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By Steven Ronquillo on 2013-12-21 03:31:00
PWG All Star Weekend X in Reseda, CA Night One:

*The how opens with Excalibur doing his opening promo. Mount Rushmore (Kevin Steen, Young Bucks, and Adam Cole) interrupt him. They cut a promo but Chris Hero comes in and hits the roaring elbow to everyone but Cole. Hero demands his match with Cole starts now but Cole runs to the back.

*Brian Cage pins Anthony Nese with a tornado lariat. Great opening bout with some insane spots.

*Joey Ryan & Candice LaRae defeated RockNES Monsters after Ryan hit Johnny Goodtime with a super kick and LaRae landed a moonsault for the pin. Great athletic match. LaRae was great and can hang with the boys.

*Drake Younger pinned Tommaso Ciampo with a roll up. Awesome match! A lot of crazy plunder with some of the action taking place outside the ring. Great showing by both guys.

*Johnny Gargano made Davey Richards tap out with an STF. Outstanding wrestling match! Best match of the night from a pure wrestling stand point. Some insane counters and false finishes. After the match, Richards said this was his last weekend with PWG before going to Orlando. He put over Gargano and PWG. Very nice speech for a guy who deserves all the respect.

*Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent?) defeated Dojo Bros (Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards) when Taylor drop kicked Edwards into a sunset flip power bomb from Tent? After the match all four men hugged it out. Fantastic tag team match. All of the matches can make a great argument for match of the night. A lot of comedy in this match, especially from the Best Friends.

*Michael Elgin pinned ACH after a spinning sit down power bomb. Both men did great combining the fast athletic ability of ACH and the strong hard hitting style of Elgin.

*Kevin Steen and the Young Bucks defeated AR Fox, Rich Swann, and Ricochet after Steen hit a package pile duvet on Swann and the Bucks hit a spike tombstone on Swann. Unbelievable match! So many insane spots I'm glad i wasn't doing play by play. Steen came out wearing full blown Bucks gear.

*PWG Champion Adam Cole pinned Chris Hero with a front flip pile driver in a fantastic main event. After the match Hero said he felt disappointed with this match. Someone in the crowd yelled "f--k Norman Smiley." Hero said Norman Smiley is the greatest man ever and that led to a Norman Smiley chant. That's it from Reseda!

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