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By Scott Hannig on 2014-01-19 22:10:00

Before we started the show Justin Roberts announced Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer was in attendance and in the front row. I was surprised he wouldn't be at home watching the championship games.  Side note, I dvr'd them and surprisingly no one around me shared what the scores were.

Match 1: Ryback & Curtis Axel v. Prime Time Players
Prime Time Players (not sure who) pinned Axel. Ryback jawed it up pretty intensely with a pair of ringside fans. He did get a great deal of cheers, even in his heel role. Funny spot when Darren Young stopped to sit on the top turnbuckle to pick out his hair. Following the match, the PTPs did the million dollar jam with Meyer and his son. His son was sporting a PTP shirt over his hoody. After that Meyer moved to the second row.

Match 2: Alicia Fox v. Aksana
Fox won with a roll up. This was a fan vote which we were to choose from a diva dance off or a traditional match. The match won - 51%. I never thought Aksana looked out of shape, but she looks even better live.

Match 3: Brodus Clay (with new music) v. Xavier Woods
Quick match with Woods going overwith a rollup. Woods has great charisma. Brodus has lost the dance gimic and had new music. He needs booked as a monster - we will see how it goes...

Match 4: Real Americans v. Goldust and Cody Rhodes - Tag Team Championship match
Rhodes brothers won with a pin. Before the match, Zeb heeled the crowd bringing up THE OSU's recent losses to Michigan State and Clemson. I'm sure Urban loved that. Cesaro's spin on Goldust made me dizzy - they do a good job working through that spot. At one point Goldust was looking for the hot tag, but Cody was knocked off the apron further teasing tension building between the two.


Match 5: Kane (no mask) v. Big Show
Bad Maddox came out to state the Big Show was unable to make it due to travel issues. He continued by saying as the GM he is the most powerful member of the RAW management team (insinuating Kane is #2), he has a replacement opponent(s).

Match 5 part two: Kane v. Rowen and Luke from the Wyatts - handicap match
Wyatt's pinned Kane. Both Wyatts were in the ring at the same time. I was surprised the Wyatts were there (no Bray Wyatt) thinking they would be at the Michigan show.

Match 6: Sin Cara (Hunico version) v. Alberto Del Rio
Alberto wins with the arm submission. Great showing by both. Sin Cara didn't hold back on any moves - he even did an outside dive. When Del Rio came out the guys running the sound board, lights board, and more stood up and clapped and mimicked him. This looked like it took Del Rio of guard since he laughed his way down to the ring.

Match 7: Randy Orton v. John Cena
Cena wins by DQ when Orton gives Cena a low blow. Good back and forth with Cena making Randy tap out once the ref was knocked out. Orton then recovered and hit John with the belt. The ref revived, but Cena kicked out. Cool moment came when John singled out and recognized my daughter (with sign) and son when on the stage.

I'd guess they had between 5k to 7k in attendance. I know they had tough competition with the NFL Championship games running at the same time.

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