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By Mike Johnson on 2013-12-28 23:00:01
We are a little late but live at the former ECW Arena! Traffic killed me on the way here.

You can order the iPPV right now at this link.

Before the show, Extreme Rising head Steve O'Neill announced that their TV debut would be delayed because their planned announcer had travel issues and wasn't able to do production two weeks in a row, so the show is delayed but will instead have Matt Striker and Joel Gertner as the hosts.

They held a 10 bell salute in honor of Scott Epstein's passing.

Thomas Roman, dressed as Santa Claus, came out with Cripple H. Robby Mireno laid them out and cut a good heel promo. Blue Meanie came out but then Manscout Jake Manning came out. They had a three-way with Manning going over. I missed some of this but the crowd was into it.

Rich Ortiz vs. Homicide

The crowd was all over Ortiz, chanting "F*** you Ricky."  Welcome to Philadelphia.  Nice response for Homicide.  They had some nice, slow back and forth wrestling early.  Ortiz missed a football tackle and went through the ropes to the floor.  Homicide hit a tope con hilo to the outside and landed in the crowd.  The place chanted "ECW."

Back in the ring, Ortiz cut him off with a chair and controlled the action.  He nailed a superplex for a two count.   The fans chanted, "Cena's better" at Ortiz.  That was funny,  Homicide came back with a DDT and an Ace Cutter for a two count. 

Ortiz began focusing on Homicide's shoulder and finally scored the win.  I missed the finish.

Your winner, Ricky Ortiz!

Ortiz remained in the ring heeling it up to the fans.  They chanted he was an a***ole.

Solid match but Ortiz absolutely had a good debut here and unlike a lot of people, actually got some heel heat in Philly because the audience saw him as a WWE guy they didn't respect.

Matt Hardy and Reby Sky came out. Instant heel heat. Hardy came out and said that tonight was an important night because Extreme Rising was debuting in the ECW Arena. He said the greatest ECW champions of all time were here...Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas and now the greatest ECW champion of all time, Matt Hardy was here. Uh, yeah.

Out came Luke Hawx who ripped Hardy on the mic and said that tonight, all that was going to happen was that Hawx was going to kick his ass and shut his mouth. Homicide was hit Hawx. Hardy and Hawx went back and forth on the mic tearing each other down. Homicide grabbed Sky from behind by the hair and slammed her to the mat. Hardy checked on her and said Hawx wants to run with a pack so he wants a match where there's no interference. He challenged Hawx to a steel cage match tonight.

Crowbar vs. Rhino

This is a rematch from the title tournament.

They went back and forth early.  Rhino tossed Crowbar to the floor and slammed him into the ring, then whipped him into the guard rail.  The crowd chanted ECW for them fighting on the floor.  It's a pretty easy to please crowd.

Crowbar took control, then bridged the ring and a chair with a piece of guard rail.  He went to get Rhino but was fought off and suplexed on the floor.  Rhino pulled a table out from under the ring and went to slide it into the ring.   Crowbar cut him off on the floor.

Rhino was tossed back into the ring but cut off Crowbar with a clothesline.  Rhino pulled Crowbar to the ropes for a Rhinodriver but was fought off.  Crowbar nailed a top rope rana into the ring for a two count.  He choked Rhino against the ropes.

Crowbar brought some chairs into the ring but Rhino met him with a series of chops and clotheslines.    Crowbar cut him off and nailed a low legdrop between the legs.  He piled the chairs in the ring and  went back to the outside.    He grabbed the table but it broke before he could bring it in.

Crowbar returned to the ring and worked over Rhino, burying him under some plunder.  He went to the ropes but Rhino caught him worked him over and nailed a belly to belly supex.  Rhino unloaded with clotheslines and a tackle in the corner, then wedged a chair between two turnbuckles.  Crowbar cut off Rhino with a jawbreaker and sent him into the chair.

Crowbar brought the table in and laid it in the corner of the ring.     The table looked like it was left over from when they closed this place two years ago.   Crowbar went up andover but was caught by Rhino in an over the shoulder powerslam position, then slammed him over the top to the floor onto the bridged guard rail.  That was a ridiculous spot for a guy returning from a triceps tear.  Rhino then hit a slingshot pescado to the floor.  The place erupted with a big "ECW" chant.

The crowd chanted for a Gore.  Rhino teased driving Crowbar into the table but Crowbar escaped, drilled him with a chair and then sent Rhino into the table, covering him for the pin.

Your winner, Crowbar!

Good back and forth slugfest with some insane spots.

The crowd chanted "Thank you Rhino" after.

I am told the mystery opponent has arrived at the Arena and it's someone from the original ECW. No idea who yet.

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