led to Justin Credible having to pull out of the show. Mikey Whipwreck was also scheduled but is sick with the flu and couldn't make the show as well.

NYWC is actually filming pilot footage for their potential TV series tonight.

The show opened with NYWC Commissioner Rick Vikto announcing the changes and that NYWC champ The Big O was injured (legitimately, he broke his shin in a freak mishap in the gym) and would stripped of the title. DJ Hyde, Blake Morris and Mike Mondo came out. Mondo demanded he be declared the new champion.

Vikto told them to stand down and don't challenge him. He called for King Mega to come out and face Blake Morris.

Before the match could begin, Vitko threw Hyde and Mondo out of ringside.

Blake Morris vs. King Mega

Mega grabbed Morris from behind as he begged his partners to come back.  He drilled him with several chops and nailed an Avalanche in the corner.  He missed a second one and Morris worked him over but was flattened when Mega slammed backwards as Morris was on his back.

Mega worked over Morris and called for DJ Hyde to return.  He nailed a sideslam. He grabbed Morris for a chokeslam but Matt Justice, Marti Belle and hit the ringside area.  Mega nailed the first two and went to chokeslam Belle but was lowblowed and rolled up from behind for the pin.

Your winner, Blake Morris!

Mega promised that next month at Psycho Circus, their biggest show of the year, they would all be dead men.

Good opener.

Chris Stark vs. Alvin Alvarez vs. Grimm Reefer

All three locked up.  Reefer got the worst of that.  Stark showed a lot of intensity.  Reefer went for a springboard maneuver but the ropes dipped and he lost his balance.  Stark attacked him from behind.  Alvarez and Stark exchanged forearms as Reefer recovered.

Alvarez tried to attack Reefer but was kicked off.  Reefer charged but was caught with a Stark neckbreaker, then knocked off the apron into the guard rail.    Stark went for a dive but was kicked as he hit the ropes.  Alvarez drilled Stark and covered him for a two count as Reefer struggled to return to the ring.

Alvarez nailed the World's Strongest Slam on Stark but Reefer broke up the pinfall.  He went to the top but Alvarez caught him in a Fireman's Carry.  Stark slipped underneath and nailed a powerbomb at the same time as Alvarez went for a Samoan Drop.  He covered both for a series of pinfalls.

Reefer locked in a Crossface on Alvarez but was grabbed by Stark and tossed rudely to the floor.  Alvarez nailed his swinging sideslam on Stark.  Alvarez went to the top.  Reefer shoved him off to the floor and nailed a frog splash off the top for the pin.

Your winner, The Grimm Reefer!

Alvarez, angry, grabbed the ring mic.   He said that Reefer has won two matches but he's never pinned Alvarez.  He said that he was challenging Reefer to a match at Psycho Circus.  He said that Reefer made his reputation and now Alvarez wanted to make his by beating Reefer.  Reefer said he's picked the wrong guy to challenge and he'll see him at the Circus.

NYWC Starlet champion Marti Belle vs. Chrissy Rivera

They went face to face which was sort of funny since Rivera is much shorter.  They began brawling and went to the floor.  When they returned to the ring, Belle kept control over her challenger, working her over. Rivera ducked a clothesline and nailed several chops.

Rivera went for a belly to back suplex but couldn't nail it.  They grappled into the corner and Belle covered her, using the ropes for leverage and gaining the pin.

Your winner and still NYWC Starlet champion, Marti Belle!

Gauntlet Match: Reckless & Wasted (JT Kasin & Braydon Knight) vs.  Dickie Rodz & Nikki Adams

Adams started and took Knight down with a headlock takeover.   He escaped and Kasin demanded to be tagged, saying he knew how to take care of this.   He was taken down in a side headlock as well.

Rodz tagged in and worked over Kasin and began nailing him into the turnbuckles facefirst.  He decided to then nail himself into Adam's breasts.  His partner wanted that as well so she gave everyone forearms.  Rodz and Kasin went back and forth until Kasin nailed a backstabber and tagged Knight in.

Knight cleaned house and hit a big bulldog on Rodz.  Kasin came off with a top rope splash.  Knight nailed a back senton splash.  Adams broke up the pinfall.  Rodz rolled up Knight and scored the pin.

J-Red and Justin Toxic were the next team out.  Adams nailed a series of hiptosses on each.    Red held the ropes as Adams was whipped into them and she went over to the floor in a nasty spill.  He then whipped her into the guard rail.  Toxic went for a dive but Rodz tried to stop him.  He ate an enziguiri and Toxic hit a suicide dive to the floor, but hit his own partner as Adams moved out of the way.

Adams hit a bodypress off the apron to the floor on both and worked over Red with a series of clotheslines.  She nailed a running splash in the corner and nailed a bulldog.  Red went for a catapult but when Adams went up and over, she sunset flipped Toxic and scored the pin.

Milk Chocolate were the next team out.  They attacked Adams and Rodz.   Rodz slammed Brandon Watts for a two count.  Watts took control on Adams and ran her into the buckles.  She tried to fight her way out but was slammed down to the mat by her hair.

White Chocolate worked her over in the corner and mocked her.  She nailed one low and backdropped the other into the ring.  Rodz made the tag and came off the second rope with a splash for a two count.  White Chocolate began working him over with a series of double team maneuvers for several near falls.

Brandon Watts accidentally superkicked his partner, allowing Rodz to nail a Famouser.  Adams and Rodz nailed the Doomsday Device on Watts and scored the pin.

Your winner, Dickie Rodz & Nikki Adams!

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