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By Mike Johnson on 2013-12-08 13:06:52
Family Wrestling Entertainment held the finals of their Open Weight Grand Prix Tournament last night at the ELMCOR Center in Elmhurst, NY. The show was said to have been extremely strong, highlighted by what was said to have been an excellent, blow-away ten man elimination tag and some extremely strong tournament matches that was designed to be the Tony Nese show.

The Quarter-Final Matches from the tournament featuring Tony Nese defeating Brian Kendrick in what was said to have been a really good match, John Morrison defeating Petey Williams in a bout that went to the time limit and then went overtime and Ted Dibiase defeating Matt Morgan via countout after paying him off to leave. They also held a four way to close out the Quarter Finals with Trent Barretta defeating Jorge Santi, Alex Reynolds and Shane Strickland that was said to be fun.

The Semi-Finals of the tournament saw Tony Nese defeat Trent Baretta in what was said to be a great match and John Morrison defeating Ted DiBiase.

The finals saw Tony Nese defeat John Morrison to win the tournament in what was obviously designed to be a moment where Nese got the rub from the WWE name by beating him. Matt Morgan interfered to set up the win, which took a little away from that, but not the point the win didn't help Nese. There was said to have been a really great speech after by Nese as well.

The blow-away highlight of the show was said to be an incredible ten man elimination that was described to me as being one of the coolest, most insane spotfests ever with Team Young Bucks - Matt & Nick Jackson, Jigsaw, Wes Draven and Orange Cassidy defeated Team Adrenaline Express - EJ Risk & VSK, Rhett Titus, Joey Ryan & Candice LaRae wuth the Bucks being the sole Survivors in the elimination tag.

Undercard matches saw Sonjay Dutt beat the debuting Chuck Taylor in what was billed as an alternates match where the winner would be the substitute in the tournament if needed, Angelina Love going to a double countout with Ivelisse Velez.

Notes: The crowd was down from the debut in the venue to about 500. One of the beliefs in the company was that not having any "ECW" names that mean something in NYC, specifically Tommy Dreamer, may have been part of the factor. My gut is the tournament may have had something to do with it as well....Ring of Honor's Veda Scott was visiting...There is no set date for the next event, although the talk after was February....There are also discussions of running new markets outside of NYC next year.

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