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By Mike Johnson on 2013-12-19 10:00:00
Any update on the WWE NXT contract statuses of Judas Devlin, Richie Steamboat & Adam Mercer?

Devlin still remains under WWE contract but is out of action with a bad injury of a spinal nature. The belief among those I've spoken to is that his in-ring career could be over.

Richie Steamboat was quietly released sometime ago. We only just heard about it in the last few week based on comments Chris Hero made in an interview.

I have not confirmed anything regarding Mercer's status as of this writing, but he's been out for some time with a really, really bad concussion.

Regarding the WWE Network-Is WWE’s “secret” goal with the Network to increase revenue from lost PPV sales? Just by the numbers when Raw does 3-4 million viewers a week but each PPV (not including WrestleMania) barely creeps above 200,000 buys that shows only about 20% of those 4 Million are buying PPV’s. I would surmise it’s better to get a guaranteed $15 dollars each month rather than $0 and also cut down the amount of illegal streaming.

The goal is to re-invent their wheel by making the Network one of their new major hubs of activity and having everything else as a spoke coming out of that wheel, but making up for revenue that has been lost thanks to increasing PPV costs as those shows before more and more diluted with the advent of additional free programming and less spectacular PPV attractions is certainly a goal as well - and not really a "secret one." WWE is in the business of making money and the Network can be a massive money maker for them.

Any word on Matt Morgan's future? I would love to see him show up in WWE as the next Paul Heyman guy. The duo of Lesnar and Morgan would be amazing. It would also get Morgan instant credibility. Your thoughts?

Morgan has had at least some talks with WWE since requesting his TNA release earlier this year, but nothing came of them thus far. Morgan with Heyman to me, is a no brainer. Lots of potential there.

What are the odds of people like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sandow, Ziggler and AJ Lee quitting WWE as a group and going to TNA?


Michelle Beadle vs WWE Divas champion AJ Lee. This has to be an angle for Wrestlemania, right? What do you think?

I think Beadle needs to not act disrespectful when she's in the WWE locker room and that AJ Lee should have just ignored the situation and let Beadle look like a dope. There is no chance of that match happening, at all. If you think there is any chance of such a thing going down, turn off the computer and go for a nice walk as I am going to break some news to you - It's not happening.

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