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By Mike Johnson on 2013-12-15 22:50:00

Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family - Handicap Match

Wyatt took a chair at ringside.  Rowan went right after Bryan but ate a bunch of kicks.  Rowan cut him off with a big elbow.  Rowan has really improved.  Luke Harper tagged in.  They called him the workhorse of the family and that's the truth.  He and Bryan battled back and forth with some nice forearm exchanges.

The Wyatts cut down Bryan and worked him over.  Rowan nailed him over and over with slams and then dropped down with a headbutt to the back.   He locked Bryan in a bearhug.  They worked over Bryan until Bray Wyatt stood up and took off his hat and shirt.

Wyatt entered the ring and screamedthat it didn't have to be like this and that they could have been friends.  He yelled "I could have helped you!" and drilled Bryan with a running splash.  He began ripping on Bryan in the corner.  Bray was admonished by the referee and he said, "Don't judge me sir."

Wyatt picked up Bryan for a suplex and tossed him off into a slam.  He did the spider walk towards Bryan, screaming, "I could have been your friend, Bryan."  He tagged out to Harper, who locked Bryan in a headlock.  The crowd chanted, "That was creepy."

They worked over Bryan.  Bray entered the ring and said they could have been friends.  He offered his hand and said he would make it all go away.  Bryan kicked him and attacked Wyatt but was taken down with a leaping forward elbow.

Wyatt ordered Harper to finish him.  Harper nailed a BIG sitdown powerbomb and scored a two count.  Wyatt began giving instructions and Harper went for a running big boot.  Bryan moved and Harper was caught up on the top rope.  

Bryan charged and dropkicked the others off the apron, then nailed Harper as well.  Bryan set up Harper on the top and nailed a belly to back superplex.  He covered Harper for a two count.  The crowd went nuts chanting "Yes" as Bryan nailed a series of kicks to the chest.

Bryan kicked Harper in the head and went to the top with a flying headbutt but Rowan broke up the pinfall attempt.  Bryan nailed him with a roundhouse kick to the head and Rowan's arms ended up entangled in the ropes.  Bryan nailed a series of kicks to Rowan.  Harper tagged Wyatt but Bryan drilled him with a kick, dropkicked Rowan over the ropes to the floor, then tossed Harper over the top.

Wyatt whipped Bryan into the ropes but he ducked a clothesline and hit a suicide dive to Harper, sending him over the announcing table,  Bryan sent Rowan into the stairs, then nailed Wyatt witha flying headbutt.  Bryan went for the Yes Lock but Wyatt nailed him with a series of elbows to the head.  He nailed Bryan with Sister Abagail and pinned Bryan.

Your winners, The Wyatt Family!

A great match that was designed to make the Wyatts and their characters major players with an awesome performance by everyone involved.  This was just great stuff.  The Wyatts, as they should have been presented, officially have arrived, finally, from NXT.

WWE champion John Cena vs. World champ Randy Orton TLC Match to determine the WWE World Heavyweight champion.

They were playing this up as the biggest match of all time.  They are also acting like Chris Jericho didn't unify the belts, so whatever - it's their story.

They locked up and went back and forth grappling.  Cena shoulderblocked Orton down and went for a ladder.  Orton tried to stop him but he nailed Orton with it.  Cena went for a table and brought it into the ring.  Cena and Orton battled.  Cena went for the AA but Orton went to the outside and grabbed a chair.  He used the chair to keep Cena at bay and kicked the ladder out of the ring.

They battled over the chair but Orton kicked Cena in the gut and then drilled him twice with the chair.   Cena went to the floor.  Orton stalked him with a chair but missed and hit the ringpost, hurting his hands.  Cena began unloading with the chair on the floor.

Cena set up another table on the outside of the ring on the floor.    He went to use it against Orton but was fought off and sent into the ringside steel stairs.  Orton brought Cena back into the ring and worked him over, using the Garvin Stomp and kicks to take Cena back down when he fought his way up.

Cena fought off Orton and set up a ladder.  He tried to climb and retrieve the belts but Orton caught him and nailed a belly to back suplex into the ring below.  Orton closed the ladder and charged Cena with it.  Cena ducked and the ladder went to the floor.  Orton grabbed a chair and beat the hell out of Orton with it.

Cena ducked a right hand and hit the tackles and the Blue Thunder Bomb, then went for thge Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Orton kicked him in the face from the mat, then rammed Cena into a chair wedged in between the buckles.  Orton went to the floor and retrieved a ladder.

Orton prepared the ladder so he could grab the belts.  He climbed the ladder but Cena caught him and slammed him into the ladder.  Cena did the Five Knuckle Shuffle off the ladder.  Orton rolled to the apron outside.  Cena grabbed the ladder and hit Orton like a battering ram, sending him off and through a table on the floor.

Cena opened the ladder and went to the top.  He had his hands on the belts but before he could grab them, Orton shoved him off and nailed him with an RKO.   They battled back and forth.  Cena fired back and clotheslined Orton over the top to the floor.  He worked over Orton and nailed him with the steel steps.   He nailed Orton again and they said Orton may have been busted open, which he was, around his nose.  They've built a nice intensity at this point, the type you don't see a lot in wrestling in WWE.

Cena brought another table into the ring and went for Orton but was nailed with a mic that Orton grabbed.   Orton placed Cena on the steps and stomped it.   Orton began beating him with the house mic over and over.  He went for the punt kick but Cena grabbed him and nailed an AA through the announcers' table.

 Cena tried to pull himself up the ladder but was spent and it took  along time. He grabbed one but Orton pulled the ladder out from under him.  Cena held on as Orton grabbed a chair and nailed him.  Cena crashed down and Orton beat him over and over with the chair.  Orton stood over Cena, pounced to nail him again, but Cena leapt up and tackled him through a table propped in the corner.

Orton went to the floor and went searching for something under the ring mats...handcuffs!  He handcuffed Cena to the ropes with one arm, then grabbed a chair.  Orton taunted Cena by holding the key.  If he was smart, he's chuck them into the audience.  As soon as I typed that, he did!  If Cena ever needed the audience to channel 2006 in the Hammerstein Ballroom and throw something back, it's now

Orton walked up the aisle and grabbed a ladder.  When he returned, Cena was using a ladder to try and break the handcuffs.  Orton nailed him from behind with the ladder.  He set the ladder up in the center of the ring.  Man, if they hit Daniel Bryan's music right now and he saved Cena, imagine the pop.

Wow, they went a different route.  Cena unhooked the turnbuckle in the corner and dragged the ring ropes with him so he had slack.  He followed Orton up and nailed him with the metal part of the buckles.  Orton went down.  Cena went to grab with one arm, but he didn't have enough reach with the handcuffed arm.  He went to grab them with the other arm but Orton grabbed the ring ropes and yanked Cena's arm.  This led to a tug of war, which Orton eventually did, yanking Cena down headfirst towards another table that was set up in the corner.  The idea was for Cena to go through the table but he landed short, except possibly hitting his head on the table, which didn't break.

With Cena out, Orton ascended to the top and took a moment, then unhooked the belts.

Your winner and undisputed WWE World Heavyweight champion, Randy Orton!

A great main event with tons of plunder, brawling, insane spots and a good intensity.  They fought their asses off and they earned this one.  Well worth seeking out.

Just as it seemed they would go off the air, out came Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon,  Stephanie hugged Orton.  Cena sat on the floor watching, heartbroken.  HHH and Vince McMahon congratulated Orton, who held both belts above his head to close the show.

This was easily the best PPV offering from the company since Summerslam.

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