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By Mike Johnson on 2014-01-24 23:08:25
TNA locked in a deal to return to Universal Studios for TV and PPV tapings earlier today. As I noted a few weeks ago, it appeared TNA wasn't going to taping at the facility anytime soon due to Universal not being open to them due to other productions utilizing the soundstages. TNA was able to get around that by changing their taping scheduling and taping on weekend dates when they usually run house shows instead and by booking certain dates as opposed to their original plan of trying to take over a soundstage completely, as they did when they were renting the Impact Zone full-time. There are a lot of relieved people in the company now that they have a place to tape TV.

TNA has added a live PPV on 4/26. TNA cut back to four live PPVs last year (January's Genesis, April's Lockdown, June's Slammiversary and October's Bound for Glory) so the company adding a live PPV in April breaks away from last year's strategy. Whether there will be additional live PPVs added, we can't confirm. They have several One Night Only tapings scheduled over the next few months, so those taped PPVs are continuing for the near future.

We have gotten a lot of email about Vince Russo in the last two weeks. As I noted in my PWInsider Elite audio today, several people have told me they believe he is back in some form for the company, possibly consulting on creative. Last week, I emailed Eric Barnes, who handles Public Relations for TNA, and he denied that Russo was back. The show certainly has a Russo-esque feel to it right now, so we will have to see. He was not at the Huntsville taping.

One source in the company claimed this evening that this past Thursday's Impact was the highest rated episode in two years for the company.

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