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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-01-22 21:25:37
We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Tom ‘Tom’ Phillips, Byron ‘Allen’ Saxton, and Tensai.

Byron mentions that Bo Dallas has been the champion for 224 days and we will have a celebration. Tensai says that not everyone is a BOliever and he talks about Adrian Neville.

Match Number One: Adrian Neville versus Wesley Blake

They lock up and Neville with a wrist lock. Blake with a reversal. Neville with a reversal using his athleticism and he sends Blake to the mat. Neville with a side head lock take down. Neville with a shoulder tackle followed by an arm drag into an arm bar. Neville adjusts the arm bar to work on the elbow as well as the shoulder.

Blake gets to his feet and he backs Neville into the corner. Blake with an Irish whip but Neville flips out of the corner and he gives Blake a back body drop. Neville goes to the turnbuckles and hits a missile drop kick. Blake falls into the corner and Neville sends Blake into the turnbuckles. Neville chops Blake.

Neville sets for a chop but Blake with a kick and Blake punches Neville. Blake with a shoulder in the corner followed by a European uppercut. Neville with punches. Neville with a flying forearm or two. Neville with a back heel kick and drop kick to the temple. Neville goes up top for Red Arrow and he connects for the three count.

Winner: Adrian Neville

We go to the interview area and Devin Taylor is joined by Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Summer Rae.

Devin asks Charlotte about her attack on Bayley and her whereabouts. Charlotte says that she has enjoyed being a BFF with limousines and jets, just like her family is used to. Who cares about Bayley. Life is not about hugs and headbands. NXT is not way and life is not that way. Life is vicious and it will knock you down if you let it. That is why she is not sweet and innocent any more.

Summer says 2014 is the year of the BFFs starting with her match with Natalya. It will be the rise of the BFFs and the total destruction of a Diva, if you can call Natalya a Diva.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Xavier Woods versus Alexander Rusev (with Lana)

They lock up and Woods with a kick as he gets out of the corner. Woods with a kick and forearms. Rusev with an Irish whip and Woods floats over. Woods with a drop kick but Rusev with a punch to the head. Rusev punches Woods and then he kicks Woods in the corner.

Rusev with a kick to the chest and he gets a near fall. Rusev tries to pull Woods’ arm out of the socket. Woods with punches to Rusev followed by a head butt. Wood with a discus punch and forearm. Woods with a back heel kick and a drop kick. Woods kips up and he hits a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Woods with a forearm and punches. Rusev with a leaping side kick.

Rusev rolls Woods over and he applies the Accolade and Woods taps out.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

After the match, Rusev puts Woods back in the Accolade.

Sin Cara makes his way to the ring and he hits a head scissors that sends Rusev to the floor. Cara checks on Woods and they leave the ring before Rusev can return to the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Antonio Cesaro versus CJ Parker

They lock up and Parker backs Cesaro into the corner and Parker with a clean break. Cesaro with a wrist lock. Parker with a reversal and snap mare but Cesaro gets his knees up for Parker’s back senton. Cesaro with a kick to the back. Cesaro with a back body drop followed by a kick to the head. Cesaro with a rear chin lock.

Cesaro adds a wrist lock to the chin lock as he tries to affect Parker’s breathing pattern. Parker with a kick and punches. Cesaro misses a clothesline but Parker does not. Parker with a heel kick and then he hits running knees into the corner. Parker goes up top and hits a cross body for a near fall.

Parker gets Cesaro on his shoulders with the airplane spin. Parker is woozy but Cesaro is fine. Cesaro puts Parker in the Giant Swing. Cesaro with the Gotch Style Neutralizer for the three count.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

After the match, Sami Zayn makes his way onto the stage and Zayn is using a crutch.

Sami says 2014 is off to a bit of a rocky start. He has a bit of a medical situation here, but it has allowed him to think about his 2013. 2013 was probably the best year of his career and it was due to the matches he had in this building. One match in particular did a lot for him in 2013. That was his match with Antonio Cesaro. They called their two out of three falls match the best wrestling match of the year, but it is the one black eye and blemish on a great year. He needs to fix that.

Sami asks Cesaro for a rematch.

Antonio walks up to Sami and he takes the mic. Antonio tells Sami ‘No’ and walks away.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Devin Taylor is in the interview area with The Miz. She asks Miz how it feels to be in NXT. Miz says that this is his first time at Full Sail and it is Awesome. He is feeling saucy and we might have to do a MizTV.

CJ Parker interrupts and he says that the people keep booing him over and over.

Miz says that he can see why.

Parker wants to know how Miz can see why.

Miz throws out a series of reallys. Miz says that Parker has interrupted the most must see Superstar in the WWE and where he is from, that is disrespectful.

Parker says that Miz must have a ginormous carbon footprint because he is spewing all types of toxic waste. He calls this an environmental act and he slaps Miz.

Renee Young joins the announce team for the next match.

We get comments from Natalya. She says that Summer is an awesome girl with a lot of anecdotes. Natalya says that she can see through Summer and she hopes that Summer has a good chiropractor because she is going to put her in the Sharpshooter and make her head touch her toes. She is going to get hungry in 2014 and forget her manners.

Match Number Four: Natalya (with Bayley) versus Summer Rae (with Sasha Banks)

They lock up and Natalya with a hammer lock and side head lock take down but Summer with a head scissors. Natalya escapes. Summer with a double leg take down and jackknife cover but Natalya with a bridge.

Natalya with a boot and snap mare followed by a drop kick after running over Summer’s back. Summer with a kick and spinning back heel kick. Summer gets a near fall. Summer with a spinning toe hold into a leg drop followed by a modified Indian Death Lock. Natalya with a leg submission but Summer gets to the ropes.

Summer with a kick and then she starts to work on the leg. Natalya kicks Summer over the top rope to the floor. Natalya with a drop toe hold and suplex. Natalya with a clothesline and forearm. Summer with a kick and she avoids a discus clothesline. Natalya blocks a kick and Summer falls victim to the Sharpshooter and taps out.

Winner: Natalya

Devin Taylor is in the interview area with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. Devin asks Enzo how his recovery is going. Enzo says that he used to live life on the edge, but with a broken leg it got a little rough. He decided to jump off and unlike other people, he can fly. Enzo is asked when he will come back.

Colin says that Enzo will be back in no time and better than ever.

Aiden English enters the interview area and he points out that he beat Colin in a match. The singing match ended up a draw.

Colin says that Aiden has taken cheap shot after cheap shot after cheap shot. He is surprised that Aiden has not gone home with the ugly girl.

Colin and Enzo leave before Aiden can sing.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the NXT Champion Bo Dallas makes his way to the ring for his banner raising ceremony.

Bo thanks everyone for the ovation. He wants everyone here and at home to know that your reaction to your champion is the reason why we are here to celebrate this historic moment. Bo says that he cherishes your cheers. When he hears people chant ‘Let’s Go Bo’ it gives him strength and puts him to bed at night like a warm blanket.

NXT officials have decided to celebrate the longest reigning NXT Champion in history. Bo says that he is not talking about Seth Rollins or Big E Langston. Bo says that he is talking about yours truly. . . Bo Dallas.

Bo says that he did not ask for this, but it is a great honor and he accepts. Bo wants to thank his family and friends in attendance. Bo mentions his third cousin Charles who has always been there for him. Bo points out his sister’s college roommate. He mentions his fourth grade history teacher Miss Ellie.

Bo wants to thank his BOlievers and he wants to dedicate tonight’s banner raising to them.

We have a drumroll for the Bo Dallas Championship Banner.

Adrian Neville interrupts the celebration and he makes his way to the ring, but he has not dressed for the occasion.

Bo says that Adrian wants to be the first to congratulate him.

Adrian says that he is not out here to congratulate him. He is out here for a reason. He is out here on behalf of himself, of everyone here, the Full Sail students, the Full Sail staff, and the entire WWE Universe to tell Bo to shut up.

Adrian asks Bo if he is listening to the crowd’s chant.

Adrian says that Bo may says that he has earned the privilege to annoy everybody, but Adrian says that he is going to take that privilege from around his waist.

Bo tells Adrian that he has earned a title shot before and how did he get that? He beat a nobody and it took four minutes and forty-five seconds. Bo says that he is a champion. It wouldn’t take him that long to beat Neville. What Adrian is saying is not only outlandish, outrageous, crazy, and insane. It is also pointless.

Triple H appears on the FullSailTron and he says that both men have made some great points.

Hunter says that Adrian might deserve a title match because his prior match ended without a definite finish.

Adrian will get his title match IF Adrian can last more than four minutes and forty-five seconds without Bo beating him. If Adrian earns his title match, it will take place on February 27th on the WWE Network.

Match Number Five: Bo Dallas versus Adrian Neville in a Four Minute and Forty-Five Second Time Limit Match

Bo is in his street clothes and he misses a splash in the corner. Neville avoids another splash and Neville with punches and a hip toss. Neville sends Bo to the floor and Bo pulls Neville to the floor. Neville avoids Bo and then Neville with a kick from the apron. Bo pulls the ring skirt to trip Neville and Adrian falls to the floor.

The referee starts his count. Neville gets back into the ring at nine and Bo gets a near fall. Bo punches Neville and follows with a suplex for a near fall. Bo with knees to the head followed by a knee drop for a near fall. Bo with elbows in the corner and Neville has trouble staying on his feet. Bo with a near fall.

Bo with another elbow and Neville falls to the mat. Bo with another elbow. Bo connects with more elbows but he misses a clothesline and Neville with kicks to the leg. Neville with flying forearms and a back heel kick and drop kick to the temple. Neville looks around as we are in the last 45 seconds of the match.

Neville goes up top for Red Arrow but Dallas rolls to the floor. Neville stays on the turnbuckles and then he back drops Dallas to the floor and time runs out.

Winner: Adrian Neville

After the match, Bo tries to hit Neville from behind but Neville sends Bo into the turnbuckles and then Neville goes up top for Red Arrow and he connects and makes his own three count.

We go to credits.

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